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Sorry guys I've had it here. I can't carry on on a US site lightly seeing that these fucking US assholes carry on preparing wars all over, now Iran is on the way.


I'm so fucking pissed off and also mad about all those millions of Americans who do fuck all to stop that shit.


Sorry guys not your fault but I just can't support all that shit anymore. How dumb can people be ?


I go now and get as drunk as I've not been in the last 10 years.


Neil Lock Added May 8, 2018 - 4:55pm
Stone-Eater: Gently now, my friend.
It isn't Autumn's fault where she was born. Nor anyone else here, American or otherwise. Some of us (including you and I) have learned to reject the "my country, right or wrong" meme. Others haven't yet; but it's growing.
Anyway, enjoy your evening. And don't do anything you would regret.
Stone-Eater Added May 8, 2018 - 4:59pm
Hi Neil
I'm too pissed off that one fucking country wants us to have a WW3 for profit and the stupid sheep only nod. Sorry but right now I could ..... whatever. It just makes me sick to see that at my age of 60. We're such a fucking stupid species.
Stone-Eater Added May 8, 2018 - 5:02pm
I wish all of my friends here well. May they leave that haunted place where they live :)
Neil Lock Added May 8, 2018 - 5:09pm
Stone-Eater: Please don't try to lecture me on your seniority as a 60-year-old. I'll be 65 in two hours...
:-) </sarc> </actually true!>
Morgoth Added May 8, 2018 - 5:34pm
Don’t blame me.  I didn’t vote for Donald the Thud and I think Netanyahu is an asshole.
Funny, I thought the Thud was supposed to keep us out of foreign conflict....oh, well.
Leroy Added May 8, 2018 - 6:02pm
"If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen."
Doug Plumb Added May 8, 2018 - 6:18pm
Its a big ocean, you are just a piece of driftwood.
James Travil Added May 8, 2018 - 6:21pm
Trump has proven that his campaign promises were all entirely lies, that he is worse than Obama and that the word of the United States is worthless. Furthermore now that there will no longer be inspections Iran is free to build nukes. Trump is a tool of the Military-security complex and a complete fool. One would have to not care about any of this things to not be pissed. 
Mustafa Kemal Added May 8, 2018 - 8:19pm
STone Eater, 
re:"I'm too pissed off that one fucking country wants us to have a WW3 for profit and the stupid sheep only nod. "
Many of us are also.  Everywhere I go I hear the sheeple nod.

Many havent a clue and many think
Doin right aint got no end
I sure wish you wouldnt leave. We need you.
Mustafa Kemal Added May 8, 2018 - 8:19pm
Leroy, re:
""If you can't stand the heat, get out the kitchen.""
talk sense man!
Morgoth Added May 8, 2018 - 8:54pm
I wish I could still drink.  I’d have started in November of 2016 and not stopped until November of 2020.
Stephen Hunter Added May 8, 2018 - 9:37pm
Gotta figure out where to spend that extra budget the military now has, Stone. The US spends more than the next 10 countries combined. Those in power are bought by the MIC and always have been. They did kill John F Kennedy because if he stayed in power there would have been no Vietnam. 
I hope for better things in the generations to come.   
Katharine Otto Added May 8, 2018 - 9:42pm
I've had a "Support our troops.  Bring them home."  bumper sticker on my car for at least ten years.  And I live in a military town, with an army/air force base a couple of miles from my house.  I live directly under the flight path of military planes headed to the Middle East.  I have written Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (who grew up down the street from me) asking him to close Hunter field, because I feel like I'm in a war zone.  (He didn't answer, and Hunter is still open.)
I'm beginning to think national bankruptcy is the only thing that will save us from ourselves.  That's one reason I'm working less, spending less, and paying less in taxes, while collecting Social Security.  I feel it's my patriotic duty.
If this keeps up, I may have to join you in Senegal.  Should I brush up on my French?
Thomas Sutrina Added May 8, 2018 - 9:57pm
Appeasement doesn't work.  The Constitution states that treaties must be approved by the Senate.  And their is very good reasons to require more then one person setting foreign policy for decades and may effect the nation for decades.   
Obama chose to not put his agreement in front of the Senate because he knew the Senate, including democrats like the minority leader, Chuck Schumer.   
Want to be angry then be angry at Obama for not signing a treaty with the approval of the Senate.   Be angry and the European EU that knew this requirement and ignored it.  They very well know that it would be rejected if a GOP president preceded Obama.    
