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Fourteen months ago, the Trump administration took office. The American electorate selected a novice politician as their executive leader. This leader extolled his business acumen, his management skills, his abilities to only hire "the best people". The voters of this nation, having grown used to the presence of this actor from his television reality show, ignored the baggage that he brought to this office. Baggage of multiple business bankruptcies. Baggage of two failed marriages, and the baggage of a reputation for womanizing. Baggage of a history of making money through the expedient act of not paying local craftsmen for their honest work. Baggage of sponsoring a bogus real estate course offering expectations of great insights from the master developer, only to instead offer bait and switch courses where for a few thousand dollars more, course participants could get the next level of knowledge. Baggage of over 3,500 lawsuits filed against Donald Trump and his affiliated companies over the course of his career. Baggage of egregious racist attitudes exemplified by his crusades against the falsely convicted Central Park 5 defendants and his outrageous birther claims against President Obama. Still. He was elected as President of the United States despite this pitiful record.


 So why is it now, fourteen months later, do I have the feeling that I'm revisiting a 1930's movie with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, only instead of "Hey, let's put on a show!", I believe that the rank amateurs in this administration decided, "Hey, let's put on a Federal Government !" I can see the facades of the scenery being constructed for the big musical numbers, err, the big cabinet meetings that is, with the cheesy dialogue coming from the cabinet members pouring out laud and honor upon he who must not be criticized. Why is it that this supposed genius at personnel management managed to hire people better suited for roles as parking valets than as government managers?


I hear his supporters keep claiming that he's accomplished so much, and all of the media and coastal elites just keep harping on the same old things, can't get over the fact that Hillary lost, just shut up and take it. OK. Fine. Hillary lost. Apparently enough voters from enough states wallowing in the echo chamber of social media (soaking in a Russian dressing marinade) selected this candidate to enable him to succeed in the electoral college. I've seen all of the graphics showing that Trump won the overwhelming amount of land area and the county count. Guess what? This nation has turned into an urban nation, and it is in the urban centers that the repudiation of Donald Trump was at its strongest. Only the Electoral College was in favor of Donald Trump.


As far as Donald Trump's incessant claims that his administration has accomplished the most of any first term President in his first year, I realize once more that he lives in the delusional world of his own making. I count his successes in his first year at exactly two - first, the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and his confirmation by the Senate, second, the extremely tortuous path to an upper class and corporate tax cut foisted upon the American public late in 2017. What are some of his failures in his first year as he played his role as President?

  1. Repeal and Replace. Easiest thing in the world (who knew that health care was so hard!).
  2. Witch hunt! Seems to me that the witch hunt is getting closer and closer to unraveling the webs of deceit and deception surrounding the unnatural ties between Trump and Russian influence and money. We shall see what we shall see.
  3. Infrastructure week 1. Infrastructure week 2. In what should have been the easiest sell in the history of Presidential politics, can anyone enunciate what infrastructure policy Trump is advocating and how that is going to restore the nation to greatness?
  4. Let's all sing like the birdies sing. Tweet, tweet tweet, tweet tweet. Enough said.
  5. I only hire the best people. Yeah, the best people who manage to trip all over themselves in justifying exorbitant plane fares (in first class I don't get yelled at by the people affected by my policies), the people who can't figure out how to comply with instructions on how to fill out forms for security clearances, people who beat their spouses and can't get security clearances but still remain on the job until their actions get unwanted press. I can keep on going as long as you have patience to read examples of incompetence, but still I think the Mooch has the unbeatable record of being fired before he actually took over a position within this administration. I don't know how you can ever top this as a signal accomplishment of this totally incompetent President.
  6. There's good people on both sides. Ah yes, the moral equivalence proposition that neo-Nazis who paraded down the streets of Charlottesville in their khakis and polos carrying their tiki torches and chanting anti-Semitic slogans were just as good as those who marched to protest the neo-Nazis. And yes, I am aware that there were antifa provocateurs who provoked attacks from the neo's. But they didn't drive cars through crowds of protestors, mowing down victims mindlessly.
  7. Diplomats? We don't need no steenkin' diplomats. While there is optimism that the Korean peninsula is not going to become a giant ball of nuclear flame, the American people (and the rest of the world) greatly prefer the use of diplomacy with an adequately staffed State Department to the vagaries of an adult with ADHD who decides on the spur of the moment to accept a summit invitation. What does it say when the leader of North Korea exhibits more maturity than the President of the United States? Welcome to our world.

I know that none of these arguments are going to sway those who are true believers in the complete imbecile now occupying the office of the President. I also know that the true believer who occupies the office of the Vice President is perhaps more dangerous, since he is an ideologue, and has demonstrated competence at government administration. The Vice President's ideology is putrid, and his pronouncements would have the institution of a theocracy as one of his highest priorities. For all of Donald Trump's failings, theocratic leanings are not one of them. Donald Trump has played the Christian card for all of the benefits he could get, being himself a card-carrying hypocrite. So there is danger in forcing the removal of this President, should the opportunity present itself. No, what I am doing is using whatever power I have in my words to keep shouting to the world how Donald Trump's incompetence and narcissism is placing the security of the world at risk. And once more emphasizing to the American public that it is not a good idea to elect charlatans to the highest office in our land. Not that they care. Last time I checked, the Kardashian's are still trending on social media. And of course, that is our highest priority, right?


