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Well its January and by now I thought I would be back in my house.  This week we were given a possible end of January, possibly February type time frame.  I have been here since November 14, 2017.  I still don’t know what things were kept and how much will be repaired and/or replaced.   What I do have is in a warehouse somewhere.


You know, its fun to go on vacation, travel stay in a nice hotel and go home.  Such a relief to go home and have those memories from a nice relaxed stay.  Even traveling for work, now I cant speak to being an Expat but its at least someplace new and then home.  But I think I would still enjoy working away ..being in a different culture, going to work every day. But ultimately returning to  the things the you chose to surround yourself with..your comfort zone.


I promise if I had not traveled with a band in hotels when I was younger, this would be driving me crazy. I am not far from the house, do not have my things and live in a one bedroom suite. I cant cook like I used to do, but breakfast is prepared every day and they have a light salad –soup type dinner Monday through Thursday.  As much as I have tried to decorate, its just not home..its a hotel.


I cant watch my type of tv..just their cable channels, which is incredibly boring and brainless. I had no idea gameshows made a comeback to some degree. Also there are super hero shows on tv, like an Xmen type show or”The Flash”.     I don’t know how any of you watch the news on tv, it is so repetitive on EVERY CHANNEL I don’t even know what to say about it.  Except “Fire and Fury” sounds stupid and it sold out, (sorry I think some of it might be true but dumb).  Who cares if Trump repeats things..dont you?  I promise if he knows the date, his name and certain other basic facts..he does not have   dementia.  Been there with Mom when they declared her incompetent.   His temperament and narcissism might be something else but Im sure we have had worse.  Those are NOT his worst attributes.


Now much of the other stuff, probably people like to talk.  But come on, drilled this over and over. Apparently we are selling F-52s to Normay.  I did that correctly…we don’t have F52s and its Norway. But that’s petty.  We gave up accuracy long ago..its the internet and he survives on the media and twitter.  Yes he has embellished the truth thousands of times…but he has always done that. He is known for it. Do I think its acceptable..no. But I don’t want to hear about Trumps obsession with HRC, or his tweets and analysis of them.  Cant we talk about news?  Like the sneaky crap Congress is doing?  How about the lawsuit over Guantanamo Bay? The possible overturning by governors and Senators of Trumps choices for judges in key positions and areas that may affect him.   Supreme Court cases being heard and any outcomes.


No I have to pull up legal registers.


But I digress..its boring in a hotel…I do have a pool and sauna.  I also have a small workout area and a laundry.


Now before you say something like aww poor me… Think about this; I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. We ate with the kids, but I usually cook at my place with my things and it was difficult.  We were thankful to not be just stuck in the room and I got to see the kids open their things so it was nice.  We were all sick along with the babies so my son dressed up like Gandalf/Santa and sat for the babies.  It was fun…but there is something to be said for being at home for Christmas.   I was asleep on New Years by 10pm..where at home, we are outside smacking pots and pans to the Inner Harbor Fire Works.  


Also, I  cannot do my glass art..although I have been taking great pictures of my Grandchildren.  So here I am for a few more weeks stuck in the middle of nowhere. 


I had the heart to look at the house about a week ago..its not covered in black soot anymore, but its torn apart. Carpet is ripped up and what is there is still dirty. They have not fine- tuned that yet.  Its I would imagine a final clean since the remaining carpet is new.


But on the plus side..I have a family and everyone is safe and seemingly happy. I have kept busy with my protesting since one of my co-horts lives not far from the hotel. I have gotten some decent exercise of late and spent some time in DC.  I only have another week for a larger protest and we will see how that goes.  Indivisible/The Resistance is alive and well…pushing against Republicans and Gerrymandering.   But I just want to go home and work on my art.  Maybe get out and work campaigns later in the year.  I guess I just need some more patience or ruby slippers.


