Why Conservatives Are Liberals Secret Weapon

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We live in the age of victims. Politics is all about fostering the sense of being a victim.


This is the age of victims, the era of victims. Modern people all see themselves as victims – even conservatives. That is the whole concept behind politics, that is what drives it. Politicians pander to the victim set and we wonder why no one does anything.... the whole point of being a victim is to find the person who can solve things for them.


Victimism is a regression to childhood when the child looked to their mother for comfort. It answers at least in part the fascination with feminism, the glorification of the feminine power to console and pacify. The male model is more about facing the beast and overcoming it. This is why the male role is in decline as a social archetype.


Leaders crop up all over the place with sword in hand ready to battle the foe, but too many are of the male archetype. Like the knights of old they look for brothers in arms. Over time they become disillusioned because of the lack of support. FB especially breeds a sense of supreme detachment. The reader can like posts, or even posts comments, but few feel responsible for changing anything. Few see any need to change their life, let along pick up their sword and ride shoulder to shoulder into battle.

In the end any solution will require change from us. People do not like to hear this, they want at most to walk for the cure, play ball to end diabetes, vote to solve all their political problems. Politics panders to people’s victim mentality. Politics caters to people’s lack of responsibility. We are the ones who suffer. Someone ought to find a solution and impose it on those who are the cause of our discomforts; this is the way the modern victim thinks.


I could and have traced these issues back 6000 years, I could and have wrote a history of the world and why we are in this situation. None of this is new. None of this is really recent. But let’s keep it local and recent so we can keep it short.


From 1940 to 2018 the liberals have been in power in Canada 15 times. Conservatives 9. So, you tell me how realistic your hopes as a conservative are if based on political victory? At best you can slow an implacable process down and both liberals and Islam can wait us out.


For those who are not clear on what we are talking about here we are talking about the liberalization of society. Conservatism is simply a defensive measure often invoked by similarly minded people who are nervous about the rate of change.


A defensive war cannot be won. This is all conservatives have. Conservatives fight a rear-guard action, harassing the enemy as they drive us back. Soon we will be in the situation of those brave souls in Hong Kong or Dunkirk and for the same reason, we are out fought and out-gunned; but with one different, we will have no one to rescue us.


Let’s hope conservatives can re-create the political victory of Harper and decimate the liberals. What next? Conservatives will ask us to tighten our belts and pay back the liberal debt. The Conservative government will bring in austerity measures and people will begin to hate the hardships conservativism brings. Things will gradually get back on track, but people will get greedy as they always do and demand governments spend more and allow more freedoms. Liberals will promise liberty, plenty, instant gratification and once more, eventually this time or next, they will win the election, over turn everything conservatives accomplished and continue the globalist agenda where they left off. Just as they have since the beginning of this country.


Liberals will create more divisions and more groups who think they are entitled to their share of the pie. More and more people who think they are conservative will start to adopt the politics of victimization, just as conservatives have adopted so much from liberalisms ideology. With enemies like conservatives who even needs friends. Conservatives are not the opposition they are the laggards, the anchor, the nervous liberals who do not so much oppose liberalism as suggest we slow down the rate at which we head towards the dissolution of our civilization. Conservatives are, for the most part, liberals secret weapon, the reason for the historic success of liberalism.


The day of conservatives doing the same old thing over and over again hoping for change is finished – unless we wish to continue our role as liberals fifth column. We need a new vision, a new solution. We need something that is conservatism and not merely a reserved liberalism. No one has taken the time to develop a new approach to the problems posed by liberalism because no one seems to comprehend the depths and extent of liberalism. We cannot defeat liberalism within the social system of liberalism, we cannot defeat liberalism using the tools liberals provide us.


But please, do not look at what my ideas are nor at the solution I propose. Just look at the political solution soberly and seriously and really ask yourself if politics is going to solve these problems once and more all. Because I think you will discover, if you are honest with yourself, conservatives need to change our tactics if we are going to change who ultimately wins this cultural war. For this is what we are in.


Civilizations fail, not because other civilizations destroy them, witness Judaism for example. Civilizations fail when the culture that sustains them is destroyed from within.


The culture that has made the west what it is, is under attack by those who feel dispossessed and underrepresented. Liberalism did not produce this culture it is and has always been and continues to be a parasite. Its going to take more than putting this parasite on a diet for a few years to change things.    