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George N Romey Added Mar 12, 2018 - 3:26pm
I guess better a buffoon in charge than an evil genius.
Dave Volek Added Mar 12, 2018 - 3:33pm
Great summary of why it's time to change how we are governed. Western democracy is an 18th century social invention. It's time to move on: Tiered Democratic Governance.
Dino Manalis Added Mar 12, 2018 - 5:09pm
Trump loves America and he loves being president!  Hooray!
Tubularsock Added Mar 12, 2018 - 6:25pm
Dino, spare Tubularsock this "Trump loves America" crap. Trump LOVES Trump and is fucking America, yes.
So don't get confused between being fucked and being loved.
If you don't believe Tubularsock, talk with your mother.
Tubularsock Added Mar 12, 2018 - 6:34pm
Broken Clock, excellent.
Even the highest quality drugs don't seem to shift the Trump Reality.
As for Pence, Tubularsock has contacted this guy that knows this guy who knows a guy in England who deals in ahhh ........ chemicals.
Leroy Added Mar 12, 2018 - 7:06pm
"No, what I am doing is using whatever power I have in my words to keep shouting to the world how Donald Trump's incompetence and narcissism is placing the security of the world at risk."
Hmmm.  Let me ask you a hypothetical.  What if Trump solves the Korean problem?  Not saying it will happen, but, what if?  He will have accomplished a deed no other president has been able to accomplish.  And, it will have occurred at the height of North Korean power, when it is almost impossible to solve.  It would be an enormous reduction of risk to the world.  It would be impossible to credit anyone else with this success.  Trump owns it 100%.  What if?  What if Trump succeeded?  What say you then?  The probability of it happen is higher than it has ever been.  Would you just discount it and say he got lucky?  Would you credit O?  What excuse would you make?
Tubularsock Added Mar 12, 2018 - 8:42pm
Leroy ........ YES! Tubularsock loves hypotheticals!
“What if Trump solves the Korean problem?”
BUT AS HE’S PRONE TO DO ....... changes his mind and reneges on his progress and causes NK to attack Guam?
Then would YOU admit that Orange Tweet is an idiot or would you continue with hypotheticals?
Leroy Added Mar 12, 2018 - 11:43pm
"Then would YOU admit that Orange Tweet is an idiot or would you continue with hypotheticals?"
It all depends on whether or not it solved the problem.  China has said it wouldn't intervene if NK acted first.  If NK attacks Guam, and the US crushes the NK regime, then Trump will have successfully resolved the issue.  On the other hand, if the US is forced to retreat, then, yes, he would be an idiot for miscalculating. 
Flying Junior Added Mar 13, 2018 - 5:08am
1.   As far as repeal and replace, those sick republicans were okay with just sabotage and let it die.  It reflects well on their intellectual endeavor.
2.  Witch Hunt?  That's what you fuckers did to Clinton.  See Michael Moore dressed up as a Puritan chasing the coffee-drinking Kenneth Starr into the safety of his limo.  Please.  Quit stealing our material.  You guys more or less own, "Drink the Kool-Aid."  Think of something original.
3.  The only thing I heard about Trump's non-existent infrastructure plan is that it is anticipated to be built up of toll roads.  Well, if private industry pays for new roads, I guess they will want to be reimbursed with tolls.  Fuck that.  I'm not seeing any toll roads in California.  The finest highways ever constructed on the face of the earth.  Free to all to safely enjoy.  Safe travels you dumb Trumpies.
4.  Shit.  People who blog, tweet and facebook their most private thoughts without any filtering are completely nuts.  Is that the kind of guy you want for president?  Sorry, I'm not up for it.
5.  Trump hires the cheapest people.  Signing a contract with a qualified service provider and then stiffing them with a, "Fuck you, see you in court!" does not qualify as hiring.  The only people that actually get paid, (at least for 50% of the hours worked,) would be the chambermaids.  Trump knows business?  My money is on Ross Perot.  Who is this interloper?
6.  Good people on both sides.  That's like saying there were good people on both sides of WWII.  Maybe, but what's your point?
7.  Kim Jong-Un is a better man than Donald Trump.  I'm not saying I want him for our president.  But it is something to think about.
Dave Volek Added Mar 13, 2018 - 7:29am
If Leroy continues with hypothetical questions after Mr. Trump hypothetically reaches a stalemate with NK in May, would you, hypothetically speaking, admit at least Mr. Trump did not bomb the place? In a hypothetical sense, of course!
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:36am
Leroy - let me address your hypothetical first. If, somehow, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un reached an agreement whereby the security of the North Korean regime was achieved and North Korea agreed to dismantle their nuclear program, then I will be the first to shout it from the tree tops that it is a tremendous achievement. As to your second point about solving the issue by crushing the North Korean regime (presumably through armed force), I quote Isaac Asimov, who eloquently stated that "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent".
