WORLD PEACE I or 1.0.....


World Peace I. Wouldn't that sound great ? Or...well, today we might have to call it World Peace 1.0. We're talking about World War I, and even more about World War II.


Why do we keep on talking about that cruel past even though we KNOW that World Peace I seems not possible, but at the same time, as individuals, we long for it ? Do we need to recall all that shit of the past in full knowledge that it will never change ? WHY do we recall it all the time ? To feel better because we haven't had the bad luck to be in war.....ourselves ? Do we really care ?


Do we ?


I'm not so sure anymore. Why ? Because I see that we keep on clittering about which system is the best to live together in "peace", and that discussion only keeps us from coming together. Fucking Socialist ! Fucking Neocon ! Fucking Nazi ! Fucking progressive do-gooder LGBTQOP wanker ! Fucking black no-brainers ! Fucking white investment banker suckers ! Fucking stinking lazy latinos ! Fucking feminists who only need a good fuck to get back in line ! Fucking Trump ego creep ! Fucking Goldman-Sachs Macron softie ! Fucking Putin macho who wants to kill us all !


And so it goes on. Everybody else is an asshole, but not US. See ? THAT'S the problem. Our own prejudices. We are convinced that WE are right. Because WE know. Others don't.


And on a such base World Peace I can never happen. We have to realize that we might be right, but we also need the personality and inner strenght to say I WAS WRONG when it is needed. Because there is NO ONE who is always 100% right.


Even more so because "being right" is a matter of perception, and is a result of the culture one is born into and has grown with. Tolerance and wisdom grows with life experience and understanding. And with a minimal portion of empathy, and as my dear friend Tony said, "read-listen".


That's why I think in today's politics and business there is a frightening lack of these. We have become an egomaniac world. ME FIRST ! AMERICA FIRST ! Who's the next wannabe FIRST ?


And that's why I don't see World Peace 1.0 coming soon.


Even Trump, Putin, Macron or any other enemy figure you might have today, they all have to shit too. Maybe they use perfumed toilet paper. But deep down they're no different than we are. They are all a PRODUCT of a society that doesn't know TOGETHERNESS.


We have to find a way to show them - and DO BETTER.


....which might be an impossible task. But if WE don't try - in digital times - who does ?


Stone-Eater Added Apr 15, 2018 - 9:13am
....and if you call me an old idealist delusional hippie, I'm proud of it LOL
wsucram15 Added Apr 15, 2018 - 9:58am
Go get em..SEF.   At the end of the day, it doesnt matter who is right when everyone is dead or dying EXCEPT the very people we try to defend, our leaders that create this mess.   Just my thoughts on the matter...
Also SEF..not everyone thinks America should be first or that it is first. The ideal behind that is to take care of its own problems 1st and I cannot disagree with that concept, especially when it comes to global policy. Some things you have to fix internally first before you can work in cooperation with others in a healthy way.
Only greedy people want wars, SEF-every person I have ever met discuses a peaceful world.
Leroy Added Apr 15, 2018 - 9:59am
Contrary to popular belief, we are in a period of relative peace. We kill each less than we did in the past.  It is progress.
Stone-Eater Added Apr 15, 2018 - 10:05am
not everyone thinks America should be first or that it is first.
WE don't believe that. We wish that the US starts to behave as a normal country and integrates into a community of n nations without having Orange Tweets or Boltonese characters to tell the world here we are and we're no. 1 LOL
Stone-Eater Added Apr 15, 2018 - 10:08am
We kill each other less in wars at the moment, but we have more refined methods, economic ones, which lead the people within countries to kill each other, see Venezuela at the moment. But nevertheless - we are not less brutal as 300 years ago.
Progress should be mental progress. Not progress in weapons technology.....
Rusty Smith Added Apr 15, 2018 - 10:18am
World peace is a nice dream but not a realistic goal for the US or any other country because no one country has the resources or ability to influence enough of the globe to make it happen.
Most of the world seems to think the US is a rich nation with the resources to police all the smaller countries and OBLIGATED to step in whenever real nasty stuff like genocide are taking place, or more recently chemical weapons are being used.  I disagree.
In my opinion, the US is only obligated to watch out for it's own interests, and if Syria wants to exterminate it's ethnic opposition it might be nice to stop them, but even if we do they will just wait for us to leave and continue where we left off.  There is no way for the US to control foreign lands without ongoing costs and efforts.
Do we have the right, well probably NO.  It's not our country, and countries we've saved are generally not grateful for the effort,