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I was just reading Mustafa's post about problems and solutions and the premise is that to find solutions you need to accurately identify the problem. That makes perfect sense. Then someone says that there is no solution to mass killings and I have to say, yes, there is, but no one wants to do it, since it would involve mass killings. We can find a way to identify potential monsters through brain scans and kill them first. The fact that they might not ever act out isn't the issue in creating a solution. Just as we use the idea of vaccinating people against ailments they might not come in contact with.


Sometimes the answer to a problem is the problem. Such as, why do we need borders at all? If illegal immigration is such a problem, why no just say, okay, come and go as you like. Problem solved. Make rules in your country that if someone works without proper documentation, the person who hired them gets all of their assets taken from them. Make it that if someone without proper documentation does a crime and is convicted, we execute them. I don't care what the crime is. It could be littering. You're here as a guest, dammit, act like one. Singapore and Pyongyang could be examples. 


Children born in this country without proper documentation are not allowed to use any government services, ever, even roads and sidewalks. Do you see my point? The problem isn't illegal immigration at all. It's a problem of requiring proper documentation. Farm workers could be given documents that allow them to work when crops need to be harvested. Foreigners could be given documents that allow them to attend school. The onus for making sure that the people in your midst have proper documentation would be the burden of those they interact with and the penalties would be directed at them. Problem solved.


It's the same with drugs. Legalize them and make them products sold in markets that can contribute to the system in tax revenue. Drugs are never the problem. People are and we blame the drugs because people are us and we hate our weaknesses and like to blame things that can't defend themselves. How drugs are used is the problem. All kinds of people use drugs everyday and are considered decent, contributing members of society. This separation of drugs into good and bad is madness gone insane. It's a way of filling prisons, legitimizing police forces of way more numbers than needed, with weaponry of warfare, and keeping gangs viable to make people scared of violence and guns, particularly our immigrant populations in our inner cities where we teach kids to become drug dealers in our schools, if they can't make it as professional athletes, or rap artists. Who really wants to spend their life working at Micky D's? The only thing that's good for is having a place where it's safe to deal drugs from. No smart person eats the food. And Jews in this model are not minorities, or not a "poor" minority.


I'm an economist with a degree so I know about a man named Gary Becker. Gary Becker believed all problems are economic with economic solutions. And that social control created to promote better economic behavior is much more effective at creating a livable society than is government control using criminality.


So, on crime. Make criminals be shunned or killed if they prefer. Make criminal corporations be shunned. Make criminal countries be shunned. Send them all to distant rocks. Put them out of business. Invade them and remove their ruling aristocracy. Shunning is the most effective method anybody has ever come up with to prevent criminal activity since it removes the guilty party from any economic or social engagements which is the point of most people's lives.


Taking the money helps too, but we have too many methods for people to hide their money. Look at that Cohen guy who ran an insider trading scheme. He ripped off the system and then was fined some ridiculous amount, but it was only peanuts compared to what he'd made, so where's the punishment? And now he's back in business and people are flocking to him because they know that his insider trading business is a sure win, and he makes no bones about doing it again because he says he did nothing wrong.


Look at Milken, who did the same thing and had the same outcome. Now he's a respected philanthropist with all of his swindled money. Our system writes glowing stories about how brilliant the swindles were and not one word about how the punishment is hurting the swindlers, because it isn't. Look at Wells Fargo. We have real problems and the solution of our government is to profit from the swindle again and again and again when the real solution is to do some killing too.


Gary Becker said that if you want to eliminate poverty give people a reason not to be poor. Do you understand? Doesn't that make sense? We make it easy to be poor. The richest country in the world promotes poverty with its social policies. We are not giving our poor people good reasons not to be poor. We condemn them to poor health, and poor environments, and poor educations and then blame them for not doing better.


In countries with low poverty rates they provide a social structure with social services that make it hard to be poor. Everybody gets healthcare. No one goes without a home. Everybody gets a decent education. They chop off the top end of success to create no bottoming out, by tax policy, and they aren't debtor nations like we are. They just have superior social and economic priorities. We use the military where other countries use street cleaners. That appears to be the only solution to poverty, social commitment to creating a better environment, not more employment. That appears to be the only solution to sexual abuse too, having women be more taken care of by a better social environment and more economic equality.