However, and as can be seen today with the abrupt dismissal of Rex Tillerson, I have very little hope that a President who believes in only his own gut instincts will be able to negotiate a lasting treaty with his counterpart in North Korea. Somehow I think that personalities will intrude, and we will end up in a far worse situation than we had before. The best I can hope for realistically is that this tete-a-tete ends up with a pause in missile and bomb testing in the North, along with continued talks.
By the way, if they hold this summit at Panmunjom, I've been in the building where the talks would be held. Back in '87 I went there and visited my brother who was serving in the Corps of Engineers and was leading the repaving of the road that led down to the Bridge of No Return.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:37am
George, are you considering Hillary as an evil genius? If so, then I think that incompetence is worse in this world than supposed evil intent.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:39am
Dave, I appreciate your ability to tilt at windmills. Unfortunately, there's as much chance at your leading an effort to adopt TDG than there is for me to create a movement to adopt a unicameral legislature in West Virginia. But you too are using your words, and I greatly appreciate that.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:40am
Dino, I really wish you'd write an original post so we could see what you believe in or think instead of having an insipid comment on many comment streams.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:43am
Tube, you made me chuckle. I don't have the nerve to take you up on your offer, though.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:45am
FJ, you did notice that my enumerated list was a list of the failures of Trump, right?
George N Romey Added Mar 13, 2018 - 10:37am
Yes I consider Hillary, Pence, Obama and many others evil geniuses. 
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:01am
Covfefe forever !! What ? I say Hemphapi ! Ok, got it.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:08am
Grumpy Trumpy ain't no Lama
as was your dear old pal Obama
and also he's not dumb like Bush
that cross-eyed creepie, ultra-lush
but twitters often without brain
wonders why not appearing sane
but that's ok, he's like he is
just human, like us, no real whiz 
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:16am
What if Trump solves the Korean problem? 
North Korea would be no problem, they wouldn't even have nukes if the US didn't provoke them into having them. Same as Iran. See Mossadegh 1953 and the Shah. Without that Iran wouldn't even think about such.
When does the US understand that others put up their defense because they are afraid of the US ? 
People don't understand that, but the arms industry does. Because they are behind all that. That's their way to create their needed enemies in order to justify their existence.
No enemy = no arms industry to that extent...
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:18am
BTW: If the US is no. 1 then attack China or Russia. In school it's an unwritten rule not to attack the smaller ones LOL
Dave Volek Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:33am
Tilting at windmills? I'm not sure what the metaphor means. Maybe wasting my time?
Right now, I'm here on WB mostly for fun. But I'll work in a plug for TDG whenever I can.
For the past 20 years, I have found it strange of all the cavilings surrounding western democracy, nobody really wants to consider alternatives. My hypothesis is that we are so hooked on the drama of politics (both as active participants and spectators) that we are not ready to rise above our potential.
Anyways, the TDG won't be built by me. It needs 1% of population to get behind this idea--and put in a few hours a month.
If the TDG is not built, your grandkids will be writing articles like you are today. In other words, your work here has not moved the world forward.
Mike Haluska Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:40am
One thing about liberals . . . they can't stand prosperity!  They shouldn't fear President Trump outlawing their precious Welfare State - he'll simply render it obsolete with a growing, prosperous economy with high-paying manufacturing and high tech jobs.  
The other thing about liberals . . . they never learn from past mistakes.  No matter how bad the results, only "intentions" matter!  Their "Neville Chamberlain School of Diplomacy With Tyrants" is still prominent in American Universities.  
This November the Democratic Party under "progressive" leadership will be sent to the "Trash Heap of History" leaving working class Democrats two alternatives:
1) Clean house and evict every "progressive" member
2) Join the Republican Party
Bill H. Added Mar 13, 2018 - 11:51am
The Orange Buffoon is reminiscent of a bull in a china shop. As I initially suspected it would be, so far his presidency has been a comedy of errors and only concentrating on what feeds his ego.
This morning I wake up to find that he has fired one of the only remaining comparatively sensible and stable person in his administration, Rex Tillerson. It appears that it was due to Tillerson's agreement with our ally Great Britain in condemning the Russian nerve agent attack, rather than following Trump's stance in refusing to condemn Russia.
If we have come to the point that we are going to abandon the only longtime true ally in the world that we have left and allow the Orange Buffoon to continuously suck Putin's male member, then it's all downhill from here.
But as usual, Trump's base will simply accept this as "the right thing to do" and continue the subservient march to complete collapse. I can only imagine what the result of a Trump face to face meeting with Kim Jong-Un will produce, but I really don't believe it will happen anyway.
Go Stormy, Go!
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:03pm
Bill, agreed that the Democrats need to step up their game in terms of candidates. Hillary had all of her significant flaws, and Bernie Sanders appealed to folks in the same way that Donald Trump appealed - he was not the same old, same old. Unfortunately those who are good candidates are deemed as not having a chance by party establishments and the media, and are thus shunted off to the side. Someone has to emerge from this vacuum and take the lead as a serious candidate with proposals that are not recycled from the Identity Politics Manual.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:04pm
Stone, you are correct in that the US creates many of its own problems due to its hubris. Unfortunately, the chickens often come home to roost generations later than they are generated.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:06pm
Dave - tilting at windmills refers to Don Quixote, where the nearsighted knight was known to try to joust with a windmill that he thought was challenging him. It's where the word quixotic came from. From my perspective it is still worthwhile to tilt at windmills if what you believe in is good.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:10pm
Mike, your delusion is admirable. Keep up the good work rooting for the poorest excuse for an honorable person ever to occupy the Oval Office. Cheer as he leads this nation into ever-increasing chaos with any economic growth coming from increased deficit spending. But that's ok, you've got an alpha male leading the way, right?
