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I'm not an ex-con. Not a molester of anyone except myself, and I've had to apologize. I am not anything except a man on a mission from God and I believe in God in a way that all humanity would like to. I believe that God has my back. No, I know God has my back, and my front, and my middle, and my up, and my down. I am in a covenant with God and all of my work is a shared endeavor with God. So I pity the fool who messes wid me, as Mr. T would say, because in that messin', you'll be gettin' God's blessin', the dark side.


And believe me when I say that God has a dark side and you do not wanna go there. What you want to try to achieve is void living, where you are given only one option, do good. Good is not simple, as I will soon explain. Good is not being all smiles and sweetness. Good is being without ego. Never letting your ego, your anger, your vanity lead you in action. Good is logical. Good sees the whole. Good sees the past and the future. Good does not exclude instant gratification, but only if it is an instant that can be sustained. Good is sustainable. Good is removable. Good is recyclable. Good is not anything. It is a lesson, a principle, and ideal.


The best love is love that teaches independence not need. We have an entire genre of songs talking about needy love, celebrating needy love, encouraging needy love. I call this child love, puppy love, desiring love. It is just an early stage of a greater love that should evolve, but doesn't in so many. The greater love is to promote strength so someone can venture out into the world as a complete unit, not helplessly seeking someone or something to complete them. We fear these people who are complete, don't we? Don't we have a culture that says, you need friends, you need companionship, you need love. That's the Disney message the cute. little Disney message, and I hate Disney, a company that peddles porn, that hates adulthood, that is a curse to America and the world. Boycott Disney and anything Disney related. Do it now.


I don't NEED any of those things, friendship, companionship, love. I have proven this in the last decade of my life, that I can survive being a pariah, based on lies created by my enemies (enemies of God, I must add, and Disney is an enemy of God along with a lot of other institutions.) I would like them, all of those human relationships, but I don't need them to survive. I don't like many people, but I love everybody I meet. I don't like them because I don't like people being slaves to their desires and behaving obliviously, meanly, savagely, selfishly. Friendship, love, companionship, all of these can be completely selfish acts. Just because you're there doesn't mean you're there to help. You can be there to steal, to hurt, to corrupt, because you have unfulfilled needs and to get those needs filled you have to have people around, right?


I love people in the way I want to be loved, openly, freely, unfetteredly, the way God loves me. But few people I meet are ready for that kind of love. They want, from the people they love. They want to hold them like toys, and use them like toys, and hurt them like toys, and dispose of them like toys. They want people to be what they want. I don't. I want you to be what you want and I think all people want the same thing, deep down. To be free of need. I don't need God and God doesn't need me. If you understand this, then you are in the void. Love does not need to be loved. It just is.


William Kristoff wrote a piece in Sunday's NYTimes about how the world is better than it's ever been. He picked all of the things that Disney would. Less disease. Less infant mortality. Less poverty. Less illiteracy. More interaction because of these devices that connect us around the globe. But he ignored love, the numbers of people in need around the globe. The migrant crisis in conflict zones. All of the conflict zones. All of the world debt. All of the insecurity. All of the pollution. All of the habitat destruction for wildlife. All of the poaching. All of the slavery. May be Disney owns William Kristoff and people like him. Maybe Disney pays some of his bills. Maybe Disney owns this. Let's destroy Disney and see what happens. Let's turn Disneyland and Disneyworld into homeless shelters and migrant centers. Wouldn't that be Goofy?


The first kiss was for the angels, to rouse them from their sleep.

To feel ruffled wings flapping as from God's nest they leap.


