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Amateur - 3. A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity


The United States is conducting an experiment. An experiment that affects each and every person inside of the country, and many others around the world. This experiment involves turning over the operation of the executive branch of government to a group of amateurs, and observing what happens when amateurs are turned loose upon the gears of diplomacy, economics, and the military.


So far, the results have not been catastrophic. Taking the issue of the economy for example, the trends established since the economy bottomed in 2009 are continuing to result in gains in employment, and in measured economic growth. Despite claims of exceptional performance under the current administration, GDP growth averaged 2.2% from 2010 through 2016, while GDP growth during the current administration has been 2.6%. Using the statistical t-test, the two sets of data (past administration vs. current administration) are equivalent. There is not a statistically significant difference between 2.2% and 2.6% growth. But the one knob that this administration has turned, the tax cut, has yet to factor into the performance of the economy. The tax cut does have the potential to increase the rate of GDP growth significantly. However, the tax cut comes with a cost that has yet to be reckoned. The estimated deficits will increase greatly due to reduced tax revenues, and if there is an economic downturn in the next few years, the normal response of loosening fiscal policy to boost the economy will likely not be available. So we are at the mercy of the amateurs in the administration who believe it to be prudent fiscal policy to significantly cut taxes at a late stage in an economic recovery that has entered its ninth year. But what do experts know, anyway?


If you consider diplomacy, there is certainly a mixed bag to date. It does appear that twitter tirades and brazen bluster did result in at least enabling an initial meeting between North Korea and the US, with a generic agreement being signed. If this is indeed a first step towards a ratcheting down of tensions on the Korean peninsula, then this administration will have accomplished a worthwhile and noteworthy goal. But if the North Koreans continue playing Lucy with the football to the US's Charley Brown, then relations may end up worse off than if there was no meeting.


That is the good news on the diplomacy front. Elsewhere, it is evident that this administration has zero respect for, and zero admitted need for diplomatic experience and expertise. Witness the exodus of State Department veterans over the first year of this administration. As of last November, 60% of the top management of the State Department had left government service, according to the American Foreign Service Association. A hiring freeze instituted under Rex Tillerson has been lifted by his successor, but nothing will replace the institutional memory and experience of those who were driven out by the bias of the current administration against subject matter expertise. The supporters of this President would say that this reduction in long-time employees is "draining the swamp". What they do not realize is that this world is complex, and the diplomats at the front line in embassies around the world are essential in preventing US interests from being damaged. There will be costs, some of them severe, in the years to come due to the sabotaging of the diplomatic corps.


Meanwhile, the diplomatic style of this President was fully on display at the recent meeting of the G-7. The petty nature of the response to Prime Minister Trudeau's press conference, replete with the denunciation of Trudeau as having "stabbed the US in the back" by declaring that Canada would not be bullied by the US, shows how much of this President's actions are guided by his personal perception of slights. The threats unfurled against the strongest allies and trading partners of the US show that he has a vanishingly small knowledge of international trade and the risks to the economy of the world, by insisting on retreating to an era when America may have been great, but by imposing tariffs, we helped to drag the world into depression shortly thereafter.

Militarily, we are repeating the follies that have bedeviled military planners ever since military technology began changing year by year. That is, we are fighting the last war, not the next war. Thus the huge increase in the military budget over the coming years is earmarked for more ships, more fighters, more bombers, more in-air refueling capabilities, and keeping older hardware systems running. Meanwhile, the funding for cyber security ends up with a scant 4% increase when all of the ups and downs of spending by department are added up. Undoubtedly, there is a need for building ships to replace those that are near the end of their useful life. Likewise, replacement aircraft are needed. But the budget funds multiple generations of new weapons systems with no apparent overall strategy on what the military force of the future should look like.


The wars of the future will increasingly be economic or cyber in nature, and seeing funds spent on hardening the electric grid, purchasing large numbers of replacement transformers that could quickly be put in service should a grid disruption occur, these funds would be well invested for our economic and physical security. In fact, just as we used to have strategic metals reserves in case our supply got cut off, we should have a strategic transformer reserve, where these substation-level transformers that will be fried in an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) event can be quickly replaced. The best way to provide such a reserve was investigated by the Department of Energy and the report was issued to Congress in March of 2017. It does not call for a Federally owned reserve, but calls instead for increased coordination across utility companies. It does call for an increased reserve but one that is maintained and controlled by utility companies. Will such a program work when it is called upon? No one knows. But we do know that the huge increase in military spending is not going for what can happen in the present or future. No, it is going to the weaponry of the past.