Thomas Sutrina Added May 8, 2018 - 10:06pm
Trump gave the EU 16 months to fix the Iranian deal.  They did nothing effectively.  And they already knew that Trump would do what he promise as he did to the DACA executive action.  The president is given the power to make decision on immigration that are TEMPORARY.  Congress by the Constitution has the responsibility for immigration.  The EU saw that Trump if following the Constitution.  He gave Congress months to create legislation on DACA.  
Stone, the congress didn't correct these problems created by Obama because they would be acting against the voters.  They would have to answer for their votes in the next election.
A. Jones Added May 8, 2018 - 10:48pm
Sorry guys I've had it here.
Don't let the door hit you in the butt when you leave.
Adolf Dick McMenace Added May 8, 2018 - 11:01pm
Yet another glaring failure of the U.N. and the so-called "international community", but on the up side, if our policies reduce enemies like Stone into snivveling, self-destructive alcoholic wretches, then GO USA! GOOOOHHH YOOOUUU ESSSSS AAAYYYY!!! LOOOL! Stone, dude, here's a beer...I'd rather spend a couple of Euros on a beer for you than a million-dollar-plus cruise missile to launch up your ass sideways for it (and you) to explode into a million pieces, but whatever dude! You better split to the promised land, before Switzerland winds up glowing like a very rich and well-funded X-mas tree, all year around!
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 1:31am
Ca serait bien :) Toujours bienvenue !
Flying Junior Added May 9, 2018 - 3:29am
I was equally horrified by the misguided discontinuation of the U.S. in the multi-national treaty with Iran.
If you say it is a prelude to war, I am inclined to believe you.  There really is no other logical explanation.
Trump is King Merdre.  Everything he touches turns to shit.  Every day it is worse and worse.
Sutrina, Lock, B. Travil and any others.
Fuck off.  A Southern Man don't need you around anyhow.
James Travil Added May 9, 2018 - 3:56am
Flying Asswipe I'm sure if anyone needs some shit from you they will just squeeze your head you neocon phoney. 
Flying Junior Added May 9, 2018 - 4:00am
You're not an American.  Nyaah-nyaah-nyaah-nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!
Flying Junior Added May 9, 2018 - 4:06am
Is this your church of satan?  Do you know these guys?  Satan loves all of his children.
Do you go to satanic picnics?
James Travil Added May 9, 2018 - 4:15am
Wow you need some serious psychological help, big time! And BTW I've made it clear in two articles here so far that I'm a member of the Church of Satan not Satanic Temple. I guess it must be that Christian rot infecting what's left of your diseased Democrat brain. 
Flying Junior Added May 9, 2018 - 4:30am
Ha ha.  Okay I believe you.  For now.
If you are an American, I sure as hell hope there isn't much more of that going around.
Kurt Bresler Added May 9, 2018 - 5:25am
Wow  >> Leroy, A. Jones,  Michael B.   
Stone must have really ripped you guys up and down on your articles?
Even though I had similar thoughts ..I'm not sure I was prepared to write them down and ...submit them too.  I keep remembering those lessons in Sunday School. like-
"See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men." kjv
Jeffry Gilbert Added May 9, 2018 - 5:26am
Stone, whether it's won't, don't or can't one thing is absolutely certain DUHmericans aren't in control of their country. It became clear to me after the Kent State Massacre that they just don't care about the abject criminality of their rulers. I have listened to endless complaining from them but have never seen any action. It's out of our hands. 
Ari Silverstein Added May 9, 2018 - 8:25am
There is a God as I’ve had enough of articles about Senegal, pro-Nazism, anti-Americanism and crappy poetry. 
Adolf Dick McMenace Added May 9, 2018 - 8:52am
I don't know why Stone-Head is so butt-hurt, as any country that seeks to evade sanctions and/or engages in nefarious activity puts Switzerland at the tip-top of the list of "go to" places. But, as Stone-Head seems to be chronically unemployed, I guess that doesn't matter, except that it means more taxes levied to support him and his family. BTW....FUCK Senegal and every other African shithole, as if there is any other kind. LOOOOL, PLEASE turn Europe into a giant smoking crater!!!
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 9:52am
Fuck you. Why do you even comment ? Kiss NetanYahoo's ass.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 9:53am
Thanks LOL
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 9:54am
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 9:55am
You know where your middle finger might fit in ?
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 9:57am
The US has no fucking right to order any country on anything. Get your own house in order first :)
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 10:03am
BTW: All I want is that the US sheep wake up and stop their regime steering into WW3 for profits. Is that so fucking hard to understand ? The rest of the world has enough of US wars on pretexts. My fucking 'god' guys. Is that so hard to understand ? Before people were against Vietnam and DID something. Now....
