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President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad.


Now, what comes to mind when you read that ? That some neighbor or a dart club friend has said that while on a happy beer party ?


No, it's the American president. The guy who has the most power in the world but apparently never went to school to learn diplomatic behavior. From now on I start to use the same language. Women are mattresses for having a good time, niggers can't be seen at night, please whiten up, and the damn Chinese slit eyes don't see further than an inch anyway. How dare I ? Easy.


Because the president of the United States is an example which must be followed. I mean he's not prez for nothing, right ? What he does, says or shows must be an example for the world. If he uses clear words (and verifiable, actually ! Because Assad is an animal, he belongs to the animal species called Homo Sapiens. No, he's not a homo, beware !) like that, at least no one can call him PC. Hm.....does that help ?


I knew that the layer of civilization is thin, especially in the Western World, where money and power justifies any sort on discriminative behavior, and face can't be lost when there ain't one, right ? But others don't see it that way. An Asian or African looks puzzled when he reads or hears stuff like that, and he will lose any kind of respect for a guy who talks that way.


But probably Mr. Trump doesn't give a shit about respect, because he doesn't know what that is anyway.


And maybe Mr. Trump has no control of his Twitter account. After Rocket Man, Assad The Animal follows, what next.....and since other heads of state might see such language as THE NEW TREND, Li or Putin will start to use Twitter too and will call Donald the one who's got the brains of a Duck.


But I don't think so. They don't let themselves down to such a niveau. No, Donald, not Nivea, that's a skin oilment.


Brave New World. Bullying Nationalist Wankers.


Get ready for war.


Pardero Added Apr 8, 2018 - 12:35pm
Can you say false flag?
A whole bunch of sheep will begin clamoring for war. If false flags weren't so effective, they would not be such a popular method to escalate conflicts.
"Remember the Maine!" 
Not technically a false flag, but effectively used as one.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 8, 2018 - 12:37pm
Right. And we have had quite a few false flags in Europe in the last decades....
Bill H. Added Apr 8, 2018 - 12:37pm
Most citizens of the US are embarrassed by this Orange Buffoon. Not surprisingly though, there are those who "think he's cool", simply because "he says it like it is" in their minds.
Frankly, I have associated with more mature people when I was in elementary school.
In the mean time, the standards for the office appear to be dropping daily (hourly?)
Stone-Eater Added Apr 8, 2018 - 12:39pm
But as long as people believe any crap they're served I have no hope. The big picture seems too big.....
Stone-Eater Added Apr 8, 2018 - 1:22pm
BTW: Does anyone remember the WMD's in Iraq ? NATO simply needs a bigger war to sell its weapons. But when it goes against Russia, that won't work - except when behind the curtain the US and Russia follow another agenda, as for example get us Europeans out of the economic game. We all know that the nightmare of the US would be a Germany that goes together with Russia.
There is also one in German that shows Stratfor Friedmann's positions vs. Putin's. But since you don't understand German I leave that out. Friedmann....what a name ;-)
Stone-Eater Added Apr 8, 2018 - 1:24pm
Seems like ! I wonder when European heads will start lower themselves to that "standard"....
Even A Broken Clock Added Apr 8, 2018 - 7:17pm
I knew that the layer of civilization is thin, especially in the Western World, where money and power justifies any sort of discriminative behavior, and face can't be lost when there ain't one, right ?
Stone, that sentence is spot on. And we won't know what we've lost when the veneer is ripped off until all hell breaks loose.
Dino Manalis Added Apr 8, 2018 - 7:27pm
Airstrikes may be warranted, but Trump has to realize Assad is better than ISIS or Al Qaeda, while we don't want WWIII with Russia and don't forget the regime changes and disasters in Iraq and Libya.  Trump should pressure Assad and Putin to stop fighting and normalize relations with all groups in Syria, except terrorists.
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 9:48pm
Stone- Eater provided me with a perfect example of te depravity and inhumanity, I wrote this article to draw attention to. 42 people who are doing nothing but survive are gassed to death, and what concerns Stone?
No, it's the American president. The guy who has the most power in the world but apparently never went to school to learn diplomatic behavior. From now on I start to use the same language. Women are mattresses for having a good time, niggers can't be seen at night, please whiten up, and the damn Chinese slit eyes don't see further than an inch anyway. How dare I ? Easy.
His concern is for Political Correctness, while not even mentioning the slaughter Assad inflicted with the backing of Russia and Iran. That is the level of depravity that he and the others I mention have sunk to. Correct language is more important to him than 42 human lives.
I take no solace in Stone supplying an example of his inhumanity; I am sad for the depletion of Civility and Humanity these sicko's have achieved.
He got 3 likes for this piece of shit! 
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 9:56pm
The true story!
WASHINGTON — President Trump on Sunday promised a “big price” to be paid for what he said was a chemical weapons attack that choked dozens of Syrians to death the day before, and a top White House official said the administration would not rule out a missile strike to retaliate against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
In a tweet, Mr. Trump laid the blame for the attack partly on President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, the first time since his election that he has criticized the Russian leader by name on Twitter. Mr. Putin’s forces have been fighting for years to keep the Assad government in power amid Syria’s brutal civil war.
Mr. Trump also left no doubt that he believed the assessment of aid groups that Mr. Assad’s military had used chemical weapons to inflict the carnage on Saturday in Douma, a rebel-held suburb of Damascus. The attack left at least 42 people dead in their homes from apparent suffocation and sent many others to clinics with burning eyes and breathing problems.
“Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria,” Mr. Trump wrote. “President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad.”
Pardero Added Apr 8, 2018 - 10:03pm
These false flags won't stop until the terrorists are defeated.
As long as there are knee jerk pinheads that that have no clue about false flag attacks, the perpetrators will continue with their murderous scams.
You desperately need to do some research instead being a lemming.
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 10:08pm
The coward Stone-Eater will delete this comment, as he does every time I expose his delusion, but it is also on my Article, Humanity Lost!
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 10:13pm
Pardaro. You have lost your humanity also. Are your false flags made of the clothing of the 42 dead people?
When the POTUS calls the mass murder an Animal, You join in that category by denial!
I provided you with the real story you idiot. Get your head out of your Youtube and breath the fresh air of  understanding.
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 10:17pm
Trump leads condemnation over Syria gas attack - Financial Times
4 hours ago - Donald Trump has led international condemnation of an alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government, raising prospects of an American response to the assault that has killed at least 48 people in the rebel-held town of Douma. The US president singled out Russian president Vladimir Putin in ...