Pardero Added Feb 20, 2018 - 7:29am
Crisp, bold, and authoritative writing style. Naturally, the content works for me, too. You haven't been listening to some old William Aberhart radio shows have you?
My guess is that you are a bold Albertan, my favorite province. 
You should have been an American, though. We'll trade Ted Cruz for you. We are keeping Shattner, though. 
The next installment will have an action plan that doesn't require Canadians to grab their pistols and bandoliers, I hope?
Dino Manalis Added Feb 20, 2018 - 7:55am
We should avoid victimization and come together as responsible adults to deal with our problems!
Phil Greenough Added Feb 20, 2018 - 10:20am
The politicians I vote for don’t have any patience for those that shamelessly play the victim card and a lot of my favored politicians are in office today.  So it would appear those that play the victim card are losing favor with the electorate.  As for conservatives doing the same old thing, I agree 100% with that thing, so why change what works?
Robert Burk Added Feb 20, 2018 - 3:28pm
Not often I get praised for my writing style Pardero but I generally dash a lot of stuff off without much revision. I sympathize with the Albertan position but am one of your hated Ontarioians. But now you mention it, yes, I have developed a solution. It is the studied rejection of it that prompted me to write the above piece. I actually is a program that can be implemented with a few people that grows and organizes spontaneously and culminates in a decentralized organization freed of the public sector and social costs. It seems however that people are committed to finding a politician to solve the problems that politics causes... a rather intriguing idea.
Robert Burk Added Feb 20, 2018 - 3:32pm
Dino yes but responsibility is something most people are not keen about. If they were I doubt we would need police checking seat belts and distracted drivers.
Phil, If you are saying conservatives are doing what gets them elected to some degree I have to agree with you, if you are saying they are doing what makes them irrelevant I would assume that is not what you are saying, which is the problem because politics is simply the job of solving the problems politics creates. Conservatives are just slow liberals, for all intents and purposes. There is a slow drift towards the liberalization of society. To change this system one at minimum needs an alternative.
rycK the JFK Democrat Added Feb 20, 2018 - 4:29pm
"Liberals will create more divisions and more groups who think they are entitled to their share of the pie. More and more people who think they are conservative will start to adopt the politics of victimization, just as conservatives have adopted so much from liberalisms ideology. With enemies like conservatives who even needs friends."
That is the divide and conquer process of identity politics.
"more people who think they are conservative will start to adopt the politics of victimization"
I disagree here. Conservatives shun liberalism and all it stands for. 
With lower taxes and fewer regulations many of all political persuasions can defend against liberalism by de-funding a large portion of their tax-whoring graft. Cut away their control of taxation!
if we can take away the taxation powers of  the left we can just let them rot in their holes. 
Mark Hunter Added Feb 21, 2018 - 3:25am
Anyone should agree that mass victimization is a bad thing ... except, perhaps, those who see themselves profiting from victimization.
Robert Burk Added Feb 21, 2018 - 4:05am
ryck I suggest conservatives in theory do oppose liberalism but over time drift into supporting them but as said at a snails pace this is why we see the liberalization of the world. The school system for example has continually drifted towards a more liberal status. Perhaps the point here is that conservative governments have no steadily reduced governments nor implemented the tools and programs by which we the people could as you say take away the taxation powers of the left so they rot in their holes. This is precisely what needs doing but conservative governments are not willing to do this.
Mark... as you know we live in a society that worships wealth and the profit motive... so I think we can figure out the consequence.
Doug Plumb Added Feb 21, 2018 - 7:49am
Our society is being run to fullfill a Jewish Agenda. The Jewish Agenda wishes to see Christianity destroyed. All major institutions are run and owned by Jews in the Christian West. Their plans are well known and easily understood by anyone who cares to look. To solve a problem we must identify the problem and not its symptoms.
  If we were not in all these wars and paying this fraudulent income tax from the fraudulent debt, none of these problems of liberalism are anything that could not be overcome. Our efforts could be focused on building rather than destroying.
  Divide and conquer has always been the preferred mode of attack and you cannot fix a problem until you identify it. All the wars, funny money and foreign occupations are a much bigger problem than the welfare state.
Dave Volek Added Feb 21, 2018 - 11:57am
Interesting piece.
Yes,  I would have to agree that conservative thinkers tend to think themselves as victims--and liberal thinkers think more like "Let's get something done."
rycK the JFK Democrat Added Feb 21, 2018 - 5:20pm
Robert  Burk
"This is precisely what needs doing but conservative governments are not willing to do this."
Conservative governments, out of power from 1929 to about 1970 where the left controlled Congress for the next 3 decades, cannot fix the educational system due to the left and the mighty teacher's unions. The US Dept of ED is a mere propaganda machine that teaches citizenship cast the in the mold of the far left. 
Fortunately we have plenty of private schools and home schooling to battle the rabid left who would teach sensitivity and reverse-racism to all with severe penalties for not believing the feed. 
My comment: "if we can take away the taxation powers of  the left we can just let them rot in their holes. "
we cannot..........so just avoid the left, stay out of inner cities and make a life for yourself that does not include a lot of leftist baggage.