We had best start grooming another constitutionalist

Divisional political parties have no place in a Constitutional Republic. It's either lawful or not, starting from Constitutional Money on down. We have been the subjects of the banking class and their purchased political cronies for generations. Their propaganda through their education camps has captured us in divisional wars. When will it end? Not in the near future.


Our shot at taking it back had better not end with Trump. His direction is wavering so we had best start grooming another constitutionalist to take his spot. We can't let it end. The path of the red pill Will not peter out simply because we had 8 years of hope sustained through a diet of bread crumbs, Fed to us.


Ari Silverstein Added Mar 14, 2018 - 11:11am
One has nothing to do with the other.  According to our Constitution we the people have the right to join organizations/groups and organizations/groups have the right to do pretty much whatever they please.  Furthermore if banks controlled the political class how do you explain the myriad of banking regulations?  Wouldn’t a banker prefer to not have government bureaucrats inspecting their every move?  Trump is no more or less a Constitutionalist than any president before him.
Dave Volek Added Mar 14, 2018 - 11:25am
Good point Ari
I'm always amazed at how many lefties believe that the corporate world wins all the battles in the political arena. There should be no banking regulations, environmental regulations, corporate tax, labor unions, etc., etc. ----if the corporations were all powerful.
The corporate world does win some battles, but far from all. I would say there are some business analysts out there who do the calculations: "If we win one battle and lose four battles and it costs us $Xm million for each battle, we still make a profit on our investment in the political process."