(C) 1/12/2018 All rights reserved by Mark Henry Smith 8/15/57 aka Marko Henry, Marko Noyes, Marko the Poet, (-:)>+           


mark henry smith Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:14pm
Didn't Harvey Weinstein work for Disney? Who else works for this corrupt and degenerate corporation? J.K. Rawling? You tell me. Donald Trump? Is Disney an arm of the Moussad as Walt Disney was an agent for the FBI? We have to change our culture, people, and the first step is to change the institutions at the helm.  
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:18pm
Strange thing: I figured out most people on here how they tick - but not you. I guess I'd have to meet you to get an idea on what's driving you. You're a complicated personality. But such people are the most interesting ones. I'm the contrary. Nothing to hide - plain and simple as good as my English allows it.
But - I agree on a 100%. Superficial cash machine against heart and soul.
Who wins ?
Disney (sigh)
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 3:20pm
Europe is no better. We have imported that no-culture. Because we're as dumb as you Americans. Sheep. Mee mee mee.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:32pm
Stone: Marko is a socially conservative (he would deny that because of his lifestyle choices - but he is), green, classical liberal, pro-welfare, and pro religion. That is basically the Democratic Party some decades ago. Isn't Micky Kaus like this?
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:47pm
Took stuff from your 'labelling as reason' comment section and threw it together:
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:49pm
You mean Mickey Mouse ? Hm.....never heard of Mickey Kaus ;-) Well......since the Democratic Party has nothing to do with democracy as such...
1. I'm not for welfare but a basic income for everybody (replacement of welfare, so to say, since there is a LOT of profit around in the hands of a few while our time requires less and less workers due to automatization)
2. Less regulations (because that allows people on the dole to get on track again without bureaucratic hurdles -> see Africa on that) and it eases the budget of the state when people can easily earn their own cash....be it by selling sandwiches on the road !
3. Banks have to support small startups to enable a go-away from big companies who control everything and block small entrepreneurs
4. Basic health care for everybody at a fixed rate, as we have it here in Switzerland. Monthly paid. If someone is unemployed, the state pays the fee, as it is done here.
5. Food control. Away with dangerous junk shit food which causes people to get sick and obese -> less costs for health insurance.....
6. Environment protection. Because we can't live without nature that provides what we need....
7. Tax all money transfers equally. Close every tax haven like Cayman, Bahamas, Delaware, London, Virgin Islands....and Switzerland. Example: Microsoft, Apple......
8. Create FAIR economic deals with countries in Africa, Asia etc. whose raw materials YOU use for your comfort and gadgets. When they have work at home, you get no refugees.
I'm sure there'd be more...
If that qualifies me to be a socialist, so be it. I don't care about putting labels. But I damn know that if this wishful thinking would solve a lot of problems.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 12, 2018 - 4:56pm
SEF: No, you are not a socialist. And the basic income idea was first popularized by Milton Friedman, who is usually vilified by the left. It took me a while to come around to the idea, but I am also for it. It says nothing about the height or anything. The original name was 'inverse income tax', I think.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 12, 2018 - 5:01pm
Thanks. I'm always attacked for being a socialist/communist here LOL seems that some people in the US have a problem with label definitions ;-)
I just say what I think from my view and situation where I am. My lead is common sense and checking what goes wrong, That doesn't need a label.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 12, 2018 - 5:22pm
The best love is love that teaches independence not need...The greater love is to promote strength so someone can venture out into the world as a complete unit, not helplessly seeking someone or something to complete them.
Sounds like the message a father gives his kids.
We fear these people who are complete, don't we? Don't we have a culture that says, you need friends, you need companionship, you need love. [?]