Hey bro huh gimme that shitphone gotta call my bitch huh need somethin y know wha ey heh.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 10:10am
Thanks for commenting, although I'm not too much into sunday school stuff LOL
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 10:10am
No comment. You know me.
Thomas Sutrina Added May 9, 2018 - 10:11am
Stone >>The US has no fucking right to order any country on anything. Get your own house in order first :)>>  Where did this come from?  Treaties by law require the consent of the Senate.  So the Iran agreement (not a treaty) is noT the USA speaking but just Obama.  Obama and Kerry can keep their promise with Iran and the Socialist in the EU.  But they do not speak for America.  Trump got our house in order by FOLLOWING THE LAW, THE CONSTITUTION.  
Ric Wells Added May 9, 2018 - 10:31am
Stone if you are gone I will bid you farewell from Writer Beat. But before you go from a different perspective at 50,000 feet above the earth, Russia, China, Iran, Isis, Is Isil, Taliban are all out for world domination in one form or another. Am I defending the actions of the United States. No. But it is possible that if these actions were not taken the entire world would have been destroyed long ago. Does the United States overstep its bounds at times? Absolutely but so has all of the above fore mentioned. What is perceived as aggression by one party is perceived as survival by the other and that is where human instinct kicks in. Do I think you should leave WB? Not really but if you have had enough and have come to the conclusion that you are writing just to see yourself write then I would think a hiatus is in order. But if think you are spitting against the wind and getting soaked it is time to leave. Does the United States have imperialistic tendencies and actions at times. Yes guilty as charged. But you cannot deny the others have as well. Even Switzerland has imperialistic tendencies through its banking philosophy. Not an attack just a perception. Neutrality is both good and bad, Again perception. Are your articles inciteful? For the most part yes. Do they sometimes rant. Yes but so do mine and others. Are they biased? Of course but every article and everything stated on this site and all others are biased. They cannot help but be. If you leave Bon chance mon ami. 
Even A Broken Clock Added May 9, 2018 - 10:34am
Stone - agree with your sentiments. At least in my state, Don Blankenship didn't win nomination. There is still some hope in this country.
Ric Wells Added May 9, 2018 - 10:40am
By the way you have asked in the past where to find my books. I have been remiss. Just google ricwellsbooks. It will take you to the Kindle site. From there you can get to the paperback site or Create Space.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 10:55am
Read the UN Charta. Seems that is unknown in the US.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:01am
I agree. But a country which has more than 800 military bases around the world CANNOT BE PEACEFUL. Facts deny wishful thinking.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:01am
Hurry up please :(
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:04am
The world wants the US to be just another country. We have enough of gods own people and gods own countries as long as god hasn't confirmed that LOL
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:11am
Thanks. I'll happily read it. You're one of the reasonable voices here. Maybe one has to know his past to become reasonable.....
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:14am
Fully agree. One is a US comedian with no fun factor and the other a Jewish Nazi.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:17am
...but we Europeans kiss tragedy ass. Seen with the French Maccaroni and the German Ferkel. May Theresa get blown out of her job and return to prepare mince pies.
Ric Wells Added May 9, 2018 - 11:17am
The UN wad obsolete and ineffective at its inception. When one vote on the Security Council could negate all others it was immediately useless. Not just a US vote but any member of that council. It will and will go by the wayside just ad the League of Nations did. 
Katharine Otto Added May 9, 2018 - 11:21am
I hope you enjoyed your drunk and woke up without a hangover.  I also hope you have reconsidered giving up on all your faithful friends on WriterBeat.  Such loving farewells as I've read above convince me you would be sorely missed should you abandon us poor, misguided souls to the perils of our own stupidity.
What, I ask you, should the US sheeple do?  The world is a powder keg, and I agree the US is wielding its flamethrower with reckless abandon, but we aren't dead yet, so there's still hope.  
I don't think renouncing the Iran deal automatically translates into war.  (More war, that is.)  While the sheeple may not actually oppose these wars, they are not gung-ho for them, either, which may curb at least some excesses.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:25am
A big remote kiss :) I don't have another recipe than: Study history and economics. Read a world map. It all repeats itself. And never forget that a generation is only 25 years. But it's enough to forget or not remember. That's for the PARENTS.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:28am
BTW: Wesley Clark seems to be right. And that's what makes me furious. I have kids. And I hope they will have a future that doesn't depend on old fools.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 11:30am
BTW2: I wasn't drunk. When I'm drunk I can't type anymore LOL
Leroy Added May 9, 2018 - 12:00pm
"Stone must have really ripped you guys up and down on your articles?"