Syria war: At least 70 killed in suspected chemical attack in Douma ...


17 hours ago - At least 70 people have died in a suspected chemical attack in Douma, the last rebel-held town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta, rescuers and medics say. Volunteer rescue force the White Helmets tweeted graphic images showing several bodies in basements. It said the deaths were likely to rise. There has been ...

Dozens Suffocate in Syria as Government Is Accused of Chemical ...
1 hour ago - BEIRUT, Lebanon — Dozens of Syrians choked to death after a suspected chemical attack struck the rebel-held suburb of Douma, east of Damascus, with aid groups on Sunday blaming President Bashar al-Assad's government for the assault and Western governments expressing outrage. Rescue workers ...

Syria will see US price for chemical attack as worth paying | Patrick ...


11 hours ago - On 7 April last year Trump authorised the use of 59 US Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit Syria's Sharyat airbase in Homs, after planes from the base were adjudged to be responsible for a
EXPAT Added Apr 8, 2018 - 10:20pm
Suspected Syrian chemical attack: 'Children dying before our eyes'


5 hours ago - Video taken in Douma, Syria on Saturday shows young children and adults struggling to breathe as they are being treated following a suspected poison gas attack. At least 40 people were killed, according to Syrian activists, rescuers and medics. (April 8) AP. EPA SYRIA DOUMA CONFLICT CHEMICAL ...

Trump and others condemn chemical attack in Syria that Russia calls ...


