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Do you remember them ? Of couse you do. We also remember them in Europe, and I guess....who on that planet does NOT remember them at a certain age ? Dallas. A TV series about wealth, ego, jealousy, murder, influence and power - in short: business (as usual).


TV series are bullshit. Sorry, my personal view. If it's "Dallas", "Denver Clan", the ones who started that trash, "The Bold and the Beautiful" etc., or today's Mexican, Brazilian or even German telenovelas which are so stupid that only stupid people watch them. My wife watches them (*sigh* ... *smirk*). And then you got those "comedy soaps" which try to be humorous but don't succeed, otherwise there wouldn't be that absolutely brainless off-clapping and laughter to indicate when a phrase or a scene are supposed to be funny.


Are people even too stupid to figure that out ? 


How did I get to that subject ? Well, Ben wrote an article about "Roseanne", and I've actually watched that by mistake a couple of times when I worked in the US in the 80's. I mean, I didn't think it was very funny at all, but rather simple humor, when I compare it to series like "Waiting for god", an English series which is REALLY funny - biting humor at its best.


Other series which are completely off brain are stuff like "CSI whatever". Not much of stories around, rather a 45 minute video clip - zap, boom, zoom, bang. Or German crime series like "Derrick" which are in such a slow motion that one thinks he's in an Ingmar Bergman short movie minus quality.