wsucram15 Added Jan 12, 2018 - 1:17am
Not complaining..just things that have been on my mind. 
Tubularsock Added Jan 12, 2018 - 2:54am
Tubularsock wishes you the best and hope you are back where you want to be soon.
Losing everything (in terms of stuff) is only a blessing for Tubularsock. Over the years it has happened a couple of times and by golly Tubularsock seems to just collect more shit to stack up and lose again!
Good luck wsucram15 and remember it is ALL in the present moment, Cheers!
EXPAT Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:20am
This wsucram15 must be Jeanne. I know what it is like to lose everything.
I was once evacuated from Erbil with only what I was wearing, a flack jacket and helmet(borrowed.)
This electronic age allows us to store photos and documents, but all my family photos, vacations have all been lost.
Many times I had to limit my possessions to 20kg luggage and a carry on.
I always have my passport with me, credit cards and a pocket full of cash.
A form of PTSD I guess.
Getting shot at, changes your values. I now consider things like a car, furniture and extra clothing a burden.
We come into this world with nothing and go out the same.
opher goodwin Added Jan 12, 2018 - 6:16am
Jeanne - it must be really hard to be away from home for so long and also to have your home turned upside down.
It looks as if you are catching a lot of TV.
I hope things sort out well for you soon.
George N Romey Added Jan 12, 2018 - 2:47pm
Jeanne at least someone makes your bed for you everyday. Take Trump for entertainment value. At this point it’s what we have.
wsucram15 Added Jan 12, 2018 - 2:55pm
Its me Expat.
Yeah..when I am in the hotel and not in the whirlpool thing or out with the dogs, I watch tv.
I dont watch much tv at home, and now I know why.  I think I understand more of why people think the way they do.
I have watched some of the shows my Grandkids watch..and I think people should be more discriminatory about television.
I have to say, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is like baby crack. The hotdog song..is insane but the babies love it. They can be screaming bloody murder and shut right up.  Never seen anything like it.  They become transfixed.
I could write an article now..just on tv shows. But I think I understand why people are so lazy and ill informed. Its crazy. Cop shows crack me up.  
THE NEWS..is horrible.  I have known that for some time, but have only watched some programs for details.  these show repeat the same data in a variety of ways over and over.  No news really..just more crap.  I really dont like tv
So I try to watch movies but there is no on demand so its the same stuff over and over and over.    I dont think except for my HBO shows, I will ever watch tv again.
As far as my things..I never needed much Expat. I have a small 20x 14x 14 plaid softside carry on that I can pack in 10 minutes flat, my meds..some clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hairstuff-dry or wet..stuff like that.  Ive been all over since I have been at the hotel..with my kids, in DC and back here.  That case has been with me everywhere.
My pictures since I am a photographer are important, so they are a big deal, but most are on disc or external hard drive which I have with me.  But you know, MOST things are replaceable.  Its just hard to be from home and the unknown is really a pain. 
I just wanted to write something and this is what came to mind...political just isnt the topic of the day for me.  Everyone knows where I stand.
wsucram15 Added Jan 12, 2018 - 2:59pm
Thanks everyone..:)
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:08pm
its boring in a hotel…I do have a pool and sauna.  I also have a small workout area and a laundry.
Holy shit. We can only dream of such - in Switzerland as well as in Senegal or wherever I have lived.
But what I'm not used to I don't miss, right LOL
Be happy you're alive. A friend of mine died Wednesday of Typhoid in Cameroon. But that's only Africa.
Not against you, Jeanne, of course ! Just came to my mind because I had a call from there just now.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:11pm
BTW: I guess by now you have found out that Clinton, Trump and whoever is up screaming on stage is employed by the same company ;-)
opher goodwin Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:47pm
All life is entertainment!!
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:06pm
Dino ??
wsucram15 Added Jan 12, 2018 - 5:08pm
Oh SEF..Im just bored. I couldn't even think of anything to write because all I have done is watch TV and protest.
Also I keep telling everyone Trump and Clinton are from the same camp. They are all benefactors of the same oligarch money.  I also keep saying that Washington DC is no different than Hollywood...its all one big drama and scandalous to no end. 
I take no offense...I am grateful you should know that...I could be sleeping in my car or on someones couch.  Been there and done that.
But Im just bored. I want to go home now. 
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 5:26pm
Don't lose hope :-) I'm just glad that many Americans understand that now:
Also I keep telling everyone Trump and Clinton are from the same camp.
I just wonder why we have noticed that here in Europe much earlier. I guess it's due to your biased or superficial press coverage....
wsucram15 Added Jan 12, 2018 - 11:24pm
I honestly knew press coverage was bad, I really did.  We talk about it often on here.  Also I discuss it with people when we protest. You dont see the protesting thats going on in DC right now OR at various Senate and Congressional offices.  Its hectic.
But when you dont watch the news and you spend time looking at it, it really is repetitive.  There are major things happening all over the world and all you hear about is Trumps tweets.   People here really think we have opposing sides...we just have a hard right base that hates everyone that is not white.  Then the left which also hates everyone..but accepts them for votes.   Remember its not the elected officials that are the power center of either political party. I personally think all of it should be abolished. But I cant stand theatrics and the lies. 
Look SEF, they are ALL liars and thieves...in a very corrupted system. Some are just more elegant and graceful with the lies. The best you can hope for is someone who coordinates their power with the other liars and thieves in this world.
To disrupt this now, is to only hurt the people of the US..no one else.  Its very shortsighted.  It would seem that trying to outplay the game would be the best play. 
But its the presidents base that wont listen...so its going to be a battle ground here.  Its sad, but true.
Mark Hunter Added Jan 13, 2018 - 1:03am
I really feel for you ... all the saunas and pools in the world don't make up for not being able to kick back in your own home. Heck, sometimes after eight hours at work all I want to do is go inside the house and gratefully shut the door behind me! There truly is no place like home.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jan 13, 2018 - 11:03am
Jeanne, good luck on getting back in your own place again. I've been fortunate in that I've never been displaced. One more thing to be thankful for in my life.
Dino Manalis Added Jan 13, 2018 - 11:52am
Home sweet home!  Good luck and All the Best!
Thomas Napers Added Jan 14, 2018 - 5:44am
“People here really think we have opposing sides...we just have a hard right base that hates everyone that is not white.  Then the left which also hates everyone..but accepts them for votes.”
You’ve correctly described the Left, as pandering for votes has been made clear in everything they do.  As for the Left, there is certainly an element of them that’s crazed by illegal immigration.  However, illegal immigration is not racism.  For evidence of racism you would need to provide evidence of Republicans hating black citizens or something like that. 
I would also add that illegal immigration is one of many issues Republicans care about.  Perhaps the hard right is most upset with illegal immigration, the rest of us also care a lot about protecting our freedoms and the American way.  All of which were under attack by a president who was outwardly hostile to business and industry.  A president who silenced conservatives by sticking the IRS on us.  Not to mention a president who in the middle of the night flew $400 million in cash to the mullahs in Iran.  While all these things were happening the Democratic Party did nothing to stop him, so they’re all culpable. 
wsucram15 Added Jan 14, 2018 - 8:04am
Thomas..only you could make this article..political...well maybe one or two other people on here.  totally missed the point...AGAIN.  You and people like you are the reason I miss home I think.
Hotel rooms just dont lock out the nut bags.  You are living in a big commune (with a door between you yes..) with people from all over..but you eat with them every morning and 4 days a week at night.  There is a tv in the common room and the quiet disagreements are interesting.
I was out the day the guy with the "make America Great" hat was here.  I came back and everyone told me about it, it was funny.  I would have interviewed him but not argued.   Interesting how people perceive things.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 14, 2018 - 9:48am
Were the first Europeans illegal immigrants ?
Funny how times and preceptions change. Or better: I occupy and after a time I'm the owner.
Sam Nowaczynski Added Jan 15, 2018 - 3:06am
Interesting (hypocritical) that you would give Thomas a hard time for bringing up political matters when he quoted you discussing politics.  Not to mention the fact that roughly half of your article is political. 
As for your art, there is nothing that prevents you from doing it elsewhere.  Perhaps a friend has some basement space she could rent or perhaps you could participate in some artist co-op.  The point is that rather than sit in a hotel sulking, obsessing about Trump and watching brainless television, do something to improve your situation.  At the very least, turn of the “brainless” television and read a book. 
wsucram15 Added Jan 15, 2018 - 10:52am