No, Kurt.  It was just friendly advice.  If he feels he cannot compete against the heat of American arguments, maybe it is time to leave.  Some stand up for what they believe.  Others fold like a cheap suit.  I guess that Stoney sees himself as no match to Americans.
Leroy Added May 9, 2018 - 12:03pm
Wherever Stoney chooses to hide from American "oppression," I sure hope they have safe or cry rooms for his sake. 
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 12:10pm
No match ? In what respect ? I don't weep around, I just say what I think. If that's ok with some, good. If not with others, ok too. And I like to provoke. Because THEN people show real face. Because when people get emotional, they open up.
....which doesn't necessarily mean that arguments count anymore, but that's ok too. One can see the fond of the pond ;-)
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 12:21pm
If the US would just say.
Ok, we have nukes. And we have plenty. We do understand that other countries feel threatened by us because we are such a strong military force. We would feel the same if another country would be in our place. So if WE have nukes, others can have them too. We have no right to tell other independent countries what to do and what not. And we know that they also want to be respected. So let's just sit together, figure that out, do good business together, and if we at one time can eliminate ALL nukes, even better. But for that, we all have to realize that cultures are different and we don't have the right to dictate our way of life to others.
Is that so difficult ? Trump wanted to do business with Putin, no more no less. He's a simple man. Ask criminals like Bolton or Kissinger or McCain about it. Old men who have maybe 10 years left. Why should THEY care ?
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 12:40pm
BTW: Trump just talked about "serious consquences" for Iran.
The US fracking industry will directly profit from a war in Iran because the price of oil will go up. The stability in the region will be in favor of Saudi Arabia, a rogue state which has no human rights but is supported by the US because of their oil. Israel and Saudi are new best friends in between. Huh ? What a fake ! On one hand a Jewish Nazi, on the other an Islamist Wahhabia Nazi ? Please. Who buys that shit ??
Do people even remark what's wrong in all those stories ? 9/11 ? Where were Iranians in there ? Nowhere. These were in the majority Saudis who attacked. Means the US best friends in the ME.
We say in German: Der Fisch beginnt am Kopf zu stinken. Means the fish starts to rot and stink on the head. Meanwhile the whole fish is decomposing.
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 12:48pm
I guess that Stoney sees himself as no match to Americans.
BTW: As far as the subject of US hegemony is concerned I guess we Europeans aren't as blindfolded yet. And I see that in people who reply and argument here without needing to hail the US flag all the time :-)
Stone-Eater Added May 9, 2018 - 1:54pm
Hey Autumn are you being hacked ? Articles show n times here lately and my draft is now saved 20 times ;-)
Ian Thorpe Added May 9, 2018 - 2:45pm
Stone, I'm thinking it's time to take a break from WB too, glad to hear I'm not the only one unintentionally posting the same article multiple times. Glitches happen but with the delete feature not working I can't even clear the duplicates.
And the servers here have been painfully slow for a long time.
As for the war drums, you'll find those all over the web right now.
You could join me at minds.com
and if public opinion manages to hold back the deep state and we are still around in a couple of months, come back here, these plagues strike sites but go away in time.
Pardero Added May 9, 2018 - 5:11pm
We need all the anti-war voices that we can get. Some obscure forum, such as WB, might be the only exposure that some people get, to another viewpoint. 
We need your perspective to help balance out the neocons. Their group-think bullying can be demoralizing, but we have an obligation to resist them. Your 'like' button is the least of your tools for advancing the cause of peace. Please don't abandon us, Stone-Eater.
Doug Plumb Added May 9, 2018 - 7:00pm
Stone Eater, my earlier comment. We are all just pieces of driftwood on the ocean, we are not really responsible for what is going on when we object and we think.
Pardero Added May 9, 2018 - 7:05pm
Doug Plumb,
That's right. We do not consent.
James Travil Added May 9, 2018 - 8:42pm
I too hope that you don't leave Stone. As Pardero said we need as many anti-war voices as possible. And less extremists as well. 
Mustafa Kemal Added May 9, 2018 - 8:57pm
Who was it on here that said renigging on the Iran deal doesnt necessary mean moar woar?
Syria, Iran, Israel
A. Jones Added May 9, 2018 - 10:37pm
Don't go away angry. Just go away.
