The Anti-Christ and Common Core

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The Catholic Church has been attacking people who have been reading, printing, or preaching salvation through Grace only by accepting Christ for over one millennium.


The Catholic Church has labeled people who actually read the Bible for themselves as heretics. The Church claims that the Pope is infallible and what he says supersedes whatever the Scriptures might say. Historically, this protection of the church has been tasked to be enforced by the Jesuit Order. There is a series of movies that explain all this in great detail with times, dates, names, reasoning, and references. The first is "A Lamp In the Dark: An Untold History of the Bible" (Part 1), "The Tares Among the Wheat" (Part 2), "The Bridge to Babalon" (Part 3), and "AntiChrist: The Lost Doctrine" (Part 4) are excellent sources with references cited. Please note each is about 3 hours long.


These videos document false documents, people who claim to be Protestants who are actually false protestants, and the entire Evolution Theory are just a few non-education directions that have been used to sidetrack Christians and into causing believers to question the inerrancy of Scripture. This is and has been a conspiracy lasting almost 2000 years and has been coordinated from a central controlling focal point, the Jesuit Order of the church.


Please understand that if any part of the Scriptures can be proven wrong, even in some small way, then NONE of the Scriptures can be trusted.


Through education, the Jesuits established educational institutions (now our liberal colleges) where they trained our preachers and teachers into believing Scriptures were not accurate and therefore could not be trusted. Therefore, all preachers who preached Christ and Christ alone was sufficient for salvation were attacked.


However, those preachers who preached salvation through works of some kind, their own or from their denomination, were not attacked. After all, this was the basic message of the Catholic Church, to follow the works the Pope commanded in order to obtain salvation.


Translations of the Bible that are more modern, are not accurate in Scripture. The movies go into great detail on HOW the Jesuit Order followers have introduced error into the foundation works that have been used to write more modern Bibles. Modernization included a shift from translating the WORDS to trying to get across the meaning behind the words according to the understanding of the translator. As a result, the very meaning of whole passages has totally been changed in their meaning. The anti-Christ doesn't care if you follow the Pope's works or someone else's works as long as you are not relying on Christ and Christ alone as the original texts state.


The next logical step would be to prevent citizens from being able to read the Bible. In a society that requires literacy, how can a form of literacy be maintained, yet inject the inability to read the Bible be accomplished? The answer is two-fold. One is to change the words in the Bible to change its meaning, but use simpler words that would be easier for illiterate people to read. The second is to teach "Sight Reading". "Sight Reading" forces citizens to be able to read and understand ONLY those words that they are taught to be able to read. The key words in the Bible, especially more accurate translations like The King James version, are NOT included in this reading curriculum. As a reading curriculum, "Sight Reading" failed when it was first introduced to replace Phonics. Using Phonics citizens learned how to read everything, including the Bible. This was prior to the 1950s. Prior to the 1950s, third-grade farm boys who dropped out of school were able to read and understand the Bible. Just think back to your grandparent's generation for living proof.


The name "Sight Reading" has been changed many times, but the essence of this curriculum remained in the US Public schools. One of the newer names is Common Core's "Close Reading". This is essentially Sight Reading under a new name.


Let's consider what happens. Children are introduced to Christ. They want to learn more but are not able to read the Bible for themselves. Therefore, they must rely on what others tell them what the Bible says. If what they are told is not accurate, they begin to fall away in their beliefs or develop a false belief.


Some of these children that may still be searching may turn to the Catholic Church where there they have an organized explanation of what they want their followers to believe and do. However, there are also Protestant leaders who want their followers to believe and do as they determine. They want their followers to do the works they say they should do. I believe these Protestant leaders also approve of their followers NOT learning to read Scripture for themselves and possibly learning the false doctrines they teach.


I recently put together information that Christ demanded followers to permit little children to come to Him. Therefore, children MUST be able to read the Bible for themselves. I pointed out that Common Core and the test results of Common Core PROVE our children's inability, their illiteracy, to read the Bible for themselves in direct violation of our Savior's directions. I sent this notice to every church with an Internet presence in North Dakota. I received NO responses. I believe this proves two things. First that the effort to cause citizens to be unable to read Scripture for themselves has been very successful, thus the forced continuation and expansion of Common Core. The second is that 100% of Protestant Churches in North Dakota with Internet access apparently do not mind their members being unable to read the Holy Bible for themselves. I believe this may mean many of these churches are preaching a works to earn salvation message of some sort, instead of accepting Christ alone as sufficient for Salvation.