Hey Sam- people like to read what you want into something.  It is about my being BORED BORED BORED..with the repetitive news on politics. Not necessarily politics itself.
Holy cow if you had ANY idea about what you are talking about you might have been helpful.  I dont draw or paint..Well I do, but I can do that here.  My partner is more the painter of the two of us. I do something called Ebru.  Look it up.
I do use an artist co-op for some things I do (its called the foundary). I also have places I can work fused glass from with kilns. That ranges from 65-95 an hour. It takes 15 hours to fuse a piece of glass..do the math.  Now most places only charge you for studio time, but doing a sheet of jewelry can take a few hours and then there is a firing charge. It generally costs 150 to do 1 piece like a bowl...why do you think I bought my own stuff and have a studio at home?
That is warm glass, now I also work on hot glass which does not take as long.  That is around 75.00 an hour and  with prep takes about 3 hours per piece if it doesnt crack. I still usually work with someone as I have only done this for 3 years in the winter months and you have to work in the evening when the owner isnt filling orders.
However, my equipment is somewhat cumbersome to lug around.  I use kilns, glass and lots of expensive tools, cutters, etc.  Heavy and easy to damage items. They are all in storage right now, except my molds which were ALL damaged in the fire from the soot. My kilns are in a specialty storage facility so some idiot doesn't throw them around and damage the ceramic inside.   The plugs require special outlets so Im guessing not too many people have that in their homes, except maybe for an electric dryer and if its the same current.  Please try to know what you are talking about before you run your mouth. Please.
I bet you equate artist with not very well read or educated.  I have read a few books in my life (lol), which if you read any of my things you would know.  I actually have a nice book collection, although right now, I have no idea where they are. Thanks for bringing that up by the way. I have some first editions Im going to worry about now.
I do not obsess about Trump although I have researched him extensively including traveling to other states to interview people at town halls in various states.  Which you would also know if you weren't so presumptuous.  I protest quite a bit so of late thats kept me busy.  Im bored...and I wrote an article about it..to people that I have written with for almost 4 years. 
You arent one of them, so please stop giving me more shit I dont need. Although, gee wiz..thanks for your  positively judgemental attitude. I really hope when you feel you are having a hard time..people are kinder to you than you were to me.
Have a good day.
wsucram15 Added Jan 15, 2018 - 10:56am
write an article Sam..
Stone-Eater Added Jan 15, 2018 - 11:10am
it can only get better :-) Same here. I'm still fighting for our little company, but at least that keeps me from getting bored LOL
Neil Lock Added Jan 15, 2018 - 12:18pm
Jeanne: Please let me put an opposite point of view. I love living in hotels! I’ve done a lot of it over my career. Mostly 4 nights a week, but once for 7 months at a stretch. When you’re in a hotel, everything you need to live is done for you – maintenance, cleaning, laundry, food, for example – and you can concentrate on doing the job you’re there for to the best of your ability. You do what you’re good at, and you can forget the stuff you’re bad at! Isn’t that what the division of labo(u)r is all about?
Of course, I’m a single man, so that stuff is easy for me. And I do understand that you have acquired an attachment to the place you lived in and want to go back to. I too feel an attachment to the area I live in, and to the good people in it – including the immigrants. But not to the politicians.
As to TV, I gave it up more than 7 years ago. I only watch TV when I’m in a hotel! :-)
I feel for you for being separated from the equipment you need to do your best work. But if you’re bored, why not try writing a bit more? Join people like Opher, Dave Volek and Stone-Eater, and even me! (not to mention the conservatives among us – they’re not all bad), and say more about what you think.
Bill H. Added Jan 15, 2018 - 12:45pm
I developed a hate for sleazy motels back in the late '80s while I was employed by an aerospace company and having to spend weeks on end in tiny motel rooms in places like Beatty and Tonopah Nevada listening to raving drunks at 3 AM in the morning and making sure to spray the bed daily for bedbugs.
Hope you get home soon!
Stone-Eater Added Jan 15, 2018 - 1:20pm
I agree....I love it too.
It gives me a feeling of .... freedom !
Stone-Eater Added Jan 15, 2018 - 1:24pm
BTW: I mean I love staying in hostels. Of course it's different if you HAVE TO stay there or if you choose it for yourself.
But I was all my life a "Zigeuner", means a gypsy in mind, and wherever I live, all I need is my music, my guitar, an Internet connection if possible and good friends around me. A mattress on the floor does it too. But, of course, at 60, sometimes it gets more tough ;-)