The 'new testament is a lot about this', mostly the 'acts', but also the gospels. We expect people to turn against us and don't kowtow for the sake of it. If anything, this is the Christian message, the core. The sticky morals of the moralizers (Disney) is also very down with Jesus. I wonder how long it takes until you will be violently thrown out of the leftwing culture. I think, you are socially even more conservative than me. A matter of time until they will show their claws.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 12, 2018 - 5:24pm
I miswrote. Jesus was fed up with the sticky morals of some, demonstratively praying, hypocrites of his time (like you are with Disney).
mark henry smith Added Jan 13, 2018 - 11:15am
Like I am with people who claim religious reasons for supporting El Trumpo. But I do not support welfare. I do not support systems that do not promote work. I work everyday at writing and creating art. I work tirelessly at getting my message out to the world. The pay has been terrible, but the psychic rewards have been tremendous. Which would you choose, Ben?
I support universal healthcare paid for by tax dollars in a single-payer system for basic service. If a government is going to require people have something, they should pay for it out of tax dollars. And there is nothing that would help small businesses, and small people more than taking away the costs and insecurities of a corrupt, insurance-profit, and big pharma driven health-care system. Did you know that most doctors are still using fax machines to get and transfer medical records because computer systems between providers are incompatible? Talk about corruption and madness.
I'm for decriminalization of all drugs. Take the money out of it. Take the danger out of it. Kill the criminal cartels and the respectable business people who are at the heart of the criminal enterprises. Breaking Bad wasn't that far off base. Take the money out of locking up drug users and drug sellers. That's a terrible reality in the US that politicians and private prison advocates have found a way to get blood from a stone. People with no assets can be worth up to $60,000 a year as convicts. Why not just free these people and give them half of that money?
I am not anti Milton Friedman and the Chicago school. I believe that the private sector can do many things better than the public, but unless the government creates strong mechanisms to insure fairness in how services and funds are disseminated, private can be more corrupt than public. Look at how military contracts, drug contracts, all kinds of contracts are doled out in the private-public game of screw the taxpayer since it's not our money anyway. I was at a church that had that as its creed.
Pigeonholing people into these little boxes by labeling them as this or that is a way to limit the argument. And then when it suits them, us, we let them out of that little box into another little box. Like deficit hawks. What are they now? I'm for giving all people more opportunity to compete so we can get more and better ideas as solutions to our intractable problems. I'm for removing insecurities that keep people from thinking beyond themselves and immediate concerns. I'm for allowing public service to be an alternative to military service providing the same benefits for those who wish to serve in that capacity. And I'm for making that a mandatory part of reaching adulthood.   
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 13, 2018 - 11:26am
Mark, everybody has a variety of left and right-wing positions. I just say that you are more on the right than on the left. The only weakness that you share with the left is that you believe false witness against your neighbours. What is wrong with people who voted Trump because of the religious reason - there is just one: abortion? I'm mildly pro-choice, but I have nothing against pro-life people.
mark henry smith Added Jan 16, 2018 - 1:48pm
Ben, the problem with religious people voting for Trump is that he's the most anti-Christian president we've ever had. Now I understand why Jewish people love him. He's their guy, but he's not a Christian at all. He doesn't appear to even have read the passages that express Christ's ideas. I hear Trump talk about himself and it makes me think that he thinks he's Jesus on steroids. Everything is great. Let he who is without doubt cast the first Jezebel. Trump thought Christ said that, but it was Harvey Weinstein.   
mark henry smith Added Jan 16, 2018 - 1:59pm
Oh, and I wrote a piece about labeling, you might have read it. I'm a logician. The logic of a welfare state is great when you have money to throw around, but not when you're in debt. It's like lending money to a compulsive gambler when you're not able to pay your bills. You pray that they'll win and pay you back, but you know if they win, you'll be the last person to see a penny. Never lend money to a compulsive gambler. Make them work for it if they want it that bad. That's what, liberal?
Universal healthcare is the same ideology. It's cheaper and more efficient and eliminates gambling on people's health. I'm anti-gambling, but I love to gamble. just not compulsively. What does that make me, conservative?