This is the literacy part of the attack. But there is more. Those seeking Christ may understand enough Scripture to think analytically and realize the false doctrine they are being taught. Mathematics education is the root of analytical thinking. Therefore, the destruction of mathematics education also destroys the ability of citizens to think analytically. Common Core Mathematics accomplishes this. There is another advantage, a stage in education we are just entering.


The field of education is beginning a deliberate alteration in science and history education, originally under the name Common Core. But, citizens have realized Common Core is so bad educationally, these false history and science curriculums are now being marketed under different guises.

In history, all mention of the subversion of the Bible has been eliminated. Christ has been replaced with a kind of all-inclusive "Multiculturalism", all gods are fine and all people and what they believe is fine.


Here is an example of one science falsehood. The doctrine of evolution requires the earth and therefore the moon to have existed for billions of years. It was thought by many believers that this was fact and that Scripture needed to be understood under the light of this "scientific fact". However, this is just not true. The Bible teaches that the earth and therefore the moon is only 5000 years old, not billions. The truth can be proven through real empirical science, not pseudoscience currently used to prove evolution.


Space dust has been landing on all heavenly bodies at a constant rate. Under the evolutionary theory, this is called correctly uniformitarianism. The measurable rate has been established as about 1/2 inch every 1000 years (yes a more precise measurement could be cited, but this is accurate enough for a general audience's understanding). Evolutionary theory says 2 billion years times 1/2 inches per 1000 years would be just one billion inches of space dust. However, one billion inches could be more than a trip to the space station and back. So, when a man walked on the moon, and there were only about 2 and 1/2 inches of space dust on the moon, this created a very serious problem for evolutionists and those who wanted to destroy belief in the authenticity of the Bible. They chose to hide the significance of this real science and mathematics from the public. Please note the math 2 1/2 inches of dust times 1/2 inches per 1000 years is 5000 years, not billions of years. This is empirical and unquestioningly accurate scientific and mathematical proof of the age of the earth and moon.


This real scientific fact creates two problems for the Anti-Christ followers. First is that evolution could not have occurred in just 5000 years and is, therefore, a false "science". Second is that this fact confirms the literal correctness of Scripture, again.