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:11pm
Bill H, we are in violent agreement about the nature of the beast. People supposedly voted for change and to disrupt the existing order. Be careful what you ask for, because you just may get it.
Bill H. Added Mar 13, 2018 - 1:45pm
EABC - We have witnessed similar events in past history when people rally around a resounding and charismatic "voice for change" and follow virtually every instruction and decree they are given.
Back in those days, they were called "Dictators".
mark henry smith Added Mar 13, 2018 - 2:34pm
But Trump is great, really great because this system we're living in has to go. People, look around you, do you really think this is sustainable? How much longer?
Trump is pumping the gas when any sane person would be pulling back on the throttle. He just doesn't care and it's exactly what we need, someone who exposes all of the putridity of a system based on crap thinking. I like Mike. I like prosperity, but where's the prosperity in a system that incurs a trillion dollars of debt a year. And don't offer that bullshit that it funds social programs.
People, there's going to be a war. A big, ugly, nasty war where lots of people will die. Sorry. I hope that touched a nerve because I think living here is a gas. Or should we all take a powder?   
Bill H. Added Mar 13, 2018 - 3:45pm
Mark - Hopefully the Trump regime wakes up all of the deadheads and possibly even recreates unity in the end.
In a way you are correct that it takes a big slap in the face to get many to realize exactly what is happening.
It once took a really bad meal to stop me from going to a certain restaurant I have been frequenting for the last 30 years.
opher goodwin Added Mar 13, 2018 - 8:33pm
Well that door is spinning so fast he'll run out of Americans soon!!
People are dense!! What was it Frank Zappa said: There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.
Bill H. Added Mar 13, 2018 - 10:03pm
Frank Zappa was a genius, as was Jim Morrison.
During my tenure as a stage audio grunt back in the late '60s, I was able to converse with both of these guys.
No shit.
Tubularsock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 1:22am
Dave, hypothetically speaking, is there a Donald Trump? Now Tubularsock would be thrilled if Trump could pull off a peaceful resolution with NK but he lacks negotiating skills to tie his own shoes. So, Tubularsock doesn't want to get his hopes up too high.
opher goodwin Added Mar 14, 2018 - 5:24am
Bill - that must have been something. Those are two guys I would love to have met.
wsucram15 Added Mar 14, 2018 - 9:57am
MHS..FJ..BillH..Tube..Opher..SEF..and EABC,
Look, like many and for perhaps different reasons of my own, I dont like Trump. He is not a politician and anyone that thinks the clown posse can take on "the swamp", the real swamp and an idiot. Also Trump has always been a part of that, on the edges yes, but a part of that, taking advantage of the working man..the laborer.  Yeah..its public record.
So stop arguing that, let them learn on their anyone and everyone else in this mans history has.
With that said, he is not stupid..goofy and hotheaded  yeah, but not stupid. I think the UK poisonings and Tillerson leaving are related somehow, and people are looking into that. Tillerson stood up to Trump and they didnt know each other..why?  But in all of that Trump never said a word.
However, it would seem that Trump finally is moving to get a subservient staff and with everyone concerned about these changes, Im not sure why.  
As far as NK..why would Trump not be comfortable with Kim Jong-Un?  He is a communist leader supported by Putin & Xi, think about this for just a minute.  Im sure they could talk all day long about methods of torture and he can get further tips on how to eliminate the media.     Trump is an autocrat, stop assuming he is an idiot, thats how he got into office in the first place. 
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 10:01am
Mark, I agree that what is going on is unsustainable. And adding another layer of debt onto the surface makes it even worse. The question is whether we in the world economy can use incremental means to alter the ultimate trajectory? As an example, would it be possible to adjust the funding stream / benefit package for social security in order to ensure it's solvency for 50 years or more? Or will we continue punting the issue down the road, until we hit the magical point where the supposed SS trust fund is bankrupted, and any extra funds for SS will be appropriated out of nothing?
Given the current political climate, punting will be the preferred approach.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 10:04am
Bill H. - would love to see some stories about your experiences in those days. I'm finding that posts about past experiences do good in explaining ourselves, and they also make a good break from the political posturing that this site seems to specialize in.
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 14, 2018 - 10:36am
Even a Broken Clock is right twice a day, good article, one down. The baggage Trump brought to the White House was different but the weight and number of steamer trunks were similar to many other President and since women tend to have more stuff Hillary Rodham Clinton is no exception. The number of steamer trunks she stacked up was her undoing.
The political atmosphere created by the liberal media would create a show if any body but Hillary won. Does anyone really think that Senator Ted Cruz's father was an associate of Lee Harvey Oswald? If Ted Cruz replaced Donald Trump the scenario of the assassination of Kennedy would be in the news again and Ted Cruz's father's finger prints would be on the shell casings of the faital bullets.