In health, in religion, in fulfilling the human spirit, their are always solutions to settle our differences and they are always economic and social. What we have right now in the world is a failure to communicate a viable economic and social agenda that can lead us into the future. And it's not because there aren't solutions out there, there are, it's because the powers present the problems in way they make them appear unsolvable. Why? Because it protects them in their positions of power and privilege.


The coming problems we face will create huge upheavals in the world dynamic. Our present economic system has to be scrapped. Our current political system has to be scrapped. Our current religious system has to be scrapped. The only thing that will save us really is our insane military machine. That too is a socio-economic animal waiting for its opportunity to be unleashed.


mark henry smith Added Mar 13, 2018 - 2:17pm
Gotta rant sometimes on a day when Tillerson gets the boot after being the sanest mind in the Trump madness, and Putin gets accused of being an anti-Semite. Don't the Israelis have that nerve agent too? I'll bet they do. Troublemakers there.   
The Burghal Hidage Added Mar 13, 2018 - 2:40pm
Dont always agree on every step Marko, but you are consistently one of the most honest voices on here. Always enjoy your thoughts.
The Burghal Hidage Added Mar 13, 2018 - 2:48pm
 Make it that if someone without proper documentation does a crime and is convicted, we execute them. I don't care what the crime is. It could be littering. You're here as a guest, dammit, act like one. Singapore and Pyongyang could be examples. 
Singapore is a fine example actually. Was it Singapore or Indonesia, some time back in the 90s while Clinton was president? There was the young man who had committed some offense, don't recall what it was now, but it was something which would have been trivial here. His sentence for this offense was a public caning or whipping, something of that sort. The original sentence was 9 strokes/lashes, but through the tireless efforts of our state department this was reduced to 6. The lesson from all of this was that it took the US less than 100 years to evolve from a policy of " Speak softly, but carry a big stick" to "whine loudly and get 1/3 off"
And we continue the downward spiral, cautions be damned go we now forth into the gaping maw!
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 3:01pm
In countries with low poverty rates they provide a social structure with social services that make it hard to be poor. Everybody gets healthcare. No one goes without a home. Everybody gets a decent education. They chop off the top end of success to create no bottoming out, by tax policy, and they aren't debtor nations like we are. They just have superior social and economic priorities.
We have all this. But it's not as beautiful as it seems. For sure you get a decent education - when you can pay it. You get McDonalds healthcare, if you want more, you have to pay it. You get an apartment, if you have a job and can pay it. You get a job, when you got n diplomas and are not older than 45, otherwise you have a problem. And the fact that everbody thinks as you describe above, we get thousands of economic refugees here who believe that too, and they cause even more problems, because they have none of what is required here, they get on the dole and cash in, which causes frictions between the natives and the refugees....
....and owning a house (WITH mortgages....) is something that only about 10% of Swiss can afford. 
A guy who has a house with a front yard and a garden here is considered rich.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 3:05pm
BTW: Our rate of unemployment is communicated as being about 3.2 % currently. No poor. But when you've been unemployed for more than a year, you're not considered as unemployed but being on welfare. And those people are NOT included in the statistics you read everywhere. The truth would be closer to 10%..
Paradise ?
George N Romey Added Mar 13, 2018 - 3:53pm
Institutions of corruption and self serving the few are on their way out. But will the replacement be even worse?
Stone-Eater Added Mar 13, 2018 - 4:11pm
They're not on the way out. It's human character, largely. What was survival drive in Homo Erectus is greed in Homo Sapiens Stupidus LOL
Katharine Otto Added Mar 13, 2018 - 9:38pm
If all your ideas were adopted, I would be the only person left in the country.  I'll miss y'all.
Mustafa Kemal Added Mar 13, 2018 - 10:18pm
mark henry smith, you have given me a whole lot that I will need to chew on. Thank you for the thoughts.
But one thing is clear, I dont know who is going making these decision you mention, and i get the opposite feeling as  Katharine Otto -i wouldnt be around long.
Mustafa Kemal Added Mar 13, 2018 - 10:19pm
Stone Eater
"The truth would be closer to 10%."
Im reading 20
Bill Kamps Added Mar 14, 2018 - 8:57am
Well it is easy to see Mark's point, which is some of these problems we really dont want to solve.  Immigration is a great example.  We have all the laws on the books that we need, we just choose not to enforce them.  Employers want the workers, people want lower prices, and so we dont enforce the law.  More laws that are not enforced wont solve the problem. 
