DRAFT: Natalie Portman’s Ultimate Virtue Signalling

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Hollywood is in a weird position. On the one hand it thoroughly left-wing, which ships with a certain amount of antisemitims. On the other hand the place is awash with Jewish people. Some claim that the latter statement is not PC, but I don’t do PC. There is a lot of nepotism going on and to be safe decision makers let even unrelated Jews slip into the fold from time to time to make sure that nobody’s niece is set back.


To be a Hollywood person, one should be a special kind of Jew. You must swear on the Tora that you hate the Tora. When Ben Shapiro wrote his book “Primetime Propaganda” he hid his kippa under a baseball cap in order to do his undercover research.


Yet, from time to time these actors are stuck between Hollywood’s antisemitism and the expectations of their families. Natalie Portman found an interesting way out. If you really cannot bring yourself to hate Israel, you must hate the government. But if you don’t know a specific policy to criticize you better hate the conservative Prime Minister.


Ms Portman can be lucky that Israel has Netanyahu. She sure wouldn’t have criticized a leftist leader in the short months before Israel’s final destruction by her enemies.


I am very critical of the recent attack against an Iranian military base in Syria, which I believe has been carried out by the IDF and has killed ten pro-Tehran warriors. But Portman’s criticism is no criticism. In her entire statement she does not specify what she wants to see changed. She speaks in very abstract terms. And you bet that she either doesn’t know a thing or obfuscates that she has no proper ground to criticise the Prime Minister.