5 hours ago - The American president and other international leaders denounce the Syrian regime for their alleged role in a suspected
Pardero Added Apr 8, 2018 - 11:02pm
I am as horrified by the senseless murders as you are!
Since when is an Al Qaeda affiliate, the White Hats, known for their veracity?!
You quote all the Neo-con news.
Not a single investigative journalist.
Your own words include "Alleged."
I suppose you fell for the nerve gas attack on the Skripals, too?
A lot of groups want the US to be more involved in Syria. Assad is probably the last guy that would want that.
You are being manipulated. Wake the #uck up!
Pardero Added Apr 8, 2018 - 11:04pm
You have internet. Why do you allow yourself to be programmed by Neo-con propaganda? That is for retards. Do some looking around. 
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 5:20am
I agree with Pardero. One can never be sure what's true, or what's not, but by reading alternative sources and seeing the long-time agenda the pic might become different. There's no need to repeat all the arguments, they've been discussed plenty of times here on WB.
EXPAT Added Apr 9, 2018 - 5:54am
You and Pardero are the Animals I wrote about. You have no respect for human life! Syria is flooded with NGO's. Nothing happens without verification, especially the murder of 42 people. This issue has become a world issue. You and Pardaro will be shown as fools very quickly. This is what happens when USA talks about pulling out!
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 6:20am
No respect for human life ? Sure. And isn't it ironic that an American who belongs to a nation that is about the last one to respect human life when it's against its economic interests talks about that ?
Linda Paul Added Apr 9, 2018 - 10:00am
It's a daily, sometimes hour by hour cringe. Hopefully this country will return to the level of civility that hailed the previous administration. I do fear, though that the genie's been unleashed.
One thing to remember though, "the layer of civilization is thin, especially in the Western World, where money and power justifies any sort on discriminative behavior," this is true not of just the Western World. It is a global, perhaps a human failing that very few societies seem able to squelch.
Ari Silverstein Added Apr 9, 2018 - 10:06am
A pseudonym by the name of “Stone-Eater” is discussing politics online, yet belittling those (in his previous article) that anonymously discuss politics online.  All I read here is hypocrisy. 
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 10:36am
Thanks for joining and and your thoughtful comment.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 10:39am
Pseudonym. My family name was in my avatar since 2014, and I removed it because people who know me know where to find me by now, and it simply sounded not good anymore.
You were just looking for something you can bash me about, and you resort to such little things because you don't find a valuable argument to use otherwise.
What about concentrating on the article instead ? Or, if you don't find anything, just shut up LOL
Matthew Sotak Added Apr 9, 2018 - 1:01pm
AND to prove just how stupid WE ALL are!! This is the exact same ploy THEY use in our country to strip us of our constitutional rights! THEY send in CIA OR FBI SHOOTERS TO SHOOT up a school, (during a drill OF course) then the drill goes live?? A patsie with a pre prepared facebook and social media backstory is picked up to take the blame  (remember Osama bin Laden) CIA asset "Tim Osman"!! First responders ARE told to "STAND DOWN" AND they IMMIDIETLY comply?? Untold numbers SHOTans killed, yet zero video from inside the school, THAT would actually SHOW the shooter in progress, is ever PRESENTED?? It' all PHONY! It' all bullshit! It' all "NEW WORLD ORDER " PSYCHOS, USING THIER BOUGHT AND PAID FOR MEDIA TO KEEP AMERICANS, DEAF, DUMB, STUPID, BLIND, AND IGNORANT! IT' PITIFUL REALLY, AFTER OVER 200 MASS SHOOTINGS, WITH STORIES SO FULL OF HOLES, IT COULD BE MISTAKEN FOR SWISS CHEESE, AND THE DUMBASS AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST KEEP FALLING FOR THE BLUSTER AND THE PHONY RAGE?? DAMN!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 1:15pm
I can't judge that really emotional comment, but it fits into the 9/11 and the following Patriot Act agenda, from what I read and saw as a foreigner.
Mass control and surveillance is the thing today, also in Europe. The funny thing is that in all those "terrorist attacks", be it in Paris or in Germany (and the ones to come) surveillance didn't work and people forgot their identity papers on the spot LOL