James Travil Added May 9, 2018 - 10:40pm
Why don't you fuck off Alex Jones, back to Infowars!
wsucram15 Added May 9, 2018 - 11:07pm
SEF..what would you like us to do? Americans, that is. Ive not been watching the news because I cannot stand watching our lunatic in trust discuss anymore policy.
The country is divided about 60/40 more or less. The ones with serious arms are on the side of Trump. Congress is terrified of them so what do the people do? What do we do?  Seriously?
As I recall, you supported Trump and we heavily debated that for some time. Especially while I was out protesting and trying to get people not to hate so much.
It is not very calm here. You see America through the eyes of this page and thats not what is happening, this is what I wold call a conservative site.  There are opposition viewpoints but they get shouted down by everyone else.
A war is going to happen on some scale, its logical..too many people, need to clear out the bad blood and also show muscle.  Too many countries have too much at stake right now.  Also its been a long time and there are many lunatics in office with BIG egos and then some trying to balance power as well.
Its not about "us'..its about the people in power. It always was before and always will be.  Nothing has changed except you and your understanding of things.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:48am
I know it's not about "you the people". But only "you the people" can stop these war criminals in the MIC...
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:49am
BTW: I did support Trump as the lesser evil so I thought. But I errored. All the same.
Digress Added May 10, 2018 - 6:54am
You poor fool! The world is safer than it has ever been, and Iran will soon fall  in line! Yes, go get drunk. You can hide in the basement with Devil Boy Travil, and sing protest songs until you piss yourself!
Your Progressive idiocy is over. America is in charge again, as the only Super Power. Putin is backing off, Korea is uniting, Iran will soon see a revolution, and Israel will control the ME!
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:00am
Never made school, did ya ? Nope, huh, uh, got it man, shove off.
As Jeffry says:
Off you go now, mind the gap on the platform.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:03am
BTW: The contrary to progress is digress (regress). Did you know that ? Of course not. Back to spot 1. Please choose an article that suits you on page 798.
Bye !
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:05am
Surprising what public we have here now LOL Maybe we should arrange a progmetal concert and blow them away LOL
Doug Plumb Added May 10, 2018 - 7:09am
@Digress re " Putin is backing off, Korea is uniting, Iran will soon see a revolution, and Israel will control the ME!"
Iran and Syria will fall. Then Jews will be overtly controlling you rather than covertly, and I'll tell you something else: Jews do not like White non Jews, and they have plans for you but the plans won't take long. Look into Noahide laws, specifically when its been mentioned by governments and what those codes actually mean.
Doug Plumb Added May 10, 2018 - 7:11am
So you don't think Trump is taking the USA toward international socialism? Do you not know what the International Socialist even is?
Digress Added May 10, 2018 - 7:27am
Peace through Strength is making fools of all the pussy liberals. All this war monger bullshit has been proven idiocy. No wonder you can't stand it.
Go Yodel yourself. The world is a better place
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:38am
Go Yodel yourself. The world is a better place
Dude, you will find out one day how good this place is. But don't wait for it.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:39am
Forget that Nogress dude. He's just a local wanker who doesn't get his sheila straight.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 7:51am
All this war monger bullshit has been proven idiocy.
Prove it buddy. Show links instead of blather. This ain't no Fuckbook here. 
Jeffry Gilbert Added May 10, 2018 - 8:09am
As I said a year or more ago Stone I recommend moving inside the fireball radius of your nearest nuclear target that way you won't have to wander around blind with your skin peeling off waiting to die.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 8:19am
Ramstein Germany is 150 miles from here. That will be one of the first targets. I hope they wait until October selfish as I am LOL
Leroy Added May 10, 2018 - 8:32am
I see where Merkel has said again that it can't rely on the US to protect Europe.  If I were a European, I would find this scary.  I don't expect Germany to have the means to defend Europe...and it doesn't.  It has four functioning Eurofighter jets.
France used to have impressive military parades.  I assume that it still does.  I had respect for its military.  It probably has the best military in Europe.  Then, I hear about the dismal performance in the recent missile attack on Syria.  IIRC, it managed to successfully launch only five missiles.  And this is what Europe has to defend itself?   Remember the Maginot!  "It's deja vu all over again."
I'd advise the Europeans to be careful about biting the hand that protects them.
Autumn Cote Added May 10, 2018 - 9:24am
I'm sorry but your most recent article was removed, it's against the rules to post more than one article within a 48-hour period.
James Travil Added May 10, 2018 - 9:28am
This digress/regress character is the dumbest neocon moron on here yet. And that is saying a lot! 
