The Ghost Ships From North Korea

In the fringe magazine, which belongs to mainstream media outlet ZEIT online, I found a remarkable horror story.


Last month alone, four ships have floated onto the shores of Japan. The ships were either unmanned or the men on board were dead. Eight corpses have been found on these four ships, but the phenomenon seems to be much older. Satoru Miyamoto, a professor of the Seigakuin University, told CNN that there is an increase in such ghost ship incidents since 2013.


The ships are all in bad shape, the dead and the occasionally found survivors look emaciated. Exhaustion is assumed to be the cause of death. Not only does the media avoid the story because it makes for a bad contrast between refugees and gold diggers, there also seems to be an odd cover-up narrative at play when the story does eventually surface.


The frail bodies are supposed to be fishers that were over-challenged by the onus of the expectations placed on them by the regime. I’m sure the occasionally rescued people say as defence that they were just out fishing. North Korea has a record of killing disloyal citizens even abroad. Who believes that people, said to be fishers, couldn’t catch fish to feed themselves?


Satoru Miyamoto, the professor mentioned above, was actually more detailed in his statement to CNN. He linked the increase of ghost ship sightings to Kim Jong Un’s decision to expand his income from fishery to invest more money into the military.


Of course, socialism is linked to exploitation and militarism, but in the mind of the left these things are features of the right. To say it more clearly, if even the clandestine support of North Korea is no longer tenable, the left will drop the country like a hot potato with the claim that we witness an instance of capitalism or, if they are brazen enough, some fascist, right-wing extremism.


As long as the relationship of the left with North Korea is still lukewarm, the ghost ship refugee crisis is shrouded under a second lie. The reports may be semi-fake. Not the reports about the ships themselves, but about the conditions in North Korea. The magazine writes: “The image of North Korea is a media creation” (German: Das Bild Nordkoreas ist mediengemacht). So not only eye-witness accounts like this TED talk, but also the mainstream media should be ignored.


This is an astonishing statement from a news publisher that has in the past described everybody who shows distrust in CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times as an assailant on the freedom of the press. For years Holtzbrinck (owner of, ZEIT, Tagesspiegel, Wirtschaftswoche etc) as well as the German mainstream media in general have linked the phrase ‘lying press’ (German: Lügenpresse) to the Nazis in order to say that a distrust in the media is akin to supporting Hitler.


“What happens in the country can only be guessed”, suggests. The ordinary Japanese citizens who don’t believe the narrative are mocked because they don’t trust the excuse of the rescued Koreans who must fear to be assassinated for disloyalty. The same media that tells us over and over again that Muslims must not be taken by their own words become very insistent that we accept the prepared statements of these Koreans refugees at face value. Nothing to see here. Just fishing. How strange.


(Note: Germany has diplomatic ties to North Korea. The embassy in Berlin is considered to be an important source of foreign currency.)


Simply Jews Added Dec 9, 2017 - 12:23pm
“The image of North Korea is a media creation”
You know, this sentence may have uncovered that mysterious location and occupation of one of the denizens of WB, currently in exile. I think you know whom I mean. He used to repeat this same sentence about NK - and a few other similar places.
Dino Manalis Added Dec 9, 2017 - 12:31pm
I heard they were wooden boats with human skeletons!  The media says they were inexperienced fishermen, but the reality is people are trying to leave any way they can!
Don Added Dec 9, 2017 - 4:12pm
Did you hear about the man who escaped across the DMZ?  He had a foot long worm in him.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 9, 2017 - 5:18pm
SJ: During the Cold War a number of (often French) "intellectuals" denied all reports that came out of the Soviet Republic. The New York Times cooperated with the Cuban Castro regime to produce white-washed reports of the island. The Western left has a history of denial. They still talk as if there is something like 'extremism' or 'radicalism' that is somehow separate from Jean-Paul Sarte and Joschka Fischer (German foreign minister). I refuse these words completely and speak about ideas and alliances. Plaintext. I am tired of playing by their rules.
Dino: Yes, I would also think that most of the vessels are the size of boats like the one in the picture. I interpret it so that people really just catch what they can to get away. The status of the corpses differ. Most will still have meat on them. Most will rather die of thirst than of hunger. In any case that is not how fishermen would lose their lives.
Don: No, but thank you for pointing me to this story. I believe the medical conditions in North Korea are a catastrophe. I also think that the American student was in fact not beaten to death, but really caught the disease they said. A lot of Germans defending the regime explained his medical condition and I conclude that it was likely. It is hard to tell how many people die a preventable death year after year in North Korea due to the abysimal living conditions.
Tom C. Purcell Added Dec 9, 2017 - 6:21pm
A picture is worth a thousand words.  Propaganda loves an empty boat.  So many possibilities!  But I'm not covering for N. Korea or anyone.  I'm just saying, an empty boat can be a loaded image. 
Goldsteen, maybe your God's chosen kin should be over there helping out with some soup or rice, you know some genuine humanitarian aid?  The Buddhists don't seem to help and the Christians are busy fending off almost everyone else.  Things seem to be going quite well for the Ashkenazim in Israel...just sayin it's their duty but they're busy making matzos out of the Palestinians.
Thomas Napers Added Dec 10, 2017 - 3:40am
Obviously one can find examples of exceptions to nearly everything in life.  However, there is no evidence you’ve provided that the Left has some secret admiration of North Korea because North Korea is socialist country.  The only evidence you present here is a couple statements by an obscure German website.  Furthermore, the statements you’ve provided as “evidence” prove nothing and here’s why:
“The magazine writes: “The image of North Korea is a media creation” (German: Das Bild Nordkoreas ist mediengemacht).”
“What happens in the country can only be guessed”
Magazines don’t write, author’s write and not every magazine’s management / ownership agrees with everything every one of their authors has written.  Furthermore, we don’t exactly know what North Korea is like because the West is not permitted access.  We can only guess and theorize, meaning it’s our media that’s creating this image and I think they’ve done a good job of painting a grim picture.  These Ghost Ships are more evidence of how grim things likely are, so it would appear the media got it right. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 10, 2017 - 4:15am