Dino Manalis Added Feb 8, 2018 - 12:22pm
No human being is infallible, the Scriptures give us hope and endurance.
Dave Volek Added Feb 8, 2018 - 12:22pm
I grew up Catholic, and I would have to agree with Joe that the church at that time really didn't want its followers to read the Bible for themselves. There was a Bible in our home, but it wasn't opened that much. I still have a fair amount of contact with Catholics, and I can say--anecdotally--that the church has evolved. Its hierarchy is not longer concerned if the followers read the Bible or not on their own. And many Catholics do read it.
I have attended Bible studies from several different denominations. I would say that such sessions usually have a bias from whoever is leading the group. Not that is a bad thing, but each denomination of Christianity is trying to promote its own interpretations.
These days, I like watching videos from Andy Stanley. This preacher has such interesting perspectives on the Scriptures. Even cynical non-believers can take away valuable lessons to better their lives with Andy.
It seems ironical that we can chastise the Catholic Church for how it is (or has handled) the illiteracy of its followers, yet we can't allow our kids to learn about the Theory of Evolution. It should be taught in schools, and they can make up their own minds later. 
Joe Chiang Added Feb 8, 2018 - 3:07pm
Dave, thanks for responding.  The videos I cite can be found on Amazon Prime TV.  Pick any one and watch half and it will blow your mind.
It is true that there is a shift in Catholic Church direction.  The recently made a switch in direction from calling protestants heretics to different brothers reading the SAME Bible (see video "The Road to Babylon").  Please note that the Jesuits and their Protestant friends got together and wrote a new Bible that blended many of the wrong writings already substituted for correct scripture.  That may be one reason why you see little difference, there is little difference.  Do you want to drive the wrong way up a one way street on the left side or the right?  LOL  Yep, either way, it is still the wrong way.
Dino, thanks for responding.  I am glad you get hope from the Scriptures.  The issue I address here is that there is an organized effort to deceive Christians that has been in the works for over a thousand years with the most current effort being Common Core education. 
Doug Plumb Added Feb 8, 2018 - 4:48pm
  You can say that you believe in evolution all you want, you just cannot call it science because in science the laws of entropy are king and evolution is a gross violation of those laws.
  In my years of watching apologetics, I had never heard the space dust argument. It makes perfect sense as I read it but it could be that a lot of this dust ends up in the oceans, blown by wind. It can stop on land then be picked up by wind again, that cannot occur with the sea.
  I would guess that the height of land is somewhat dependent on the height of the sea and the earth crust activity in terms of volcanoes and earthquakes. Has this ever been addressed? I wonder if the space dust argument passes muster.
  I'm a rational Christian because I think that the core ideas of Christianity are rational. I think the bible is a book meant for children originally because society had the need to educate children before their natural faculties of reason ever developed. Children have questions that can pre-occupy them and the Bible answers those questions.
  As for the historical aspects, I can say it just makes a lot more sense than the theory of evolution. No wonder they teach evolution to children at such an early age. It has nothing to do with morality or any need for children to have ideas about science. Its an agenda, unlike the teaching of morality which does have a purpose.
  In the 70's, in Canada, I was in public school. I learned phonics in public school. I read real books at that age, mostly about the history of science and about space and airplanes. I received a little bit of moral instruction from a nearby church.
  As an adult, my advice to other adults is to read Kant before reading the bible. At least you get a head start on understanding the rationality of the concepts. Religion Within The Bounds Of Mere Reason is my favorite book in a close tie with Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Morals. CS Lewis is magnificent, and very good and simple ideas are expressed clearly in the Screwtape Letters, but he cannot even shine a light to Kant.
  I am all bout trying to explain this rationality, in my youtube movies and in much of what I write on this forum. I'm glad to be in good company.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 8, 2018 - 4:51pm
You are 100% right about anti Christ and common core IMO.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 8, 2018 - 5:04pm
Like Hegel's Phenomenology Of Spirit, books that were written for the young become books that are for the old and wise as we are progressively dumbed down. Hegel's book was written for the young and largely illiterate farmers. Its messages are simple, written in obscurity to make Hegel sound like an intellectual.
  Adults read the Bible to remember, not to learn and to reference their actions to a yardstick of good.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 8, 2018 - 11:41pm
Doug, thank you for putting some serious thought into this. 
Please note that the earth and moon scientifically and Biblically came about at the same time.  We often think of measuring the moon by what we have on earth.  But the back logic is just as valid, that what can be measured on the moon applies to the earth.  The earth has an atmosphere as you pointed out which is why space dust cannot be measured ON EARTH.  However, the moon has no atmosphere and therefore the dust accumulated there can be relied on as building up since the beginning of time.  
opher goodwin Added Feb 9, 2018 - 3:48am
That is because the Catholic Church is a political body which protects its power. It is all about wealth and power.
