Trump and his goons are not out to help people like us

I'd be willing to bet that the only thing Trump knows about the memo contains is what his cronies have told him. Seeing how Trump is so against reading anything more than a page long with no pictures in it, I doubt he has any idea whats truly going on. 

I'm afraid our country is actually being run but Trump's yes men, diligently working to keep him happy as always. I'm afraid that as long as Trump receives information that appeals to him he could care less about what the rest of us know. He's probably spending more time fantasizing about his military parade. Bells and Whistles, that's all it takes to keep Trumps attention on anything...............


Cutting taxes to the rich and the corporations will come back to haunt us all. Eventually we will need to pay for those cuts and I know at least one segment who won't be to thrilled to pay. Instead it will fall on the average Joe. No matter how you look at it, you can't drastically reduce money coming in from taxes, and raise spending at the same time. I stand to lose a lot more from this fiasco. If Republicans aren't annihilated come the midterms I could lose my Disability and Medicare benefits. House Republicans had planned all along to cover the huge tax cuts by eliminating SSDI, and Medicare. If that was your only source of income how would you feel every time you see Eddie Munster(Paul Ryan) on the TV screen with that half cocked smile. 


By the way, unless your earning over 200K, whatever pitiful increase you see in your pay is only temporary. Sooner or later your going to have to realize that Trump and his goons are not out to help people like us, never were, never will 


Jeffry Gilbert Added Feb 12, 2018 - 9:00am
I could lose my Disability and Medicare benefits. 
Take a lot of pain meds and drink some rum. Problems solved. 
Thomas Napers Added Feb 12, 2018 - 11:14am
Do you think Obama or any president before Obama and Trump, hired people that didn’t desire to make their employer “happy?” 
As for tax cuts, a capitalist system requires the market to reward success.  If success is taxed at onerous rates, it creates a dis-incentive to be successful.  Take Obamacare, in addition to all the other free stuff one qualifies for not having an income, free healthcare insurance is a powerful incentive to stay unemployed.  So cutting taxes is the key to economic growth and reduced dependency on government.  What has “haunted” us is increased taxes on the rich and corporations, as that is the surest way to quell growth. 
Even A Broken Clock Added Feb 12, 2018 - 9:40pm
FrankE, welcome to Writerbeat. You have seen through the chaos swirling around the White House and the Republican circular firing squad. You're very accurate in describing the next logical step.
Thomas, if you had awareness of the taxation systems for other nations, you would realize that taxes in the US are not excessive. We've had two Republican led tax cuts in this century. One squandered the excess that had just been created at the same time that military war spending was considered "off budget". Now phase 2 has further reduced tax income at the same time as we are nearing full employment (albeit not full full-time employment). And the military spending is being increased on the budget, so the tsunami of red ink will become apparent to all who look. We need additional revenues to deal with the infrastructure decay we face daily, but the pabulum that came from this week's infrastructure proposal provides only seed money to tackle huge problems. Hope you enjoy it when you take a swan dive into a river when the bridge you are driving over collapses.