We require that employers have documentation for their workers, but no government entity ever checks the documents.  We require workers have Social Security numbers, but then the government does not check that the SSN belongs to the person using the number.  Shoot the person's name, is not even on the form, when the employer submits the weekly FICA taxes to the government.  So they dont know who is using the number.  
Yes obviously some of the suggestions Mark makes are extreme, and he is using hyperbole to make a point.  That point is "how bad do we want to solve the problem?".   In many cases, the solution may be worse than the problem. 
wsucram15 Added Mar 14, 2018 - 10:10am me thats better.  People have away out if they want it because they are educated and have some sort of healthcare. Is hard to imagine the US has such crappy high cost healthcare, that few can afford, but we do.  Most people that own homes barely get by...and the Congress is trying to make it worse, yet again with letting the banks loose on the people again.
Some of the problems are easily solved..the problem is hate.
Nothing more, nothing less.  Argue it all day long. 
George N Romey Added Mar 14, 2018 - 12:23pm
Simple, those with power and money don't want problems solved. They at least in the short run do much better in a broken country.
mark henry smith Added Mar 14, 2018 - 12:23pm
Thank you all so much for your comments.
I was going to go apply for a job today at a healthcare facility less than a mile from my home and I thought it would be a perfect marriage of convenience, because I have computer skills, communication skills, am strong as an ox and nearly twice as smart, can actually lift three hundred pounds of dead weight, but pulled into the parking lot and it was jammed, I mean every space filled and people coming in, and I'm like, wait, this is isn't a healthcare facility, it's a factory. A healthcare factory. And in my mind I'm imagining this entire system being like Henry Ford's production line. Bring them in, diagnose, test, treat, drug, test, treat, drug, repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Do I want to be part of that. Shit, I don't even have healthcare because I don't believe in this insanity, and then I'm gonna work for it? Maybe. There's a good chance that someone stole my SS# and has attached an ex-con label to my record, so I might not even get consideration. Maybe I'll just go work at the grocery store. They have an ex-con program in the produce section. Molest all of the vegetables you want, as long as you don't bruise them.
The insanity is so pervasive as Stone, Bill, everybody points out. We all see it, but what can we do? I know we can't just brain scan people and see where conscience should be and if they don't have one just off them. That would mean only Katherine Otto and I would be left and we'd have to repopulate the world, and we're both a little old for that, I imagine.
I always thought the world would be decimated and I'd be stuck with a sixteen year old Victoria's Secret model whose about as intelligent as a piece of Wonder Bread, but I've been surprised by the educational qualifications I see in the Victoria's Secret models I electronically communicate with. Appears they've all gone to Harvard.
To get back to the point, solutions. The reality is that time solves all problems. The interactions of social imperatives and economic realities always come together to form a new paradigm. The strong do win, but not the economically strong. If that was true we would have defeated Afghanistan already, and Iraq, and Vietnam, and Korea. Societies that have strong social values always win and the present agenda of our enemies, who dress in various guises, is to get us to pull apart on social values by promoting extreme views in every area, as I did above.
Walls? Extreme. Debt? Extreme. Guns? Extreme. Abortion? Extreme. Women's rights? Extreme. Healthcare? Extreme. Just about anything you can name is being exaggerated into extremes so solutions appear impossible and some groups thrive amidst the chaos because why? Because they already have a solidified social agenda that doesn't have its basis in our country or in our values.
Let me just tackle one issue, abortion. Women have to have abortion as an option if they are to be equal citizens having control over their bodies and not birth slaves of the state. If you don't like abortion, promote birth control, and sex education, and make men financially and socially bound to their offspring in ways that will deter their desire to procreate outside of marriage. That's right, make that men indentured servants to their children, no freedom. Put them in the army and send their paychecks home until their kids are eighteen. Teach those boys some respect.
Jeanne, I do not see the problem as hate. I see it as a lack of respect all over, and the moron in chief is the epitome of that attitude. But I still think he's perfect for the job of getting people more aware of how desperate the situation really is. And Stone, I don't care if it's McDonald's healthcare for the masses. At least you don't have a huge segment of your population worrying that one accident, one illness, one malignant mole might mean the end of all the security they've worked so hard to attain. And it would take that burden off of businesses too. Love to all and have a nice day.
Bill Kamps Added Mar 14, 2018 - 12:41pm
The insanity is so pervasive as Stone, Bill, everybody points out. We all see it, but what can we do?