opher goodwin Added Feb 9, 2018 - 6:41am
Doug - you do talk rubbish. Evolution is against the laws of entropy. All human activity is against the laws of entropy. We build complex things all the time. We take simple things and put them together into more sophisticated things. We must be breaking the laws of thermodynamics, mustn't we?
All things will eventually break down to hydrogen and heat. The fact that some things get more complex on the way is not against those laws at all. You simply don't understand how they work. Complex living organisms use up more energy and break things down more. They add to the speed of entropy.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 7:05am
Opher, evolution assumes that we are all just machines, evolved by the odds. If we are all machines then the odds could not permit evolution. There is something else going on, not just natural selection.
  Evolution does not explain freewill or consciousness (self awareness).
  You should watch my movie, Dialectic. There I put it all into context and settle the debate.
  re"We must be breaking the laws of thermodynamics, mustn't we?" We are breaking the thermo laws, energy is required to re-organize things.
  This is not a scientific discussion, its a metaphysical one and science doesn't explain everything. Try using science to solve a math problem or walk through a mine field.
  To the communist, science explains everything. To the metaphysician, science is a weak form of thought and only applicable to what you can sense.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 7:12am
Joe, on the moon dust is permitted to stay still and build up. On earth we have too much access energy - volcanoes, tidal waves, storms, earthquakes. I think when Mont St Hele
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 7:17am
n blew up, it sent dust into space, did it not? If you pile dust 5 feet high and step on it it becomes 2 inches. I do understand your moon argument about the dust, but if dust sits long enough it will harden with other dust particles. You will get rock, by entropy.
  But there is a clear demarkation between dust and surface on it. I'll look at some youtube stuff on this. I'm sure my questions can be answered.
  Opher, there is no shortage of establishment scientists that are highly accomplished that will tell you evolution is nonsense. The system shuts anyone up from the inside about this - its less debatable than the holocaust. Experts must have establishment opinions, no matter how full of holes. Its a grand humiliation. I've never met a scientist that thought evolution was real. I've asked at least ten, maybe 20. Most just smile and indicate they cannot say what they really think.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 9, 2018 - 12:01pm
Actually, I think the basic concepts of evolution, "survival of the fittest, cause the theory to implode.
For example, at some point in the evolutionary process, all reproduction had to be a sexual.  A new being would "bud" from the parent organism.  This would reach a maturity point were it would become a separated and a new being.  But we do have sexual reproduction.  A quick comparison says asexual will always be successful, the fittest.  Sexual reproduction is not always successful, therefore less reliable and less fit to succeed in the evolutionary process.
There are also three problems with the spontaneous leap from asexual to sexual reproduction. 
1.  Reproduce-able.  An asexual being must have a spontaneous offspring that is male and another must have one that is female.  These two must also be close enough in species to create living offspring that can in turn reproduce.  If one became a male dog and another a female cat, there would be no viable offspring.
2.  Proximity:  The male and female, assumed to be of a close enough species to reproduce still have to be in close enough proximity to find each other and mate, then the assumption that they will successfully create viable offspring.  If the male were to suddenly appear in FL and the female in Egypt, then there is little likelihood of there meeting to reproduce.
3.  Timeliness:  Lets assume the male and female can procreate and that they are in a close proximity to each other, there is still a third problem.  They must be at a close enough time to meet.  If the male were suddenly developed in 8000 BC and the female in the same location in 25000 BC they would still not be able to meet and procreate.
Therefore, four problems must have to have been overcome for there to be sexual reproduction.  The organisms must disobey the law of "survival of the fittest", Be close enough to not have a species issue, be close enough in proximity and at the same time, then they still have to mate and still have to have offspring that can find a mate and have offspring. 
The mathematics is that each of these is about a billion to one possibility.  Then for all of them to happen you multiply one billion times one billion times one billion, etc.  Better changes of buying one lotto ticket in each state for the same draw and winning every one of them, than this happening.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 12:36pm
A large number of unrelated ideas can, on their own, render the theory of evolution impossible. Any one is a valid application of the scientific method and sucessfully nullifies the hypothesis. Lefties always start with distorted or obtuse premise and proceed logically from there.
  While its true that evolution can be a maxim of judgement to guide inquiry, it can not be a law.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 1:04pm
Joe, you may find a Stephan Molyneux talk with a prof called "The Philosophy Of Satan: Evil Explored" He is doing a series with Dr. Duke Pesta, I find it quite good - better than Jordan Peterson's talks on the bible.
opher goodwin Added Feb 9, 2018 - 1:50pm
Doug - evolution explains it all. We are not machines. Consciousness evolved.