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:01pm
Thanks Autumn - I didn't save it. But I guess it was another blowin' in the wind anyway,,,,,
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:03pm
Guess so. But that's ok. He/she/it, as many others, will wake up one morning, say huh ? and scratch his head....
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:06pm
I'd advise the Europeans to be careful about biting the hand that protects them.
Protect us against whom ? So war WE were the attackers in the last century, right ? We don't need protection against an enemy that was declared one not HERE but in exterior...we live with Russia and we can do it even better when the US stops interfering in our affairs and stays at home. America first ! But THERE not here :-)
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 12:10pm
BTW: Which reason should another force have to attack us ? The real problem is that the EU and Russia together would be an economic problem for the US. As is BRICS starting to be. Iran has started to sell oil independently of the US$. THAT'S the reason for war, as it was in Libya and Iraq. 
Where are the "bringing democracy and freedom" bullshit slogans when it comes to business ? Saudi is the best example of that hypocrisy.
Leroy Added May 10, 2018 - 12:34pm
Seems to me that it is Europe that keeps poking Russia in the eye while hiding behind its big brother.  I agree with Merkel.  It is time for Europe to step up and defend itself; otherwise, it gets what it deserves for depending on the US.  I still say you guys would be at each other's throats if it weren't for the US.  WWIII would have already taken place.  When it comes to politics, Europe seems to be the land of children.
Bill H. Added May 10, 2018 - 1:54pm
SEF- Ironically, it will take something like our present Dictatorship to give us all a good slap across the face and a dose of some reality for a change.
Maybe after the Reign of the Orange Buffoon, people will begin to figure out what is really best for everyone, which to me includes everyone who lives on this tiny little rock floating thru space.
Most Americans feel the same way, but as we know from history, past dictators have always had a small base that cheers them on and agrees and promotes virtually anything they demand or profess.
We were once a great country, and working with the rest of the world to make things better for everyone was part of being great.
What we have now is certainly not "Make America Great Again", it is more like "Make Trump Great Again".
It's all about him and not at all about any of us.
Hopefully we will get back to where we should be in short order.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 2:00pm
Seems to me that it is Europe that keeps poking Russia in the eye while hiding behind its big brother.
No. We don't "poke Russia in the eye", and if we do it can have 2 reasons: 1. We blindly follow US interests because we still are occupied by them through NATO, or 2. we are too weak to tell the US: Fuck off now, WW2 is 70 years ago, we take our future in our hands and treat you as just another business partner. But we don't need any NATO or Warsaw Pact stuff anymore. That's over.
And believe me: No one here is afraid of the Russians. We live besides them and we know them better than Americans do.
It's the economy, stupid LOL
....was that Billy the closet guy who said that ? Well Stormy Daniels was too young back then LOL
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 2:04pm
I still say you guys would be at each other's throats if it weren't for the US
Well, Leroy, when ONE country can't handle its "race problem" within its OWN borders, what can I say ? We don't have mass shootings in Europe. So much for "enemy culture" LOL
Ian Thorpe Added May 10, 2018 - 2:43pm
Neil and Stoney, just calm down you two, I'll be 70 in 3 months.
Ian Thorpe Added May 10, 2018 - 2:55pm
Katherine Otto, national bankruptcy the answer? Exactly, which is why Russia and China have been working to build an alternative reserve currency to challenge the dollar.
While Washington is looking for a shooting war, they're fighting a currency war.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 3:01pm
I'm 60 and glad that I've lived so long. Just the other day my friend in Senegal informed me by WhatsApp that a friend of us has died at the age of 32 in a Dakar hospital due to missing drugs and treatment.
SUCH things make me sad. Not LGBT shit or profiting asshole politicians.
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 3:05pm
BTW: Congrats Ian :-) I don't think I'll make it to 70. I should first figure out WHY. Because injustice don't change, and after 25 years in Africa I have very little hope. But I've tried. At least I can't say I didn't.
And hope is the last thing to die, right ? ;-)
Ric Wells Added May 10, 2018 - 4:16pm
True hope NEVER dies my friend
Stone-Eater Added May 10, 2018 - 4:44pm
I hope.....;-)
Mustafa Kemal Added May 10, 2018 - 6:24pm
Stone Eater, check  this
Regime change in Iran
As I said, "doin right aint got no end"
I would be happy to  get drunk with you.
Leroy Added May 10, 2018 - 6:47pm
"But we don't need any NATO or Warsaw Pact stuff anymore. That's over."
I wish that were true.  I'm tired of paying for you guys.