I talk to Trump supporters like they're human beings, flawed human beings like the rest of us. I agree that Haiti and Africa are places facing enormous challenges and nobody really wants to migrate there unless they have some nefarious plan, like the Chinese, to buy every bit of open space and turn it into part of China's plan for world domination. Is that liberal?   
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 16, 2018 - 2:29pm
People going to Haiti to buy the place, liberal or not? I dunno? What do the Clintons say?
"Let he who is without doubt cast the first Jezebel." Great line! I bet neither Trump nor Weinstein said it, but whoever did is genius!
Mark, why do you listen to what Trump says. Look what he does or does not do. Jesus said that a tree should be judged by its fruits. We are still waiting for the infrastructure investments, for the wall to break ground, for less military engagement and so on. There are so many grounds to criticise him on. He does not have to be a good speaker. Moses wasn't.
I don't know any Christians who votes somebody only because he is a Christian. I think Trump was even the first presidential candidate in an eternity who was very clear that he hardly goes to church. Evangelicals want better trade deals! And he sucks in that area, too. There is so much valid stuff to use as criticism, but you have to tune in to evangelicals like Alex Marlow or Ann Coulter to hear it. The liberals are busy with non-sense, phony rage culture.
I personally believe that Trump is a good Christian. I don't know what part of the gospel you think that he hasn't read. Remember: There was a passage about a speck in the eye, too.
mark henry smith Added Jan 17, 2018 - 2:42pm
Ah, geez, that was me who made up that line, I have to admit. I'm a great wordsmith, no doubt about it. A wordsmith walled in by the way this game is played in the modern world. But God has a plan for me and though I complain, I'm cool with that. I get to be me everyday and that's enough. If I'd gotten my way, I'd still be with Wendy, or dead. And now I have a nice, little apartment, a smart phone to make videos on, have all of my bad habits under control, and am prepared for success, not about to be overwhelmed by it. Shit man, I be all growed up. Who woulda' spected that? And before yeah complain about the splinter in another's eye, remove the beam from thine own, as I have done. It was not easy. Homelessness, poverty, uncertainty, treason, all have been the reasons that led me here. The deep questions are the tweezers that grip those long-lodged polemics, the answers yield the strength pull through the pain, emptiness leaves a profound clarity that heals wounds of darkness.   
I actually like Trump. I've known so many people like him, these egotists who think everything they touch will turn to gold, who only know one route to take, my way or the highway. Most have been on the highway, I must say. And like Bannon, eventually the really smart guys fall out of favor, (and Bannon really is the genius in this enterprise,) because it always gets to a point where you have to call a shithole, a shithole and this administration is a shithole of incompetency. But what would you expect from a group of clowns who believe that for government to work best it should be incompetent? 
How can somebody be a good Christian and cheat on their wife? How can somebody be a good Christian and promote violence? How can a person be a good Christian and insist on lying about people and making up nicknames to denigrate people? I don't understand that. Is he better than Hillary? You bet cha. He's gonna make people stop and think. He's gonna open ten thousand cans of worms. He's gonna be what we need, not what we want, and perhaps that's the best we could hope for. 
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 17, 2018 - 3:17pm
m h smith: That was a funny line. I sure as hell will steal the joke from you. ;-)
I'm also rather on team Bannon than on team Trump. It is just that I wade through the dirt slinging and end up defending Trump all the time. It is just too much hostility. As you probably have noticed, I am not a big fan of Angela Merkel, but I would never talk about her the way anti-Trumpists talk about Trump. It is just a matter of decency. And she has basically ended democracy in Germany. Do you even remember a Chancellor before her? Am I vile towards her? No, I suffer and try to inform people as calmly as I can.
You're probably right about Trump's administration. Stephen Miller is smart, Hicks Sanders is good, maybe Jeff Sessions, I don't know. I'm actually tired of US politics. If you open a German newspaper, you only read about US politics. In countries that don't have a democracy the newspapers must be filled with things that have nothing to do with the own government. So Trump this, Trump that. A browser search with the word 'Merkel' returns zero hits on most German news blogs most of the time. So I guess most people in the Trump administration are not very good, but I don't have the energy to look into it. I'm annoyed being inundated with it.
You can be a good Christian and cheat on your wife. It is the overall picture. Forgiveness is a main tenet of Christianity. I cannot explain it, I just sense it, like I did with you, that he has a connection with G-d. I think, at some point you will also see this in other people.
And remember, not even the bible know flawless men!