I'm sure there are no end of nutty American scientists who deny evolution. They've been brought up in a brainwashed culture. Some of them still believe the Earth is flat. Good heavens!!
opher goodwin Added Feb 9, 2018 - 1:53pm
Doug - sexual reproduction began with the protozoa way back in the early days - single celled organisms. You are obviously extremely limited when it comes to biology. Then you start to apply mathematics to something you don't understand at all - incredible!
opher goodwin Added Feb 9, 2018 - 1:56pm
Doug - you do cheer me up no end. The daft things you come out with. Science will easily get you through a minefield. It produced the detection device to enable just that. Try talking to an astrophysicist about the use of maths in science - or my daughter who's a chemical engineer. Maths is the language of science. I used it all the time in Biology. What planet are you on? - Don't answer that you might get it wrong.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 9, 2018 - 4:10pm
re "Doug - evolution explains it all. We are not machines. Consciousness evolved."
If you can explain consciousness with evolution, you should get the prize and be an invited speaker at the finest institutions all over the world. I would start the announcements now if I were you. No one else has been able to explain a single thing about consciousness, and here you come along.
Sam Nowaczynski Added Feb 10, 2018 - 4:19am
“I sent this notice to every church with an Internet presence in North Dakota. I received NO responses.” 
I suspect you received no responses because no churches in North Dakota (anywhere for that matter) have any idea what you’re talking about.  I have no idea what point you’re trying to make.  I do know that there is no relationship between Common Core and the Church.  Common Core is a mechanism by which we can measure school performance / student achievement.  It has nothing to do with the bible or the Church. 
opher goodwin Added Feb 10, 2018 - 4:36am
Doug - consciousness is an evolutionary wonder.
The flaw in your logic is that because you can't understand how it works it must be divine. God did it.
Well we are now designing intelligent machines. We'll see in the next twenty years how conscious a machine can be. I suspect as conscious as a human being - and probably more intelligent. 
Science is at the dawn of its operation. Our knowledge and understanding expands by the second. We have only recently turned our attention to consciousness. I'll keep you posted.
Life is wonderful Doug. The evolution of life on this planet and the evolution of consciousness is wondrous. We should nurture and cherish it. Instead we shoot chimps and eat them and harpoon whales for fripperies.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 10, 2018 - 9:56am
re "The flaw in your logic is that because you can't understand how it works it must be divine. God did it."
  No, the concept is outside the material domain. It comes from reason not matter. It may be a result of matter, but no one has ever shown this to be the case. When we use the maxim of judgement that God exists, we get good laws and that is the empirical proof. When laws are written without God, you get mass murder by government in every case. So the existence of God, like the existence of hydrogen (which you can't see either) is proven empirically.
re "Well we are now designing intelligent machines. We'll see in the next twenty years how conscious a machine can be."
  Machine learning and artificial intelligence are simple algorithms. I don't know how much linear algebra you know, but the algorithms are creative and brilliant, but they are algorithms in every case.
True AI is completely elusive as many top AI people will say. They are no closer now than they were 3000 years ago.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 10, 2018 - 12:31pm
Opher:  I am certified to teach math, history and science at the secondary level.  It is true that the leap from asexual to sexual would have to have occurred at that level.  But that still does not alter my points.  There are billions of species of microscopic organisms.  If one is originally asexual, and its offspring suddenly becomes sexual, it is no longer of the same species.  And there must now be at least two, one male and one female, within proximity in both time and geography to mate and then there is still the issue of offspring that can reproduce.  There is NO empirical evidence of one species evolving into another species.  Even when man has tried to create such a new species, the results have ALWAYS been sterile offspring.  If I am incorrect, please cite the examples. 
Sam:  Perhaps I was obtuse.  I cited my secondary historical source for the 1500 years of Catholic Church interfering with the truth of the Bible.  That was 12 hours of video evidence presented.  I am not going to break that down to repeat the facts here.  However, this has been shown to be a serious and multi-generational effort to stop people from READING the Bible.  The Common Core "Close Reading" is the same as the old failed "Sight Learning".  The result, if not the purpose is that graduates of these methods are unable to read the KJV Bible, not the most accurate, but the best available out there today.  The Common Core has been attempted to be inserted into education for almost a generation now under that name.  This can no longer be considered an accident.  Since there is NO evidence of the success of Common Core reading or math for that matter and I could also explain why math, but that would digress. The only conclusion is that Common Core reading is designed to prevent people from being able to read the Bible a 1500 year old effort.  Perhaps you were aware or not that for almost 1500 years it was a violation of Catholic Church dogma for church members to read or even try and read the Bible for themselves.  Many church members were put to death for doing so.  Citations are in the video series.  I hope this clarifies a little.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 10, 2018 - 3:39pm
