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Hello everyone, I was here briefly in the past but lost the time to write and now have more time so I wanted to write a story I have been chewing on after the 2016 election but is still significant today especially after the meeting between Trump and kim jong un and that is my feelings and how I see society circle around this concept of Hope.


First of all I would like to admit as a Conservative/Libertarian I tend to avoid  emotion based debates and discussions because I mostly like to talk about politics and technology and science and taxes but after over 30+ years of involvement in politics and sales and mixing with tens of thousands of different people and their views on the world I have come to understand that Hope is the most powerful motivation for human beings, not hate or anger as I previously thought.


Human beings have this ability to pretend and imagine a world where things are "different" and more importantly "Better"..  They see the reality around them and even if it truly horrible, they can imagine a world where things are better and this is what keeps them going.  I think of slavery and why all those people treated like animals and abused and living a life of the most horrible kind but in everything I have read suicide did happen but was not really a large issue.  Why?  We have seen rich people toss themselves off buildings and actors with billions of dollars overdose when they seemed to have other things to live for but these slaves did not kill themselves?  It is difficult to imagine why, unless you consider their belief that "maybe" things would get better, if not for them then maybe their children.


Now to the 2016 election, I watched a lot of coverage on election night and the days after (I usually avoid any Network news) and was truly entertained at the emotional breakdown of most of the Left over Trump winning but CNN did a series of stories shortly after that got my notice.  I do not recall the title but they sent the race hustler Van Jones to the homes of families who had voted for Obama twice but in that election voted for Trump.  I was intrigued by the concept and was wondering how CNN would handle it and I have to say that Van Jones did not disappoint my expectations for his condescending and  rude commentary but what really struck me as profound was listening to these families talk about why they voted for Trump instead of Hillary.


They explained they believed in Obama because of his message of Hope, a promise of a better tomorrow and he sounded sincere and made them believe in his message of Hope.  


When they talked about Hillary their feelings were that Hillary was in this for herself, it was all about Her, even her campaign slogan was "I'm with Her" and this was about Her breaking the glass ceiling and Her being the center of attention, this was not about "us",


But Trump with all his flamboyant and sometimes crazy commentary was also selling Hope.  "Make America Great Again" was delivering a message of a better tomorrow and how he would put Americans and America first when so many Americans have been suffering from Globalization and jobs leaving America.  the message of Hope that drew them to Obama was the same message of Hope that drew them to Trump.



People, not just Americans, want to Hope for that better tomorrow, even if they know deep down inside that it is most likely not going to happen, we can't help ourselves.   I believe this is a root cause for why so many people in the world have some form of religious beliefs, they Hope for something more, something deeper and more meaningful from life and no matter if you agree with them or not it is a feeling of Hope that perpetuates it.



Current events, this meeting with kim jong un and Trump, the pragmatic and Conservative in me wants to say that North Korea can't be trusted and they have a lot of bad actions in their past to account for and we should not give them the optics of normalcy  to the World....... 


But Hope, what if they can change?  What if they come back to the normal world and join together for a better future?  Hope.  I do not believe we do this for kim jong un, no, we would all support his elimination or isolation if we could save his Country without him, but I don't believe this is possible.  If there can be peace and trade in exchange for giving up their nuclear war aspirations, is it worth it?




I believe the majority of human beings in the World do not want a war with North Korea.  Asia certainly would suffer greatly if we had that war and maybe North Korea gets a nuclear warhead off the ground to hurt others further away?  We know how bad wars are, we do not want wars if we can help it but we can't turn a blind eye to unstable Nations building nuclear weapons either, ignoring a threat does not make it go away as we found out with Germany.


So Hope, we Hope that maybe this new avenue can work out, and while I am skeptical I find myself feeling Hope too.  Not for kim jong un's sake but for his people who live in severe poverty and the entire world that fears a nuclear war.




It certainly does not always work out, my best friend died of brain cancer at 39 years old, she saw her daughter graduate high school but then died a slow and painful death where she lost control over half of her body and her bodily functions.  I can imagine no worse way to go.  But we had Hope, we fought the disease, we did all the alternative stuff, radical changes in diet and treatments but in this case, Hope did not work out.


After seeing that happen to someone you care so deeply about it would be easy to give up on Hope and become bitter and cold but if anything it shown me just how important Hope is for humanity because without Hope, how could we keep going?