Mark, lets start with some "problems" need solutions  and some do not.  The immigration "problem" while messy, and a problem for those  whose legal status is in limbo, is really not a national problem.  If it were, people would demand the laws be enforced.  Citizens would not be picking up the day laborers on the street corner and giving them work, they would be calling the INS.   Employers would not be hiring the illegal aliens, they would be calling the INS.  Banks would not be giving loans to them, they would be calling the INS.  And so on......
The reasons immigration laws are not enforced, is because the laws are not what citizens or employers want.  Making the laws tougher, will not solve the problem, because both citizens and employers see benefit in these folks being here. 
mark henry smith Added Mar 15, 2018 - 11:10am
Thanks Bill,
 I'm in complete agreement. The farmers want and need laborers to pick crops and immigrants have filled that niche. All over immigrant laborers have filled low-wage, manual labor jobs and employers love it because they get the best of both worlds. Hard workers who have little understanding of the labor laws in this country and can be taken advantage of. Maybe not ripped off in terms of pay, but not requiring many of the privileges that workers are supposed to get being citizens. And consumers get lower prices, but the entire system is bad law and bad policy leading to illegal and less than honest behavior all over.
In fact, I worked for a woman who was anti-illegal, and when I informed her that her lawn crew was illegals, she denied it, checked, found out they were and then rationalized that they did such a good job at such a good price that she could live with it. I called her a hypocrite and then she wanted to have sex with me behind my wife's back. They were friends.
Anyway, that's beside the point. Our drug laws express the same hypocrisy. Our laws in so many areas are made by politicians to satisfy the agenda of a small group who benefits to the detriment of the many. If tobacco and alcohol can be legal, pot should be legal. It was made illegal to criminalize a select group.   
Stone-Eater Added Mar 15, 2018 - 4:59pm
Im reading 20
Nope. Bullshit, believe me. I live here - now.
Stone-Eater Added Mar 15, 2018 - 5:03pm
I'm sorry for all you guys living there, and I mean it. I could never live in a country where I need a gun to feel safe, and where I have to fear not to be treated when I'm sick. I mean I go to Africa, that might seem irrational, people think. But an old guy there cured me of stomach pain and a skin allergy in a week while in Switzerland I tried n meds without result.
Psychosomatic source ? No idea....
But frankly, I remember the year I lived and worked in Frisco, Modesto and NYC, and it was fun and cool. No hate nowhere felt, just some feeling of insecurity at night in the suburbs - no big deal, really.
When I read what happens today - sad.
mark henry smith Added Mar 16, 2018 - 12:08pm
It is sad that we've been hijacked by a group of ruffians who have little interest in the future, but want to take all they can right now. Trump is the epitome, but it was the same with all since Reagan, all money grubbers.
We can't ignore the fact here that we were created out of a movement of armed citizens rising up against a foreign power who controlled our economy, our lives, liberties, and our pursuits of happiness, with no, or limited representation. It appears what goes around has come around again.
All groups here are being manipulated by the same messages; consumerism and selfishness. Black lives matter makes absolutely no sense except to divide people who are natural allies, the economically disadvantaged. The criminality of poverty in the US is the real enemy. And the me-too movement misses the point. Abuse happens in all economic situations where the powerful don't respect the rights of the weak. Sexual abuse is one symptom.
Thanks Stone