DRAFT: The List of Subversives

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A former WB contributor has rejoined WB in a big way.


I remember Ryan Messano as a fairly opinionated right-wing Christian. He and I exchanged a few dialogues back then, and I deemed it a waste of my time for further discourse.


He has come back, and I sense that he has been taking some unhappy pills. He seems to be more argumentative than before. If I were to guess at his motive for his return, it is to make WB too uncomfortable for people he doesn't like. If they leave WB, they will no longer have this forum to exchange their views. 


If I engage Ryan on WB, both of us will just be consuming a lot of oxygen for no real gain. We have nothing to learn from each other.


I have asked Ryan to put my name on his list of subversives. When his base eventually gains power, the list will identify those who need to be picked up, put in jail indefinitely, and possibly disappeared. When people like me are no longer around, the rest of the citizenry will be in fear of Ryan and his crew. This has happened many times in history.


Here are my subversive activities for the WB record:


I see Ryan as an aspiring caliph of an ISIS in infancy, except ISIS is Muslim and Ryan is Christian. But both have the same motive: power and control.

I am not a Christian.

I do not regard the founding fathers of the American constitution as saints. They were racists, misogynists, and elitists. They really didn't give a damn for the masses. While their philosophical deliberations did result in a higher level of "democracy" that the rest of the world learnde 







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