"And believe me: No one here is afraid of the Russians. We live besides them and we know them better than Americans do."
Maybe so.  More importantly, Russia knows the Europeans.  I doubt he has forgotten the European attempts to conquer Russia.
"Well, Leroy, when ONE country can't handle its "race problem" within its OWN borders, what can I say ? We don't have mass shootings in Europe. So much for "enemy culture" LOL"
Not yet, but you have let your enemies through the gates.  The race issues in Europe will come again.  Will they blame the Jews this time or will it be the Muslims?  My guess is that it will be the Jews again, although it is obvious where the problems are.   What good is a country if it can't protect its women?  LOL
opher goodwin Added May 11, 2018 - 3:36am
Hi Stone - well I'm back - just in time for World War 3. The orange nincompoop with limited savvy as usual wades into things with his brain cell disconnected. Certain hard line sheeple fall into line and bleat loudly.
All intelligence flees.
The usual suspects pour forth their vitriolic puke.
Wish I could join you for a beer!
Flying Junior Added May 12, 2018 - 2:34am
Let's meet up at LAX November 4, 2020.  I can drive up to seven people.
Make it 6:00 p.m.
Flying Junior Added May 12, 2018 - 2:35am
The comment widget is working again!
James Travil Added May 12, 2018 - 2:53am
Autumn, if you are reading this, I hope the fact that Flying Junior was just able to post means the site problems have been corrected. I, Tubularsock, and several others, here, and on other threads, have tried to post earlier Friday and although email notifications of the posts were sent out, the many posts themselves did not make it. 
Flying Junior Added May 12, 2018 - 3:30am
I'm not entirely sure, James.  The commenting widget is working.  But Profile is still off-line.
Bill Kamps Added May 12, 2018 - 10:26am
Stone, as always entertaining.  I thought you went to Africa to chill and relax from the tensions of the Western world?  guess it is not working so well, I suggest you back off the ledge :)
While I dont agree with what Trump did, I doubt it is the start of WW3.  Israel has been fighting with its neighbors since before I was born, and no world wide war has broken out.  You ask why we dont care ? simple because for most of us it doesnt matter.  
Most of us are more concerned with our daily lives, and we know that nothing we say or do will have any  impact on who Israel decides to bomb. 
If people wanted to start WW3 it would be easy.  Since they havent done it, I have to presume that the countries that  matter, dont want to have WW3.  Therefore it wont matter if a few bombs or missiles get tossed about, they will just ignore them, which is how you avoid WW3. 
rycK the JFK Democrat Added May 12, 2018 - 11:11am
Stone Man
Take some more drugs
Jeffry Gilbert Added May 12, 2018 - 12:31pm
The commenting widget is working.  But Profile is still off-line.
No doubt. Its a fairly complex site. There are by my count 26 scripts running on it with everything from what mouse you're using to last tab opened before writerbeat to stuff I have no idea what its for. Most of it in java. 
opher goodwin Added May 12, 2018 - 4:57pm
Put some bleachers out in the sun
Have it on Highway 61
Flying Junior Added May 13, 2018 - 2:49am
I saw Dylan at the Monterey Fairgrounds in 2013.  I just about lost my shit when he started playing Highway 61 Revisited, replete with some maniac on an electric organ.  I jumped up and ran over by the sound booth where the real crazies were dancing the tribal thing. I was laughing my ass off and dancing like Billy Idol.
First Dylan album I ever bought.  I've been up all night leaning on the window sill.  It does take a train to cry.  There was a concert by Mike Bloomberg and others in 1968, I think it was call Super Session or something like that where they played an up-tempo version of It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry with a bad-ass bass line ostinato and some righteous hippy harmonies.  I'd give anything to hear a concert like that again.  I saw a couple of concerts of local guys in San Diego in 1972 that were just that good.  The best one was at the Jewish Community Center.  There was a big old Leslie cabinet for all the bands to use with their Hammond organ, there was a guy who impersonated Jethro Tull.  He hid his flute in a sheath on his leg until he all of a sudden whipped it out to play Locomotive Breath.  There must have been four or five different bands.  Five guys from different bands did an a capella version of Mongo Jerry's In the Summertime.
Those days are gone, but the dream lives on.
opher goodwin Added May 13, 2018 - 5:43am
FJ - if only we had that snarling Dylan from back then. Those three mid-sixties electric albums were groundbreaking.
The dream lives on.