Donald Trump at heart has been a politician and showman all his life that he has spit out are no less true, verbose, and in the end just wet dream then any politician. Why do you think Congressmen honesty is ranked below used car salesman? We have Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying he is leading (alway a hint that a lie is coming) the fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare. What Mitch McConnell drafted as a bill by all measures was just a variation of ObamaCare keeping the majority of what made it such a disaster, big brother's foot into every aspect of health care nationalizing it.
You list of seven McTrumps political boasts of success. The same level of boast can be listed for about 80% of the presidents and I am including Obama, both Bush, and Clinton.
Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare: it is clear that Trump could care less since he didn't get involved. Like Obama both let congress and the swamp of lobbyist write the bills. I find the Obama congress house bill and the Trump congress house and senate bill are kissing cousins.
The biggest problem with Russian Collusion is that the Dems keep saying Trump is stupid. Thus a stupid person would have to fall by accident into the sand trap of Putin and thus also one would have to believe Putin was very smart. Thugs are not smart. It falls apart from the conception. Hillary and Obama on the other hand are Marxist and would think nothing about working with Putin since there objectives are compatible.
Make America Great Again or the unspoken matra Make the Trump Dynasty Great Forever does require that a quasi free market exist and that is not the goal of any Marxist that want a government monopoly or at least control of everything.  Infrastructure spending was Obama's way to feed his supporters. This is a very old politician use of government money to purchase votes, pork barrel spending.
The tweets the showman Donald J. Trump found the weak underbelly of the media. They are drawn to the tweets as a moth to a flame. The more verbose and outrageous the tweet the closer the moths fly to the flame.
The showman didn't think he was going to win. The show was the campaign. It is obvious that he didn't have a plan to occupy the White House. He put an ad in the news paper to get candidates. And it appears that he got the typical response that make hiring such a crap shot. One third sharlitans and crooks, one third gold diggers, and one third worth while employees. I have not worked for a company that has had better success. What usually happens is that the next administration chooses from the employees of party politicians. Well Trump was not given that option by the swamp GOP leadership.  Or he didn't want them.  But he did need a few.  He tried out the swamp candidates, but they torpedoed the Repeal and Replace effort. So fired them shortly after that failure. This next round are the first two thirds candidates that were hired.
Good people on both sides, which is really saying that people act for their own self interest. That has been screw up by Pelosi and Schumer making repercussion for not falling in line something they do not want, self interest.
Diplomacy, Obama so screwed up the historical approach of America. Both parties generally follow the same approach. Not Obama being a Marxist he chose to foster chaos which is the tactic that all Marxist government use to take control.  Islam and Russia were given a little more freedom to create chaos by Obama without down right promoting their rise on the world stage. Trump refocused America on its historical approach.
Bill H. Added Mar 14, 2018 - 11:39am
EABC - I'll throw one together eventually. I spent about three years in California working with an outfit that specialized in light shows and audio for concerts, mostly in the LA and San Diego area at places like the Hollywood Bowl, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, The Troubadour, Whisky A Go Go, Pandoras Box, The Golden Bear, and others.
I got to converse with many famous musicians during the period of 1968 to 1971.
wsucram15 Added Mar 14, 2018 - 11:42am
Bill we need to start one of those threads was fun. 
George N Romey Added Mar 14, 2018 - 12:23pm
I still haven't figured out yet how exactly does Russia threaten Americans.  Are they planning to attack us militarily?  Destroy our industries?  Take away our jobs?  Get elected to national office?
Only in a world of stupid (as my latest article suggests) does Russia pose a threat to ordinary Americans.
Dave Volek Added Mar 14, 2018 - 12:56pm
As an example, would it be possible to adjust the funding stream / benefit package for social security in order to ensure it's solvency for 50 years or more?
Actually I have written a book about that. It incorporates unemployment insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, survivor pension, education income, old age pension, and a few other disruptions to life income in one plan. This plan is all self-sustaining. Clients make decisions based on their own self interest which paradoxically keeps the whole plan solvent for the collective.  And if a client cannot afford to continue making the payments, he does not lose the benefits for which he paid into!
It was an idea that hand been bouncing around my head for 20 years. Three years ago, I put the first draft together.
Should I put a lot of time and a few thousand dollars into this endeavor?
Let's see if this a good life move for me. Many people don't like the current president of the USA. Many believe the next election will fix the problem. But I say if a Mr. Trump happened once, it could happen again. I have devised a system that such a person would not rise very high. Nor would such a person be able to use his wealth to influence the people who are elected. But do people want to spend three hours to read this book? No, they don't.
The world is not ready for my out-of-the-box ideas. Thus my income protection plan will stay on the shelf. Maybe one day, I will get bored enough to finish it. But these days, my life is pretty busy!  
mark henry smith Added Mar 14, 2018 - 1:13pm
Great point George.