mark henry smith Added Jan 17, 2018 - 3:34pm
Ben, none of us are flawless, and let us be exposed to our folly if we so claim. I met a guy yesterday who claimed perfection, then I asked if he was married and when he said yes, I suggested we ask his wife. He laughed and said, "You got me there."
Willy Braun. Then that huge guy, darn names. Merkel has led Germany into an era of unprecedented prosperity. With prosperity comes responsibilities. With change comes uncertainty. With uncertainty comes unrest.
We need to completely rethink how we use resources in this world. We need to completely rethink religion. We need an end to consumerism, a movement that is filling the world with trash, to be replaced with blissism, a movement towards small actions of blissful consequence on a daily basis.
And if you have problems with my analysis of the Middle East, read Trudy Rubin of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Her op-ed piece in this Sunday's paper almost was a quote of what I'd said. And she gets paid to do this.    
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 17, 2018 - 3:59pm
Merkel has led Germany into an era of unprecedented prosperity
What a nonsense.
mark henry smith Added Jan 18, 2018 - 11:48am
How not so? When was Germany so prosperous in the past? Haven't they dominated the EU? That's all we hear here in the US, the rise of German economic dominance and the wonders of the German work ethic, the quality of German goods, and the curse of Muslim immigrants coming into Germany and raping women, not eating the sausages, the wiener schnitzel, or drinking the beer, generally not accepting German cultural values. Wait, or is that the US?
This whole idea of cultural diversity is a sham. It doesn't lead to success at all, but mires people in past disputes, locks them in anger over their treatment, the treatment of "their" people. The values that we know lead to success and health are simple and thrive across cultures. It's not fundamentalism. It's not abstinence. It's not violence. It's openness to new views and a willingness to evolve better understanding. It's understanding that moderation in all things is healthier than criminalization and absolutism. It's accepting that violence only creates a cycle of violence, but that when a party is intent on killing, they need to be put down, but not to engage in group punishment.
We all know that it's right to kill a rabid dog to protect the health of a community, but that doesn't mean we should kill all dogs, expansion on this theme is desired.    
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 18, 2018 - 12:23pm
m h smith: What you hear in the US is not the right picture. It is true that Germany is pushing around the EU, but how is it a good thing? All of Europe must buy fish from Norway now, because their large trailer nets replaced the previous small EU European fishermen.
The Germans with their urban, left-wing morals felt that they need fishing quotas to "protect the environment". Of course, the smaller fishermen went out of business. The consumer didn't notice a difference. The fish are still in the supermarkets at about the same price. But Europeans don't question. So they buy the cheap fish, know that there are quotas and don't get suspicious. Of course, the fish is bought from Norway that is not in the EU exactly because they want to do the fishing.
So the North Sea is overfished and the Norwegian trailer nets destroy the oceans. The Germans feel good about themselves because they believe to have 'done something for the environment' when in fact they did something to destory it. Only the small fishermen are out of business now, but the modern left hates bluecollar people anyway.
Cuba's economy is the best. Also North Korea's economy is the best. Without freedom of speech nobody can check anything. I only see village after villare where nobody under thirty still lives. It used to be different. Germany is still prosperous, but I think that we are lied to about the decline.
I have very different views about values. But that is better expanded on my Cain and Abel thread.
mark henry smith Added Jan 18, 2018 - 12:36pm
Are you a Taoist? Your ideas sound very Tao. I would call myself a Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Ba hai, Jew, Shrengi Kempo, Ni To Ichi master, but Taoism is confusing. Oh, with some Shinto and animism thrown in.
Eclectic, but ask a million people what eclectic means and you're bound to get a million answers. China must thrill you then. Their is no freedom of speech there either, from what I've heard. I wonder how many of the cutest, little, North Korean girls on the drill team will get drilled in South Korea and stay?
Do you know the song from, What I did on the Way to the Forum? Everybody wants to have a girl? It's a great song. We could adapt it. Every S. Korean wants a girl. Every S. K. wants a N.K girl, a simple girl, as quiet as a mouse. Every S.K. boy wants a N.K. girl, an obedient girl to be his spouse.
Benjamin Goldstein Added Jan 18, 2018 - 12:46pm
I don't know about Taoism. And I hate China for its lack of freedom of speech. I hate Germany because we have almost become like China only that we cannot expect that future generations will be better off than past ones. There is stuff money cannot buy. If somebody finds out what I write on WB, I'm done. And I hate it.