Trump in a Brutus Bear-Trap…

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Yep, you guessed it.   Trump is playing out the neo version of the Julius Caesar and Brutus scenario. The U.S. is the Roman Empire, and Trump is a hybrid Julius Caesar who is rich and proud with power. But who is Brutus and the Roman senate that brings on instability and then crushes Caesar?


This hybrid Brutus of modern day is very close to Trump, but has shown a clear willingness to have him circled by Bear-Traps. These Traps are legal maneuvers where ethics and fairness are waived because the ends justify the means. Some will say Trump deserves what he gets even if laws are broken to get him in the Bear-Trap.


Short sightedness of history could cause too many people to think things have never been this bad politically. But they are very wrong.   Would anyone say it is worse than when President Lincoln decided against the South, and we had the Civil War?   Within that period and others there were threats of imposing improper use of Martial Law, and States of Emergency, and additionally the risk for suspension of Habeas Corpus.


Under the guise of self-righteousness and ‘Political Correctness’ our modern day Brutus and his cohorts have been exposed to be a threat to the safeguarding of individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action on U.S. citizens.


Some might see all that is happening as an attempted legalized coup that invalidates an election result.


The case of the hybrid Brutus Bear-Trap that snares the hybrid Caesar is intriguing, entertaining, and a sad drama. The cliffhanger is whether or not the trapped leg is cut off to free him or does he stay trapped in an attempt to save the leg? What is the leg a metaphor of here? Is Brutus unstoppable? Can Rome survive this mess?


If all the actors involved are committed to extremes in order to beat the other, we are looking at a constitutionally mangled warfare among the D.C. crowd with loads of dollars wasted.. In that case, the Supreme Court becomes a hornet’s nest. Trump could possibly avoid some of this if he jettisons that bear-trapped leg and then kicks out the Brutus.



