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Imagine, you are hosting a garden party, its been going on for a while. People come in through the front door, and walk to the back, helping themselves to food drink to carry out on their way through your sliding glass doors and into your backyard.

  You don't like everyone there but want to have a good party and have everyone feel comfortable. You are standing at your barbecue and one guest comes over and said that there is a group that is not using your bathroom, they piss on your wooden floors.

  You go in to have a look, but can't see the puddle, you have yellow glasses on and cannot see yellow. You go back outside, you don't worry about it. You like the glasses and if the puddle is real, someone else is sure to mop it up.

  You don't want to take your glasses off, you may offend the people who bought them for you.

  One of your guests keeps telling you that the puddle is real and that you should take your glasses off to go see it. You get angry and ask that guest to leave, with the encouragement of others who also wear glasses that prevent them from seeing yellow.

  I am speaking on the topic of white genocide. The groundwork for a white genocide is being laid out before your eyes. Its a wide spectrum attack on everything white, from the way whites do business, their history and philosophy, to the way white Christians worship God. It is a first step toward white genocide.


  Melinda Gates preaches discrimination against whites here. She encourages the direct discrimination against white people for hiring in the workplace. Imagine if someone were to replace "white" with "Jew" or "Muslim" or "black" or "women". Would this not be on every TV station? In fact it is so ridiculous that it couldn't happen, she would be arrested before she got a chance to finish.

  James Damor, a google employee who was fired for publically sharing a paper he did that describes the scientific differences between men and women. Jordan Peterson says the article was very well researched and is a good survey of current science on the topic.

  Hollywood makes movies about black slavery and always plants the idea that it was white Christians behind white slavery, Amistad. Hollywood has done the same thing with the sex slave trade, having the antagonist tattoed with the Christian cross. I don't recall the movie name.

  The individual philosophy of the West, its golden rule and foundation for its laws and its structure of government are being callously attacked by the left, who has typically an understanding of the Christian bible equivalent to that of a six year old. They cannot possibly understand that their right to stand up and speak freely against their own kind and against history by distorting and twisting it comes from that book and its effect on freeing the individual with its endorsement of the golden rule and the deep philosophy to back it up, that only Kant could truly unpack and deliver in a digestible format with all of its depth and sophistication.

  Harvard educated, Jewish, and professor of American History at Massachusetts College of Art, Noel Ignatiev "whiteness cannot be separated from oppression" will not be arrested for hate speech. He will not lose his post for stupidity, ignorance or hate. It would be an arrestable offense to speak against his kind in anything close to this manner in any kind of public forum. So who is in control? Why hasn't he been arrested? Why is no one noticing? Are you concerned about Islamophobia?

  It is simply not socially acceptable to mention that Jews were the prime movers behind the most cruel acts in human history, the Black Slave Trade and the Bolshevik Revolution?

  Black leaders openly criticize the white man and how he has oppressed the blacks, with little knowledge of history and the Jewish Black slave trade.

  Who has such a wide spectrum influence on society that can allow this to happen?  Which identifiable group has a fundamental doctrinal opposition to the white man and his ideal, the common law? Who is not to be questioned or criticized?

  What is the white mans new religion? You can speak against Christ, you could call someones mom a former tranny, but you cannot question the holocaust. Holocaustianity is the yellow glasses the white man wears as an absolute obligation to the "never again" people. History can be questioned and revised, religions cannot.

  Perhaps its time to take the yellow glasses off and start looking at how the world really is, who is driving, and why and where we are going.

  The genocide of the white man will spell the end of freedom for humanity, Jews and non Jews alike. Humanity will be lead by statutory obligations to serve a ruling elite. The white man has already been disconnected from reason, the thing that could organize him and stop this white genocide if it became as  widely adapted as the fear of Islamophobia is today. 

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