Once again, the amateurs determining the strategy for national defense are insistent upon spending large to procure the weapons of the past, while ignoring the needs for the defense of our nation and our lifestyle from the real threats that we face.


The concept of amateurism is good. In athletics, we maintained the facade of amateurism for many decades, but eventually it was broken down. In tennis, in the Olympics, in all sports, it is recognized that if you wish to have excellence in performance, it is necessary to have people who can dedicate their lives to the sport by being paid for their efforts. We followed the same principles in our government. Those who were willing to sacrifice much larger private sector paychecks for the limited compensation of government positions were recognized and honored for their expertise and their service. But in this misguided administration, we have sacrificed those who developed their expertise over decades, in order to promote the agendas of the amateurs who struggle against the current of events in their fields. The problem is that there are real consequences that come from having amateurs deal with issues that can cost real money, and real damage to international relations, and cost lives when dealing with the military.


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Louis E Weeks Added Jun 13, 2018 - 10:52pm
Well the first and most obvious question is, how well did the "professionals" do things?  We got to a suppressed economy and suffering of middle America because of all the professional class politicians who held power before Trump.
All the lost jobs shipped overseas, the housing/banking meltdown, the Iraq war and WMDs, $20 trillion of debt, massive trade deficits even with our "friends".
For example, Hillary and Obama colluded with Europe to overthrow the Democratically elected leadership of Ukraine not because of human rights violations and stuff but because Ukraine did not want to sign the European trade deal so Europe and America decided to remove the elected officials and replace them with people more malleable to American/European leadership.
You want to complain about Trump dealing with North Korea?   Well how many of your "professional" politicians kicked the can down the road leaving it for Trump to deal with?
Now my view of Trump and our "friends" my question is, does Trump have a point?  These "Friends' not paying their fair share for NATO and the UN for example, is that was "friends" do?  Go out to dinner but stick us with the check?
How about the many examples Trump offered for unfair trade issues with those "friends"?  Have you researched them?  Are any of them valid complaints no matter if they are our "friends" or not?
In my opinion these professional class politicians were not serving Americans well.  They screwed the American people but yes, they did look good doing it.
Luther Wu Added Jun 13, 2018 - 11:00pm
Life must go on, so I'll just select and address a tidbit from your tome.
"The tax cut does have the potential to increase the rate of GDP growth significantly. However, the tax cut comes with a cost that has yet to be reckoned. The estimated deficits will increase greatly due to reduced tax revenues..."
I  get it. You've been working on this piece for quite some time and have been a busy boy. Things happen. Updates get overlooked. Meanwhile, the news just keeps sliding by. It's hard to keep up when the press has all gone fishing. Or something.
Here we go; you should be pleased to know that just 7 days ago, the US Treasury reported that the National Debt was reduced by over $36 Billion during the previous two months. That's debt, mind you.
Push your pencil and feel more joy for the deficit. Or lack of same.
This news makes you happy, doesn't it? I mean, just because this news sparked Bill Maher to say he hopes the economy tanks and we fall into recession, just to get rid of Trump, there's no reason for you to bite down on that, is there? I know, I know, everybody else is doing the "Bill" thing too, but if they all could just go jump in the lake, you wouldn't, too, would you?
Dave Volek Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:29am
Well the first and most obvious question is, how well did the "professionals" do things?
I used to belong to a lobby group called the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. They would quickly point to any government misspending. 
After getting their brochures for a couple of years, I came to realize that the mistakes made by government were such a small part of total government spending. The aim of this lobby group was use the trivial mishandling of money as PROOF that the rest of the government money was mishandled. This then leads to the conclusion that government is too big and taxes should be reduced. 
But the most of the rest of the money was not mishandled. It was lawfully delivered, staff need to be paid, offices rented out, and program spending has to get approval from our democratically elected representatives. For at least 95% of government money, there was no mishandling at all. 
I stopped sending money to this group when I figured its underlying motive was reduce taxes, not make government more accountable. 
When government works well, nobody notices. But a 0.1% flop can get a lot of attention. 
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:51am
Dave, wrong as usual,
that government governs best that governs least.  
This is where your gross ignorance of the Founders comes back to bite you. 
But keep up your silly womanish silent treatment. Everyone can see you are a little child with a lot of pride.
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:55am
Louis and Luther, awesome comments!
EABC, you aren’t even right twice a day, like a broken clock.  
The Democrat party is full of “professionals”.  And not one of them is fit to lead anyone or anything.  
