DRAFT: Is Ageism the new Racism?

Is Ageism the new Racism?

I was quite struck today by the way derogatory language is used on the internet. I am 68 years old and am not quite senile yet. My intellectual faculties are pretty intact though obviously my short-term memory is not quite as sharp as it used to be but I get there. But three times in the last two days I have found myself on my blog being described as an old man as if being 68 has suddenly made me worthless. It is put in such a derogatory way that indicates that the younger people concerned consider my views worthless, that I am suddenly out of touch, that my life experience is irrelevant and my intelligence has diminished.


That is obviously lazy pigeon-holing and arrogance on their part. It says more about them than anything else.


It is possible that I will live for another thirty years. By the time I get into my eighties and nineties I may start to think of myself as old - but I doubt it.


Now that racism, homophobia and sexism is heavily frowned upon are these people turning their attention to older people? Is ageism the new racism? Do we put aside all need to listen to what older people have to say, to disregard their experience and views, and simply put them down as irrelevant and worthless?


How arrogant can you get?