Remember: We don't have a patriot act in all of Europe yet. But some more "attacks" and "unregistered refugees" will soon justify that. Then the cashless society will come at a broad scale (as in Sweden already), and every fucking move and purchase by you will be registered and analyzed.
When you're lucky, you will find a chance to fuck off to Africa or South America, or Asia where the network isn't so tight yet.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 1:15pm
The attackers "forgot" their identity papers on the spot.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 9, 2018 - 1:16pm
CORRECTION dammit. No light here. Maybe at some stage I'll need a Braille keyboard......
Setacros Added Apr 9, 2018 - 2:32pm
Who is this EXPAT?  OK I am new here, though I did have an article published a few weeks ago, so I haven't come across him before, but I've seldom read such an incoherent rant (basically) on any site where reason and at least an attempt at facts are the norm, e.g. unlike what to expect in YouTube comments, or on InfoWars, etc..
Considering the (now) long history of fake news about Syria (think Obomber's nonsense), you'd be forgiven for thinking that anyone with a modicum of intelligence would at least be sceptical (obviously Trumpigula doesn't qualify, though psychopathy and intelligence are not mutually exclusive).  Anyhow I can't understand what EXPAT is doing here, just trotting out MSM talking points and libelling other contributors.
Pardero Added Apr 9, 2018 - 3:23pm
He is a retired veteran who gets his Russophobia from CNN and the Washington Post. Probably, the real news is censored where he is, and only fake news is available to him. Kinda sad what fake news can do to a person.
Bill H. Added Apr 9, 2018 - 6:10pm
Matthew Sotak - What site do you get your information from?
I haven't seen anything close to that one, even on InfoWars!
George N Romey Added Apr 9, 2018 - 6:33pm
This is the thing. What is the what isn’t the truth? I think Americans are becoming disillusioned and conflicted.
James Travil Added Apr 9, 2018 - 6:43pm
Mostly humorous article like something Tubularsock would write (that's a compliment BTW) but unfortunately it attracted the resident clown stooge Expat. As usual all he presents is NATO/Washington state establishment propaganda and yellow journalism. Yawn. Like listening to a broken record, pathetic actually. 
Bill H. Added Apr 10, 2018 - 1:30am
Just when I thought I had seen it all.....................
I have a feeling this is going to be a most interesting week.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 10, 2018 - 1:49am
You bet :)
Stone-Eater Added Apr 10, 2018 - 1:49am
...and thanks to our newcomers for participating :)
Phil Greenough Added Apr 10, 2018 - 11:37am
When chemical weapons start killing people in mass the time for diplomacy has ended.  Putin, Russia and Iran have backed Assad.  If it wasn’t for their protection, an animal like Assad would not be using these weapons.  There is no school for diplomatic behavior except the school of common sense.  Common sense alone shows that when America isn’t in control atrocities like this are allowed to happen.  Kudos for Trump for saying what needs to be said. 
Stone-Eater Added Apr 10, 2018 - 12:09pm
Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Share a beer with Expat ;-)
Setacros Added Apr 10, 2018 - 3:40pm
Phil?  Do you get all of your false opinions from the MSM and/or Trump.  Bashar al Assad was a London ophthalmologist son of his President father (who was more dictatorial) and who only returned to Syria reluctantly when his older brother got killed in a car accident.  Bashar is very mild mannered.
He became a reforming President (he is very popular with most Syrians) but the US/CIA had had plans for destabilizing Syria since the 1990 (PNAC) as Gen Wesley-Clark revealed in 2002, i.e. seven countries to be destroyed in five years, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia. Libya, SYRIA and Iran.  Bashar stood no chance, did he!!
US/CIA/MI6/Mossad/Saudi, etc backed Al Qaida/ISIS/ISL/Daesh/FSA, etc. mercenary terrorists have been sent into all of those countries, they use chemical weapons.  Syria had all of its chemical weapons destroyed under US supervision a couple of years ago and so did Russia even earlier.
ISIS is supplied with chemical weapons by the US/CIA for false flags to blame on Syria.  The terrorists in Ghouta are nearly defeated by the SAA with Russian air support.  It makes NO sense to use chemical weapons at this stage, even if they had them.

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