Tubularsock Added May 13, 2018 - 3:24pm
Stone, it's the same as it every was, dude!  Lighten up. Dump is just like the rest of them except he just is grabbing what he can and stuffing the White House silverware down his pants.

The pathetic little Orange Turd is what the world has called American travelers for years. The Ugly Americans but Trump has just made a brand name out of it.

So drink on and don't forget to laugh!
wsucram15 Added May 14, 2018 - 1:24am
SEF..I know that we the people have to do something, but only some are.  Any suggestions?
Its just media blitz..nothing more so far as I know.  Just stop watching it and stressing out.  Worry about your family and your business. 
Listen to what Tubularsock says, he most likely right.
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:28am
Couldn't login for days......strange.
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:29am
Well.....the problem is that the US will attack Iran next and start a new war. And this time it's even more obvious than before. They don't even try to hide their plans anymore...
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:31am
I don't do drugs, sorry. I used to smoke Ganja when I was young, but these times have long gone.
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:32am
Sorry.....I don't like Dylan's music. Never was a folkie, as you know LOL
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:32am
You're right, but shutting off the brain is all else than easy...!
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:33am
We're on it. Latest in October I'm gone, first trip back planned end of July. It takes a lot of time for government projects to get approved, you know....
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:36am
The race issue (Moslems) came up because we had to take in all the refugees from the Kosovo-Serbia-Croatia war, Libya and Iraq. If not, no problem. The Jews aren't a subject as a people. Only their crooked aggressive government.
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 4:39am
First I couldn't connect on my dullphone anymore, no login. The I could login on my PC but not comment. Strange things going on on the net ;-)
wsucram15 Added May 15, 2018 - 2:17am
Then dont shut off the brain, relax it. Play some music or listen to some.  Stop worrying about things you cannot control.  You, me and everyone on this site have no control.  Its why we argue so much.
Yes we can fight back and if enough people fight with us, something might happen, but most likely we would be hurt trying to care for others.
Stop looking at things that are going to upset you also, why bother? Take a break. I do.. stop by but perhaps even though everyone loves you, you just need a rest from political banter and heated debate.
Stone-Eater Added May 15, 2018 - 2:01pm
For German readers:
No Anglophone will ever be able to hear that. Because it's the truth.
Bill Kamps Added May 16, 2018 - 6:44pm
Stone, I know it takes time.......
But you could practice chillin without waiting on the government, just saying ...... relax man, enjoy the ride.
Stone-Eater Added May 17, 2018 - 6:49am
Bill / Jeanne
I know I should take it more lightly. But then I see the turmoil in the world, look at my daughter and think: Will she one day damn me for having produced her seeing the world she will be living in ?
I don't know.
Now, most of you will say that there's always been war times, aggression, starvation, whatever, and it will always be that way. Nevertheless - I look at her, her open heart and eyes, her innocence even at 15, and I think why the fuck haven't we managed to become a CIVILIZED species without all that bullshit around it .... called religions and ideologies.....and that damn egoism and selfishness. Some might say that these are remains of our survival drive. It that is so - this drive has been perverted over time....
Ric Wells Added May 17, 2018 - 6:58am
And maybe because of the way you feel you have passed that on to your daughter. The insanity of the human race is nothing new as you know. But this next generation will mold it onto what they wish. Who knows maybe you have given birth to one of the new leaders to help stop this insanity. Will she question her birth? Doubtful. 
Jeff Michka Added May 20, 2018 - 4:31pm
SEFa keeps going to the "I'm leaving WB,"  but never does.  He complains about not getting the respect he deserves, or his anti-US policy is not given enough credibility, but refuses to brook any critical reviews and falls back on "No speaka da English very gud when needing out of a sticky situation.  I have other issues with SEFa, but not his views on the US or his English.  You'll be sticking around, SEFa.
Bill Kamps Added May 23, 2018 - 4:08pm
I think why the fuck haven't we managed to become a CIVILIZED species without all that bullshit around it
It is still a throw back to the might makes right mentality from the  cave men.   Things are better than they were in the times of kings and serfs, but it is slow progress indeed.  Best most can learn is try to stay out of the way of the assholes that have to get to the top.
Spartacus Added May 23, 2018 - 5:06pm
Stone, see you in a week (or less)!
Spartacus Added May 23, 2018 - 5:06pm
rycK the JFK Democrat Added May 27, 2018 - 2:14pm
Jeff Michka Added May 27, 2018 - 9:20pm
You leaving us, syck ryck?  Don't let an avalanche hit you on the way out.  If you decide to slip back to WB, lose the JFK stuff as you don't wear it well...

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