And Jeanne, never has one person so dominated our media for so long based on nothing but fluff. Obama was big news because he was a dark-skinned guy who got elected despite all of the historical reasons why he shouldn't have been, but he spoke like a white dude who went to Harvard and had a lot of intelligent, wealthy, Jewish, lawyer friends, people who could think. He filled his White House with people who could really think.
Trump is a punk, a symptom of our age of Disney heroes who are all little punks if you look at how they behave, punks or pure, and no reality in between. And that unstained purity is a really dirty message to instill in kids, as is all the snarky back talk that sounds "cute." All of this malicious nicknaming that Trump does is perfect for the Disney generation that wants character assassination in a sound bite. And all of the media is now doing the same thing, not because it shows any integrity, exactly the opposite, it shows how sick the system is with its need to follow the money.
I used to like NPR, even though it was so blatantly Jewish biased. The reporting was tough. Now it's become like entertainment tonight, pumping everything Disney and I wonder what the deal is. I'm always wondering what the deal is. Like what deals does Trump have with all of the rich, Jewish gambling magnates who he did all of that business with?
Who owns this guy at heart? It's not the Russians. Yeah they have a piece of him, but who really owns him? 
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 14, 2018 - 1:47pm
Mark, George, and Jeanne: >> never has one person so dominated our media for so long based on nothing but fluff. Obama was big news because he was a dark-skinned guy who got elected despite all of the historical reasons why he shouldn't have been, but he spoke like a white dude who went to Harvard>>  As I said moths are drawn to the flame.  It just took fluff to draw in the moths. 
You see the media are laize and the networks have discovered (owned by crony capitalist including FOX) that they can make more money by letting someone else gather or feed them information.  So the actual work of journalism is dead or rather you can not find many organizations that will pay for doing it. 
Obama fed the media what fit their world view and they just coughed up mucus fed them on air and called it good.   
Trump is not feeding their world view so they protest.  And the sad part of the protest is that it just isn't well thought out and so few ideas are put forward that the attempts and making their creations, coughed up mucus, look different  just doesn't work.  That is why less and less peopled tune them in.  They ask 'wheres the beef?' Your giving me porridge.  
Fox hosts are more in tuned with Trumps world view.  The problem is that the GOP and Trump are so inept that they can not even feed Fox with understandable mucus to have the Fox media or radio talk shows cough up. 
Even a Broken Clock is right twice a day.   That is what I find in the responses so far.  You keep passing through the two points of a day.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:04pm
Wow! I love it when a comment string takes off, but at the same time I dread it because I can't give responses in detail. Also I feel bad as I will be going out of town late tomorrow morning and will not have edit access for about 4 days until late Sunday. Keep up the discussion as long as it goes, though. This is good. I choose not to edit via my phone although I will still be reading the responses.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:10pm
George - a response to your point about what does Russia threaten? In my opinion, they threaten the order that had been imposed mostly by force by the US especially since the fall of the Soviets, and essentially since the end of WWII. By means of minimal investment, they were able to use judo techniques to enable their opponents to fall on their own faces based upon their deceptions. In this case, they took advantage of the stupid nature of the west to pay more attention to their social media than to any sort of real journalism. We agree on the basic stupidity of the US population and the west in general, in that we are so wrapped up in ourselves that we have lost the ability to analyze and think.
The latest issue of Science that I just got has an article about research done that proves that lies spread faster over the internet than truth does. I haven't read it yet but will relay any pertinent information from it. I had seen a mention of this in the New York Times (we greatly value our on-line subscription to this).
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:16pm
Thomas - you and I may not agree often, but thanks for your responses on this matter. You said some profound things in your posts. For example,
"So the actual work of journalism is dead or rather you can not find many organizations that will pay for doing it."
This is very true. The main reason why organizations will not pay for it is because the economics of the old-line media has been usurped by the internet. In our city of Charleston WV, our local paper which had a decades long history of investigative journalism, including winning a Pulitzer prize last year for reporting on the opioid epidemic, just went through bankruptcy and was bought by the paper from the next town over. It is the fault of us who will not pay, either for print versions, or for electronic versions, that have caused the decline of the old style print media (for the most part, I think print media is better for investigative reporting than TV is). So as Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."
Another of your comments I love:
"The problem is that the GOP and Trump are so inept that they can not even feed Fox with understandable mucus to have the Fox media or radio talk shows cough up"
How true. 
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:22pm
Mark - I think Obama's main issue was that he was book smart and eloquent, but was lacking in street smarts. I think Donald Trump is lacking in book smarts and is one of the most inelegant speakers I've heard in my lifetime, but he does have (or at least did have) street smarts. Now I think his original street smarts have been subsumed by his need for adoration and adulation. That is all that motivates him now. As others have said, this does not end well.
I will disagree with you regarding NPR. That is still my primary electronic media source, and I find it to be worlds better than the commercial networks. I've not seen the change towards fluff you are referencing, but any show that offers dialogue by David Brooks and E. J. Dionne can't be all bad.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:25pm
Dave - I cannot offer you life advice. I do know that it is difficult to affect the public discourse, but all you can do is try. You would have to see if the balance is worth it to you. Just know that financially, anything you throw at this is gone, you will never be able to expect any financial recompense. Emotional and personal satisfaction is what you have to base a decision on.
