DRAFT: Showdown Imminent

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Cult followers of the left.  Let's church this up.  Let's get real.  There is a showdown looming between the United States and cult-left states like California.


The cult-left have begun a slow death march.  A death struggle for their political existence.  America is turning away from this cult in droves and the left is losing its power through legal means.  This the very reason why the left has turned toward groups like antifa.  The reason why they will put illegal "residents" above its own citizens.  The reason why the California attorney general has stated it would prosecute its own citizens if they obey federal immigration laws.


This is it.  All cards being played face-up now.  It is not about America.  It is not about freedom or liberty or empathy.  It is about the survival of a political corporation that has wielded too much political power.  The left's corruption is becoming blatantly obvious.


This showdown between the cult-left and the US government will happen over the next few years.  (I rarely make predictions but this seems too obvious not to call)

Not too dissimilar with a cult in 1993, the Branch Davidians, vs Texas state law enforcement.  It could turn out the same way . . . violently.  This is the natural progression of this power struggle between a cult which deemed its own policies more moral and relevant than the US government (constitution). . . which unwittingly gave rise to its policial power.

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game they have already played long before.  In the 1860's, the left laid claim to non-US citizens then claiming ownership and protection of their slaves.  It is the same thing.  Illegal citizens are the voting slaves for the Democrats.  


Schumer played his first-hand last week putting his cult ahead of law-abiding citizens.  He folded.  

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