George N Romey Added Apr 10, 2018 - 8:27am
Trump has the cockroach sense of survival. Since June 2015 they’ve all denounced his ability to exist yet he continues on. He without a doubt lacks deep thinking and understanding but he has a certain sense of savvy very rarely found in human beings.
Thomas Sutrina Added Apr 10, 2018 - 8:54am
Opes, so how can these both be true "Trump is a hybrid Julius Caesar" and "hybrid Brutus of modern day is very close to Trump?"  Then you add more confusion " willingness to have him circled by Bear-Traps" 
Opes more history ballony, "President Lincoln decided against the South, and we had the Civil War."  The American people in 1958 put the obscure Republican party into power in a single blow, from no present to control of the House of Representatives.  The Civil War was the result of the deep state, slave states, and crony capitalist realizing they no longer controlled the house and would be loosing the Senate and white house in 1860.    Four candidates ran for the presidency. Lincoln swept the northern states.   The Southern Democrat took the slave states.  The Norther Democrat and remains of the Whig part got a few electoral college votes.  Oper the people decided.  
So what is this crap of "Martial Law, and States of Emergency, and additionally the risk for suspension of Habeas Corpus."  The southern Democratic congressmen pick up their marbles and walked off the congress play field and started their own game.  The arming of the South create the martial law and emergency issue.
Opes Added Apr 10, 2018 - 10:27am
George N Romey As you seem to say, Trump is often underestimated in being savvy and clever with his bare-bones tactics to shake things up enough where he actually thrives within the chaos.
Opes Added Apr 10, 2018 - 10:38am
Thomas Sutrina You say  - Opes, so how can these both be true "Trump is a hybrid Julius Caesar" and "hybrid Brutus of modern day is very close to Trump?"  Then you add more confusion " willingness to have him circled by Bear-Traps".  ANS: It means that Trump has a high level person in his administration that is akin to Brutus conspiring against Caesar by way of direct and indirect intentional acts.
The statement - "willingness to have him circled by Bear-Traps" refers to the complicit behavior of legislators, regulators, and federal law enforce where the scales are unbalanced so much that anyone with a clear vision can see the extremes of double standards.  Selective outrage based on political persuasion and based on maintaining the status quo.
George N Romey Added Apr 10, 2018 - 10:56am
Opes I think Trump thrives on constant attention and his own self glory.  I'm not so sure about the chaos.  I think in business it was much easier for him to float above it all and leave his subordinates to sort it out. 
Thomas Sutrina Added Apr 10, 2018 - 1:18pm
Oper you still confusing.  How can he be like two people that are opposites at the same time?  If you pointed out the specific parts of each's personality then a third different person Trump could be created from those parts.  But you still haven't done that.
Now you liken him to a bear.  Yet Muller to act at all has to define a crime that he is investigating before starting to investigate.  No one have defined a crime.   
And Rosenthal is not authorized to act for Sessions out side a very narrow range of his accusation boundaries.  Thus he can not give Muller permission to go outside.
Finally both men and the team have conflicts being involved in Obama Administration Russian Collusion.  Muller was investigating criminal activity of the Russian government involving at least the sale of nuclear material.  Rosenthal was also involved in Hillary investigation that included the sale.  So neither can be impartial.  The Supreme Court will likely throw out every thing Muller is doing.
What bear trap?
And sexual layaxons for politicians in private lives is so common that past history tells us nothing should happen.  But this is also attached to Muller extending outside the tight bounds that Rosenthal can authorize.  Fruit of the forbidden tree.  What bear trap?  The only reason this continues is that the leadership of the GOP also doesn't like Trump.
Opes Added Apr 10, 2018 - 11:41pm
Thomas Sutrina , The Brutus is someone close to Trump who is allowing Mueller to continue the witch hunt in an unlimited wide ranging, scattered, scandalous fashion.  The bear-traps that Trump is in was setup by the Never-Trumper GOP crowd.
Doug Plumb Added Apr 11, 2018 - 10:31am
Its been said that there are no errors in law in the Shakespearean plays and that for this reason it must have been Francis Becon writing under a pen name. I read the play Julius Caesar in English class, but I didn't really pay attention. Things of politic didn't interest this teenager, I had more pressing issues.
Dino Manalis Added Apr 11, 2018 - 2:36pm
Trump means well, but he should do a much better job at uniting America!
Utpal Patel Added Apr 12, 2018 - 2:28am
Based on what action have you concluded that Trump is “playing out the neo version of the Julius Caesar and Brutus scenario?”  Unlike the prior two presidents, Trump has not started any war or escalated a war by a measurable degree.  He seeks the approval of Congress versus our prior president who ruled by presidential diktat.  So what happened prompting you to say such terrible things about our current president?  Whatever it is, your article should have referenced it.  Because it didn’t, it’s just a political smear piece. 
Opes Added Apr 12, 2018 - 8:25am
Utpal Patel After re-reading it, I can see how people might think it is a hit piece on Trump.  But that is not the intention.  The point is that Trump has been put into a situation that is similar to the Caesar vs Brutus scenario because he became president, and due to the fact he is surrounded by enemies in both political parties and within his administration.  If this scenario is true, we might eventually discover that some of his own cabinet picks have had behaviors and actions similar to Brutus against Caesar.
Thomas Napers Added Apr 13, 2018 - 2:10am
“Trump could possibly avoid some of this if he jettisons that bear-trapped leg and then kicks out the Brutus.”
Can I please get the Cliff Notes version of this article?  What is acting like a bear-trap on Trump’s leg?  Who should Trump kick out? 
I preface those questions with the understanding that Trump is the POTUS.  Very little can stop him from doing whatever he wants to do.  Starting with Comey, repeatedly he has demonstrated that he’s unafraid to kick out anyone that stands in his way. 
Opes Added Apr 13, 2018 - 9:34am
Thomas Napers  Isn't it obvious that there is a secret political clique or faction.  A cabal of un-elected enforcers for resisting any change from the status quo in the federal government.
That Brutus-Bear-Trap that is clamped onto Trump's leg represents the group of people within government that knowingly (and unknowingly) created the dossier fiction to snare as punishment for winning the election to become POTUS.  If Trump didn't win, it would be a non-story, and all our attention would be on having our next first of a kind thing - a female POTUS.  It would have been business as usual, and continued drive to push society in progressive directions of globalism, etc.  
The passion-play of the trapped Trump leg is representing that people he wants to trust, he can't.  The closest people to him are his risk, likened to keeping a leg attached.
Sam Nowaczynski Added Apr 14, 2018 - 3:50am
“the group of people within government that knowingly (and unknowingly) created the dossier fiction to snare”
Why make it sound like we don’t know who created or paid for the dossier? Those individuals are known.  As for trust, Trump is quickly running out of friends.  We know how liberals feel about him and he keeps doing things that conservatives hate.  That leaves very few friends in Washington. 
Opes Added Apr 14, 2018 - 10:10am
 Sam Nowaczynski
Yes, some of the people involved seem to be known, but I am guessing there are more.  Its a smoke screen that has us ignoring a lot of lawlessness within both parties and within federal institutions.
Also, there appears to be an abundance of 'useful idiots'.
Looking back at Sen. McCain does seem to show that it was lucky thing that he didn't win the presidency because he is damaged goods.
Flying Junior Added Apr 16, 2018 - 4:25am
McCain is an idiot?
You are a fool.
A better definition of damaged goods might read anyone who was stupid enough to vote for Trump.
I am very much damaged.  But I pulled myself together.  Today I am a family man with standing in my local community.
Perhaps you are unaware of the damage that has occurred to you.
Opes Added Apr 16, 2018 - 10:09am
 Flying Junior
If you could possibly take off the blinders for a moment, you would see that there is something very fishy about McCain's past behavior.  Some of us can remember that as a presidential candidate he was interested in picking a running mate from a party not his own.  His experiences in life may have had some effects that need further considerations prior to just blindly accepting all is well with the insight.
As for idiots, there are useful ones and those that are not.