Pardero Added Mar 15, 2018 - 2:16am
Even a Broken Clock,
1. Too bad about that pesky electoral college. Another short-sided error by the Founding Fathers. I merely drive a truck, but am thinking that Team Clinton should have been aware of an electoral college. Perhaps they were playing by some other rules and got blindsided.
2. Sad that a handful of Russian bots can flip an American election, especially when most of their activities occured after the election. If Mueller wasn't incompetent, he might find the Clinton Russian collusion. All this McCarthyism when America engages in much larger interventions on a regular basis.
3. You got us on the infrastructure. Trump can't hope to match Obama's "shovel ready" jobs.
4. The curious thing about the tweets are that they provoke and trigger media and the left into shrieking and wringing their hands. Trump mocks them and his followers gloat. In all seriousness, rational working people feel connected and enfranchised by the tweets. We feel that we are part of the process. Perhaps like Fireside Chats in a bizarre alternate universe.
5. The best people are thriving in the private sector. One must choose from among a parasite class that has been packed with leftists for many years.
6. A violent left used intimidation tactics to stifle dissent. Needless to say, a homicidal wacko proved that there is always an unbalanced person who can escalate far beyond what a mob of thugs can aspire to. This wasn't good people on both sides. It was bad and worse.
7. Your side would have us in a nuclear war which could diminish the need for diplomats. With the left's push for a new cold war, it seems we won't be needing a lot of diplomats in Russia. It is probably a safer world without all those spies scheming and manipulating.
Tillerson seemed a decent man. The left, forcing Trump into confrontation with Russia, may make a reasonable man superfluous, anyway. No matter what a fine fellow he was, he insulted the boss and wanted to be his own boss.
The left is beating the war drums. A ruthless neo-con military man like Pompeo would seem the right person for war hungry leftists.
The real worry is the left trying to march us off to war, not the many Trump stumbles.
George N Romey Added Mar 15, 2018 - 9:03am
Still Russia poses no threat. Putin has no desire to take over the US. And it’s not our business what he does in Russia.
So again what is the everyday threat to Americans? What make us drive crummy Russian built automobiles?
There was no “there there” during the Cold War and there’s no “there there” now. Most Americans are tired of hearing about it other than the Clinton bots. And no I don’t Support Trump. He’s a buffoon but far better than Pence.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 15, 2018 - 10:23am
Pardero - I stand in awe at the delusion that those on the right can use to justify their belief system. I am hearing time and time again that it is the left that is in favor of escalating the cold war rhetoric. You know, the left that made its original impact by singing about "Where have all the flowers gone", and "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming". No, it is not the left that has been beating the war drums, it is the neocon fraction of the establishment (both Republicans and Democrats) who could not stand the image of a unipolar world, and thus had to continue to cause meddling across the world. This has happened in Republican administrations (Iraq 1, Iraq II and Afghanistan) and Democratic administrations (Bosnia, support for Libya, Syria, Afghanistan redux). The sooner that we who are opposed to overweening US military posturing realize this is not a right vs. left issue, and work to overcome the excesses of the neocon and MIC, the sooner we may be able to effect a reduction in the cost of our military and thus the blowback that our military operations cause.
Of course, that means that we in the US have to give up our belief that only we have the answers to the world's problems, and would have to accept that regional conflicts will occur without our input. That's what will be difficult for the ruling class to comprehend.
Talking about the Russian bots, it's not that the activities have mainly been after the election. It's that the post-election activities have been a continuation of a program that is aimed at destabilization not only in the US but other western nations. The shame is that in our tribal isolation within clans in the US, we were susceptible to blatant falsehoods as purveyed by Russian bots, but also by the conspiracy theorists who infest the rotting log that is the American psyche.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 15, 2018 - 10:26am
George, I will disagree with you that there was no Oakland (no there there) during the Cold War. There was an active struggle to determine which model of government would prevail in the world. Either totalitarian socialism or representative democracy (tempered by crony capitalism). Well, if history continues on its current trend, the ultimate winner may be totalitarian capitalism as exemplified by China.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 15, 2018 - 10:27am
I will be going out of town and won't be able to respond on this thread until late on Sunday. Thanks for the discussion.
mark henry smith Added Mar 15, 2018 - 11:32am
EABC, love the judo analogy, the best I've heard. Thanks.
China is the model. They have a vision of their destiny. They have an educated, driven populace. They can quickly galvanize resources for any project they deem vital. We can't even agree on what guns are for.
Pardero Added Mar 15, 2018 - 12:16pm
 Even A Broken Clock,
This is good stuff. We have yet another president in a long line of the same, that made noises about peace and minding our own business.
" not a right vs. left issue, and work to overcome the excesses of the neocon and MIC, the sooner we may be able to effect a reduction in the cost of our military and thus the blowback that our military operations cause."
We are not so far apart, after all.
George N Romey Added Mar 18, 2018 - 11:18am
It was JFK that realized how fruitless the Cold War was. Surprise, surprise he ends up with a bullet in his head.