Napers: You provide no evidence that I said to give evidence despite quoting me with quotation marks ("evidence").
Bill Clinton awarded North Korean's nuclear ambition with free oil deliveries. As we see with their Israel stance the left awards aggressors for 'peace'.
Germany maintains ties to North Korea. In fact the embassy trades with cars tax free in Berlin to earn hard euros.
A myriad reports in the media explained how 'reasonable' and 'predictable' Kim Jong Un is and how he is therefore a threat to nobody. They would never admitted that to be the case with Donald Trump!
Magazines don’t write, author’s write and not every magazine’s management / ownership agrees with everything every one of their authors has written. 
We can only guess and theorize...
No, no, no, no, no. We absolutely do get more information out of this than the media is willing to report. People who flee, satalite images, you can even travel there - even their best attempt to hide their inhuman behavior does not work. I even linked to a TED talk from a refugee. Then you say that the ships are indeed more evidence, but you seem not to realize how this contradicts your claim that we can only guess. We don't have to guess. What we see is grim enough.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 10, 2017 - 4:23am
And quite frankly, I don't have sympathies for this American student that stole a poster and died soon after his return from North Korea. If liberals wouldn't try to whitewash socialism he would've never been there.
Thomas Napers Added Dec 10, 2017 - 4:38am
You made the point that the Zeit / the media is the one perpetuating the belief that North Korea isn’t so bad.  So in bringing up what politicians have said and done, has nothing to do with my comment or your article.  As it relates to politicians and North Korea, what they’re doing is called diplomacy.  Much like Obama did with the Iran Nuclear deal, the path of least resistance is to ignore the threats posed by North Korea.
If the media has painted a "not-so-grim" picture of North Korea, I'm listening.  
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 10, 2017 - 4:54am
Napers: I didn't write in my article that just the media shows secret support of North Korea.
The media is not covering stories that come out of North Korea as much as stuff about Great Britain, Us, France, Israel etc. This habit of story selection is actually more pronounced in countries that don't speak English. If you go to any German news site at any time and search (Ctrl + F) the words "Merkel" and "Trump" the browser will always count Trump more than Merkel. That's not because Trump is more important in Germany than Clinton, but it is because the leftist media hates Trump more than Merkel and also Kim Jong Un.
Here are the links to the mainpages of the above mentioned media so you can do the Ctrl+F test for yourself.
Mircea Negres Added Dec 10, 2017 - 1:06pm
Way back in 1986 or 1987, my favorite uncle promised to introduce me to a Romanian Aikido sensei, so that I could learn the martial art. Two or three months passed by and I eventually became impatient, so I asked my uncle when he was going to introduce me to his friend, only to hear "You can forget about learning about Aikido 'cause the guy is gone". "Gone, what do you mean gone?", I asked him. He told me what I'm about to tell you... "The guy was fanatic about fitness and insisted his daughter exercise constantly. Not long ago he took her on a trip to the Danube river. There they dodged the border patrols, got to the river and swam across it. They are gone, they've left Romania and you will never see them again because they made it, are sentenced to death as a result and can never come back."
The urge to be free is damned near irresistible, something communist regimes understood quite well when they built and manned the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Even then, with all the countermeasures and deadly consequences, there were those who yearned for freedom enough to take the greatest, most insane risks in its pursuit, on of them an uncle of mine, who rowed across the Adriatic Sea from Yugoslavia to get to Italy. He survived and to this day is a free man along with his family, but other men, women and children have died and will continue to die so long as there is oppression in one place and the merest promise of freedom on the other. If there is one thing the governments of Japan and United States can do, it is to set up a covert directorate which can promise these refugees safety in order to get their stories and publish them, to give freedom under a new identity in exchange for the truth, so that one day, a week, a month, a year or God knows how long, enough will come out of North Korea to sink the crazy regime that's running it like it's the goddamned Dark Ages.     
Simply Jews Added Dec 10, 2017 - 1:26pm
Excellent point, Mircea. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Dec 11, 2017 - 10:54am
Thank you for your very good comment, Mircea!
Mircea Negres Added Dec 11, 2017 - 12:43pm
SJ and BG, what I wrote about actually happened, way back then. Given the nature of North Korea, to me it's more of the same... 

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