RobL_V2 Added Jan 15, 2018 - 1:59pm
I have to agree with @TomN and @SamN.
@WSU reminds my of the person I had known since elementary school who defriended me because I innocently what are you all resisting. Trump had just been elected and she was posting a barage of resist this and resist messages and I was curious what was up with this. I was not yet up to speed on the emerging movement (if you can call it that). I guess she took my question as an affront and not what it was... a question and got offended and voila... defriended.
So here we have @WSU posting a blatantly politicized opinion piece (nothing wrong with that) but assumes that since everyone must agree with her worldview, a worldview where the normative mindset for all Americans is 'resistance', that any with the temerity to offer a counter opinion is deemed 'political'.  
Its absurd but there you have it.
I'll give @WSU credit though, she didn't reflexively attack with the 'racist, sexist, bigot...' etc that many with that mindset do. I find that refreshing. In fact it gives me hope, it leads me to believe @WSU actually still has an open mind. I look forward to reading and expect her writing will mature she gains more perspective and wisdom.
wsucram15 Added Jan 15, 2018 - 4:01pm
RobL_V2  What the hell is that all about by the way? Just curious.
Im not resisting anything in this comment...AGAIN..it is about having a house fire, being stuck in a hotel and discovering TV in 2017.  The news is horrible.  Which is my opinion here...not Trump. Actually for me (i dont like him at all) I was being VERY generous.
We talk about television news often on here, I ignore it because I know its bad..I just dont think you realize how bad it is until you watch it a couple of days in a row.  But that is SOOOOO not talking politics with me.
Which anyone on here that has written on here for any length of time will tell you. Thanks for the open minded comment but Im kind of insulted at the elementary school comment.  ehhhh...it is what it is..
RobL_V2 Added Jan 15, 2018 - 5:39pm
WSU - Forgive me I'm a new poster here and have quickly realized you can't edit once you post. Autospell is my undoing. I tend to think, type, send. I need to pause and proof read. Some typos and word-misses make my last post a bit confusing so I apologize. As I reread I'm wondering myself what the hell I wrote.
Anyway... I appreciate the bit about the hotel hell you are trapped in and all but your story is also infused with political references, and apparently unintentionally. However writing about Resistance, Protest, 'Bad News', etc... people will pick up on that. That could be good, if you want to open to people in your writing, make it more real world person individual than formulaic. And people who agree with those sensibilities will warm up to you however those who disagree with those sensibilities will be pushed away.
So you have to consider these things when writing, who is your audience. If you want to write to a general audience without pushback you have to remove politicized content even if subtle. On the other hand if you don't mind the pushback, are seeking it, or are writing to a certain view point, then by all means write as you will. Anyway the point I was making is you need be aware of how your writing can be interpreted,  who it is intended for, its purpose and write accordingly. This will make you a sharper writer going forward.
Spartacus Added Jan 15, 2018 - 8:29pm
You are a fighter, Jeanne. 
My daughter, as an adult, I hope she is a fighter too . . . in whatever future she may find herself.  Never give up and never say die.
I hope this new year grants you more peace than the last.
wsucram15 Added Jan 16, 2018 - 8:15am
At least you read it. So Neil, I can agree with you to a point...it is cool to get all of that done for you, (they dont do my laundry though). Its ok, I am so picky that The people that did have my clothes from the house (they had to bring my things to the hotel) were going insane.  They handled it pretty well though and actually were the most professional cleaners I have EVER dealt with.
Years ago, I lived on and off for a little over a year in "motels" with a band.  This is waayyy nicer.  Although the band thing was much more fun. Actually I never gave a second thought to a hotel, this time or any other time.  But  I literally steamed cleaned everything with chemicals before we stayed here. Yeah...I have changed.
Its not going to be much longer...2 or 3 weeks maybe. Its just seems like a long time.  I also dont watch much TV unless apparently in a hotel.  I do like some HBO programming.
Neil..I dont think I could do this for 7 months..there isnt much around here and its about 45 minutes from my house.
Did you know you are supposed to tip your cleaning lady 2.00 a day so 10.00/week for your entire stay? Thats on the low side. I decided to buy mine a gift card when I leave but I have given her money here and there.
Then there are servers and your concierge. Nothing is free, especially if it is good.  Out of the three chefs here, one of them is really creative.  I enjoy her creativity.  LOL...