The MIC just can’t let Russia go.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 18, 2018 - 7:20pm
Mark - thanks for the reply about judo. Someday I need to read the Art of War and really learn what misdirection can do for creating an offense that masquerades as a defense.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 18, 2018 - 7:22pm
Pardero - thanks. I sense though we don't agree on everything, we have some similar thoughts and experiences. The question for us as a country is how do we get past the animus that exists and is maintained by the PTB, and is crippling us from really solving problems. That is the $64,000 question (although $64,000 doesn't go nearly as far as it did in the 1950's).
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 18, 2018 - 7:27pm
Joanne - I'm late on catching up on the infrastructure claims, although I am very aware of the vulnerability of control systems to infiltration. My own history involved programming some of the first PLC's back in the very late 1970's - but those were standalone units that touched nothing else. Now with the internet of things, more and more gets hooked into the web - and is vulnerable. I myself refuse to get anything hooked up to the web other than my computer and my phone. No way will I ever invite Alexa or Siri into my house to listen to everything that goes on and laugh at me.
As far as Pence goes - don't know. I think there will be a reluctance to take him down if there is an impeachment. I could be wrong though. I was on Virginia this weekend.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 18, 2018 - 7:28pm
George - I fear you may be right.
Pardero Added Mar 18, 2018 - 7:50pm
Even A Broken Clock,
I have rescued your article from obscurity. Perhaps you could lighten up on Trump a hair? ; )
mark henry smith Added Mar 19, 2018 - 1:59pm
Impeachment? Get over it. This guy is the darling of the status quo. He's showing that incompetence can work which makes all of those executives breathe a big sigh of release. I deserve my 100 million $ salary not because I'm any good at this, but because my unblemished incompetence keeps our company in the news and sales have never been better for our $500 a tube invisibility and virility cream. Yes, she won't be able to see you, but you'll have a member that will do wonders for your Stormy relationship. And when a winsome smile washes over her and she says longingly, "I don't know who that was in bed with me last night, but I wish you could be more like the invisible man." You can just get out your tube of, Trump Cream, and smile like the Cheshire cat.
The company is still trying to come up with a better name for the product. It's Harry Potter meets Johnny Holmes. Still working on it.  
Thomas Sutrina Added Mar 19, 2018 - 4:24pm
I think this whole Russian conspiracy  and attacking Trump ever chance they get is driven by desperation.
The deep state believed that Hillary was going to win and that was in all the poles.  She won the popular vote and the belt line is within the high population density regions that she won.  To someone in that bubble Hillary was the hands down winner.  And I am including Democrats and Republicans.  
The deep state and the crony lead media wanted Donald J. Trump to be the GOP candidate.  Why else would they fund the media campaign that provided Trump with six times the media coverage for nothing.  Now it didn't hurt that Trump had the viewership.  Trump was a Democrat only a few months earlier so what could they loose even if he won.  He would b pliable and they had a lot of stuff to attack him with.   
In the primary race Hillary and DNC feed Trump with dirt for him to throw at Cruz.  DNC Bird Dogs, a tactic that Veritas Project presented on YOUTUBE were there along the rope line for Cruz to address in Indiana.  The citizen was just too good to actually be a random citizen asking the stabbing questions and coming back with the axe blows reponses that torpedoed Cruz.  
Trump didn't fall in line, he wasn't pliable. GOP RINOs funded by the deep state swamp, crony capitalist that funded both sides for their own ends, tested Trump and he didn't buckle as some in his cabinet did.  He didn't have a plan to staff his administration so they were delighted  when he staffed with swamp dwellers, he would buckle.   
The deep state dragged their feet on the investigation lead by GOP members that still believe in the Declaration of Independence.  Muller, everyone on his team, the leadership that Obama put in place or corrupted all know that as long as any investigation moves forward they could end up in jail.   Congressmen face a similar situation.  They didn't or couldn't cover up everything as once one block near the bottom (the top of Obama's political appointees) is removed and exposed the tower will start to fall.  
They have strong personal reason to resist, jail.  The real coverup that as we know is often worse then the crime is starting to show.  Muller faces knowing about the uranium sale to Russia and for political reason not stopping it. 
Obama and Hillary they believe would destroyed them.  They came to this conclusion after the 2012 election, and acted accordingly.  But Trump winning  that flipped acts to politically protect themselves into RECO conspiracy actions with the Obama Administration.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 21, 2018 - 1:34pm
Pardero - lighten up on Trump? Seems to me that he's doing a pretty good job of melting down himself right now. Ok, just for you, my next post will be about the chemicals I have made - including some very nasty ones. Tune in tomorrow.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 21, 2018 - 1:35pm
Mark - I can just see the infomercials for your product now.
Even A Broken Clock Added Mar 21, 2018 - 1:41pm
Thomas - well, that is an interesting perspective on the events of the past few years. I'm still afraid that the dog of the Russian uranium sale is not hunting, has not hunted, and will not hunt ever. Why? Because there was no crime or cover-up ever committed in the transactions. But the right wing media complex (yes, it does exist and it shouts much louder and more insistent than the left wing media complex does) won't let go. They are like a pit bull with its jaws locked onto someone's arm and they won't let go.
Maybe if we are really patient, the Republicans can bring back that old favorite Benghazi investigation. That's been out of the news for a while.