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There are three types of governments: governments based on liberty (Capitalism), governments based on justice (moderate), governments based on equality (Communism).  Ideally, in Capitalism, the government will not interfere with any sector. ... In Marxism or communism, the government takes control of every sector . . . ideally.


The recent upsurge in Marxism has everything to do with the fall of elitism & the rise of internet communication.  Everyone now has a voice through the internet.  There is (to a lesser degree lately) a powerful political party amplifying the messages of the weakest and most uncommon in our society.  Together, these two political allies (the uncommon rejects and the uncommon elites) make an ideal partnership for the renewed demand for Marxism (equality of outcome).


From about 1965 to about 2010, the liberal elites enjoyed cherry-picking uncommon ills of society just to make a point of their own political relevance.  This kept society off-kilter and in a persistent undulating state while gaining a voter base comprising of social outcasts. This political strategy worked well as long as the elites were in control of the latest "social crusade".  This changed somewhere after 2010.  Moreso lately whereas, with the rise of social communication, Elites are no longer hand-picking their latest social missions.  "Group-think" is now doing this.  


Recently, the burgeoning internet has given more of a voice to the "followers" than the leaders.  With the internet, the elites have lost control of the messaging allowing the left to free-fall to a lowest common denominator . . . "Equal outcome for everyone!".  Hence Marxism and a new religion in tow with all of its self-righteous PC fervor and moral pinnings of identity politics.  This might explain my perception (and also of many I know) that the left and its migration to a cult-left status is due entirely from inmates taking over the asylum.


How does this eventually play out?


You have the public with a general IQ of about 98 (western cultures).  This general intelligence level is, I believe, not adequate to deal with the complexity of a modern democratic society.  It is getting more complex each year both socially and technically.  This explains the snowflake syndrome striking youth today.  Our youth simply cannot handle the social (dis)stress. 

For them, they have no firm foundation of anything consisting of "normal".  This is why they seek shelter and the sanctity of group-think.  These fragile minds are seeking protection.  When these minds should have strong family bonds, strong family principles to provide them an oasis, they turn to their peer networks.   Girls are seeking safe-spaces in their social circles and boys are retreating to a cave, with a video game console, in their mom's basement.  For this lost generation "Y", they will see a western society which none of us adults have ever seen.  Coping and reasoning skills . . . lacking.

More later on one possible future.


For me, it looks like the worst combination of factors: 

1) A political party hell-bent on overturning "normal" because "normal" people are the majority of voters. 

2) Family units are becoming accidental gatherings loosely held together by worn-out parents.

Family units cannot compete with a society that doesn't value the primary role of every single adult . . . raising children.  That's it.  Raising children: The only significant mission for an adult human.

Once feminism gained traction,  women turned away from family goals.  They gained liberty from being the nurturers and moral gate-keepers.  Modern young men gain from this "new deal" themselves as they don't have to adhere to the responsibilities required to be "bread-winners" or defenders of a family.  Both men and women have basically said to the family proposition . . . "DEAL'S OFF!"  It doesn't take many years before a child understands that their family is nearly pointless . . . understanding the lack of importance which society places on families.  This, in combination with the draw of their social peer groups.


3) Freedom from repercussion.  Affluence provides some protection against errors and misjudgment.  People with means can buy their way out of mistakes . . . as a general statement.  As our societies become more affluent, bad ideas become less meaningful.  We lose this grounding to basic principles and eventually society, as a whole, becomes even more stupid. 

I see it all the time.  Far too many young adults believe that "if they can think it, it is true!".  

We see this in adults as well when Oprah Winfrey said, "You need to speak YOUR TRUTH". <facepalm>








Although, many run to the very group that undermines the democratic cultures creating even more turmoil in society.  

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