RobL_V2-  Please tell me about that name...its neat.  Anyway..after awhile, you will pick up on how people write, different people write about different things.  I am part of the resistance..per say. But I am also very open minded and have listened to more Trump supporters than most because I really believe that politicians dont care that "we" are divided because they do not serve the people anymore. Its up to us to mend fences because they will not, this I have seen firsthand.
LOL...William thank you.  I must apologize I saw your name and thought.."oh jeeze, I am going to have to argue with him again." Many apologies.
wsucram15 Added Jan 16, 2018 - 8:22am
Also William..you have to raise her to be a fighter. Its difficult. I was really babied until I hit 16 and somewhat even after that by my Grandparents who didnt want to see me get further injured.  BUT I experienced much they didnt know about and its those hard lessons and the pain that comes with it that makes you tough.
However, there is tough..and tough with humility and empathy.  Its really difficult to do the latter.  This part will come from you and its important.  Her foundation will help her through the tough times and in the end will let her see not only the reality of things, but to forgive people for their shortcomings.  No one is perfect, it is a very hard lesson to learn.
Spartacus Added Jan 16, 2018 - 11:23am
Good advice Jeanne.  
Additionally, you and I are fighting for and against forces, neither of us created individually.  In that, we can look at us as individuals and at least respect our plight and strengths.
Spartacus Added Jan 16, 2018 - 11:45am
If you were a Whitney Houston fan, you might like this video
I miss Whitney so much.  Her voice has been reborn . . . something to brighten the day.
wsucram15 Added Jan 16, 2018 - 12:05pm
I love Witney Houston..ahh the girl I have heard about.  Witney was such a great voice and to lose that was such a loss.  She is one of the FEW favs I have had, I never saw.
I have to tell you, William..if you like a performer get out there and see a live show...its worth it.  They go away so often now.  We just lost Delores O-Riordan from the Cranberries yesterday.  Incredible vocalist. I saw her twice. Sad news. You will know this song-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tk7SstoQ3Y  and I was in this crowd... I promise.  Up front.
But listen to this with Pavarotti-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVrHiLdmt4w&list=PL_nsvHu5Ab6woixJwLNkFfnraNM5S2S3s
Thanks for the video..she is really good.
wsucram15 Added Jan 16, 2018 - 12:28pm
William.. I forgot to thank you.  Tell your daughter to hang in there.  When things got tough for me I always had a poem I referred to that got me through, its helped a few women I know. http://psalm40.org/dontquit.html
It really helped...I carry it in my purse to this day.
Jeff Michka Added Jan 16, 2018 - 6:12pm
wsucram15 sez: But I just want to go home and work on my art. -That could be mentally crippling, but I suspect you'll make it through.  Losing your home, and by default, all it means to a person, is hard to understand unless its happened to someone.  Had to chuckle over your mention of hotels and being on the road with bands.  My wife and I lost our home due to a flood while I was 1000 miles away on the road.  So it was all pretty hard to deal with by remote, so had to fly back to deal with it.  At least you're relatively close.
wsucram15 Added Jan 17, 2018 - 8:20am
Yes Jeff I am close and that is an advantage..but i have only had the nerve to go twice in all this time and been furious both times.  You know people dont treat your things with the same care you do.  I was there with the packing the first couple of days, in fact I did much of it   on most of my personal things the boxes were marked to not clean and do not repack because I wanted to handle these things myself.  Most of those items were already in boxes and the stuff that wasnt should be easily cleaned or replaced.   All photos are on hard drive or in boxes already.
It would be difficult to be away from home though and have stuff happen like that. I really cant imagine having that feeling and having to come home to that.
Dont get me wrong though..I have a family I know that went through Katrina.  Two of whom came to Baltimore, each with a suitcase. Lost everything. So I get it..and they keep it real for me. 
wsucram15 Added Jan 18, 2018 - 8:22am
To be fair to the hotel and its employees..its a nice hotel.  Its just that I have never lived in a box style apartment even, so its hard for me to live in a hotel room.  It is fine for a vacation and I am grateful for a place to be.
I did write a very nice recommendation for the hotel, its service and specific staff I have dealt with.  My boyfriend loves it here..if he had his choice he would never leave.
But the article is literally about the things to do after time in a hotel and my discovery of Television, which I cannot stand, in particular cable news. 
wsucram15 Added Jan 18, 2018 - 8:26am
LOL..I was supposed to go to Jazzfest in March in NOLA and for part of the stay be in a hotel room...not sure about that now.