Reading, writing and grammar are based in reason, not so much memorization. Imagine if math was taught by memorization - that is what is being done to us in terms of language and thought. Its diabolical and monumental.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 10, 2018 - 3:56pm
Doug, do you know the difference between phonics and sight reading?
Doug Plumb Added Feb 10, 2018 - 3:58pm
I was taught phonics and started reading adult books around grade 7 or 8. I read my first novel at age 9, "The Other Side Of The Mountain"
Doug Plumb Added Feb 10, 2018 - 4:15pm
(My Side Of The Mountain)
Joe Chiang Added Feb 10, 2018 - 4:18pm
Good.  Now consider that current students are unable to "work out" such words as Unconstitutional.  They have to have that word memorized as a word, but how it is spelled and its meaning.  Now take some basic words such a "Sanctification" NOT taught in current school classes.  They are unable to read or understand this word.  But consider how this one word, and there are many others, impacts a student's understanding of scripture.
Dave Volek Added Feb 11, 2018 - 6:33pm
I like your ten billion times ten billion analogy. Biology is so damn complex that all these things could not have come from random chance.
I have spinning in my head a similar article. Just finding time to write it.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 11, 2018 - 11:51pm
Its not only scripture - scripture is just pure reason anyhow - but it is all aspects of reason.
  I sit there the day of 9-11 and I hear the news. We are screwed I think. People actually believe that ridiculous BS line we are getting on TV. After that first building collapsed and I watched everyone believe the explanation, that buildings collapse like that from fuel fires, I saw we had lost reason and could be lead anywhere. I was sad about that much more than the disaster. I was seriously depressed after that, it had a real effect on my work and relationships. Everyone believed TV.
  Language is how we think and whole language will destroy thought. I wonder how long before young girls go to work in whore houses after grade 8 getting school to work training. Maybe open whore houses beside the gambling casinos. Its not far away.
  Modern times has had worse - young girls as sex slaves in Israel until 2006. You have to just let that run free in your mind, let it sit and let you accept it. Its the reality we now live in. Criticise Israel and you are the biggest asshole possible, question the holocaust and you are worse than a serial killer.
  Tell me we are not going mad.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 12, 2018 - 11:35am
Ah, all this just to welcome the Anti-Christ in properly.  Remember, the road to this point is 1500 years long.  ONLY the Anti-Christ could be working on that time scale.  And God of course.  But how is another article.  LOL
Even A Broken Clock Added Feb 12, 2018 - 9:30pm
Joe, please explain to me how someone as illiterate in science as you appear to be could ever be certified to teach science in public schools. Your uniformitarianism explanation for the accumulation of space dust is, shall we say, a bit bogus? For someone who claims to be educated but still has his head stuck in the 6000 year young earth mindtrap is always interesting. I suppose you also disregard the work that has been done to detect gravity waves from events that happened millions of years ago? Or in your twisted theology, did the universe exist and God just scraped the dirt off from under his fingernails (of course it is his, no true believer would ever consider that sexual identity would mean nothing for an omnipotent being), rolled it into a ball, and placed it within an already existing solar system?
Don't get me started on evolution, it is obvious that you have missed a few mutations in your evolution to homo sapiens.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 12, 2018 - 11:07pm
1.  Becoming certified to teach science is a joke.
2.  So you explain why moon dust is only 2 1/2 inches deep.  Show us your scientific brilliance.
3.  Please name just ONE example of a crossover species observed empirically in a lab.  That is the only way to prove scientifically  that is can occur.  I do not need to defend the truth.  It is you that says I am wrong.  So prove I am wrong.  :)
Even A Broken Clock Added Feb 13, 2018 - 7:01pm
Joe, so what are the criteria involved in becoming certified to teach science. I am seriously curious since I view science instruction as a sacred trust.
As to the assertion that the rate of dust infall is 1/2 inch per 1000 years, please provide a citation for this. Every source of data about dust / meteorite accumulation shows orders of magnitude less than this level of accumulation. Besides, you make no assertions as to the density of the infalling material. If you can provide any believable citations to your bogus 1/2 inch per 1000 years infall rate, then I will be glad to search the scientific literature and provide you multiple examples of species development in real time.
I'll give you multiple millions of light years to respond.
Joe Chiang Added Feb 15, 2018 - 12:23am
To teach science you just need to get a particular (low) score on the Praxis Science test.  I passed.  Yet, I have never taken Chemistry, Physics, or a science lab.  LOL  I can balance a chemistry equation and I can solve a physics problem when substituting the given variables.  LOL  A BIG part of passing the test was knowing the Scientific method.  I consider the test a joke and I would refuse to try and teach any science except biology (without labs), earth science, and physical sciences.  Then only by following a textbook.  There we have a problem.  The new Common Core science makes me a genius in science with most of what is required being incorrect.  For example Global Warming is supposed to be taught as fact with no facts available.  LOL  And history Common Core is even worse.  For example the Civil War was over slavery.  LOL  NOT!