DRAFT: President Trump:Bomb the Shitty Schools out of the 'Hood Before Bombing Innocent People

So we have concrete evidence that the evil butcher in Syria gassed his people and the outraged Trump wishes to "learn" them a lesson--as we learned the Iraqis a lesson over their never found weapons of mass destruction.  Interestingly, these gassings happen at convenient times to get a knee-jerk reaction from our president, who is now shoving his in Putin's face to let him see whose is bigger. So, nuclear conflagration could emerge as a result of the need to prove whose Johnson is bigger, as such a need prolonged the Vietnam war.


In the meantime, our avenging president is willing to spend $billions in perishable military hardware to deal with the heartless Assad, while refusing to take another 1000 of the suffering Syrians. What paradox.


Perhaps, then, he should show America to be strong by using the bombs here to obliterate the root cause of the school to prison pipeline and get some love from Blacks in his reelection bid.