Right makes might.
Like all other liberals, you lack historical insight, and you are morally corrupt.  
Since you are blind, you are easily manipulated by the liberal media, which suckers you.  Your entire post is nothing but regurgitated nonsense one might find in the New York Slimes and Washington Compost.  
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:30am
Louis - thanks for your comments. Here's one segment of your post where you ascribe blame to government malfeasance.
All the lost jobs shipped overseas, the housing/banking meltdown, the Iraq war and WMDs, $20 trillion of debt, massive trade deficits even with our "friends".
Ok, lost jobs shipped overseas. What government action caused that to happen? When we gained a huge labor pool in underdeveloped countries after the fall of communism, it was private business that sought out labor arbitrage and substituted US wages for subsistence wages overseas. The labor arbitrage factor has lessened, but unless you are wanting governmental mandates to manufacture in the US, lessening the freedom of the free market, then it is not governmental actions that caused the migration of manufacturing jobs. Oh wait. That is the policy of Trump, to mandate US manufacture source. Oh, he's so TOUGH! The fact that his mindset is antithetical to free market principles is irrelevant.
Housing / banking meltdowns - Of course the conservative talk space assigns all blame for this on the fact that back in the 1970's, a program was put in place that encouraged lending in poorer regions, in order to avoid the redlining that had happened for generations. The right draws a straight line from that to the era of handing out money to homeless people for a house in the late 2000's. No, it was a lack of oversight on the banking structure that enabled banks and other financial institutions to take on oversized risk since they could package up the loans neatly and sell them to suckers (whoops, call them investors). The response from the government after the crisis? Institute oversight, increase reserve requirements, and come up with an agency that helps consumers when they are turned into the prey of big business. The response of the Trump regime? Dismantle the CFPB, get rid of the Dodd-Frank oversight, and let the good times roll again on Wall Street. Seems prudent to me.
Iraq war and WMD's. I agree with you there, it was a massive failure, not from those within agencies, but a failure imposed from above when you had a government led by those who were convinced of the evil in Iraq, and saw WMD's around every corner. It was a failure, and Trump has opened his administration to one of the chief architects of that failure, John Bolton.
$20 trillion of debt - and the solution of the amateurs is to deliberately increase the debt due to the tax cut? We didn't need the tax cut in the early 2000's since we finally were in a position to run a balanced budget.
Massive trade deficits - See the first section above where we discussed decline in manufacturing. This is the flip side. We can only run these deficits and finance the government deficits because we have the currency that is required for international commerce. Get rid of that privilege which is starting to happen, and watch how fast our economy does a swan dive.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:35am
Luther - I just googled and could not find any reference to a debt reduction over the past two months. Can you provide a reference? Of course seasonal factors with April tax collections often do provide a temporary bump up in revenues which might actually exceed expenditures, but that doesn't happen over the course of a fiscal year.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:38am
Dave - you will find a huge swell in mathematical innumeracy among those who criticize the government. They will swear that if we just got rid of foreign aid and those nasty welfare payments, the Federal budget would be balanced instantly. People just don't understand numbers, especially when you get into statistics.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:42am
Ryan - you are truly a remarkable piece of work. Ad hominems galore. A supreme sense of self-aggrandizement. You know best and anyone who disagrees with you and your religious / Fox based poultice is not worthy of consideration. Have fun in your delusional world.
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 14, 2018 - 12:06pm
@ Dave - I am not sure your comment really addresses my point.  Just because money is spend "legally" and bills get paid, that does not mean the leaders did a good job.
We keep expanding what Government does but is this action for the sake of action or are things "improving"?
Let's consider the Department of education for example,  they spend about $70 billion a year, how much improvement of education outcomes have we seen from that investment?
Would it shock you to find out we have sometimes spend over $100 billion a year but to date we have not seen any significant increase in results and in fact certain areas have seen marked declines in results?
So going back to my main point, how well did these "professionals" do before Trump?  From my point of view we have not benefited much under the control of these professional class politicians. 
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 14, 2018 - 12:36pm
@ even a broken clock - So you had to try and insert partisan politics to your comment but I will ignore that, this discussion should not be about hate but I will gladly address your questions on the issues.
What Government actions led to shifting American jobs?  Well the easiest answer to anyone who follows these things is trade deals that allowed free trade with areas that have massive low wage populations.   But there are thousands of other ways Government pushed jobs out of the country such as grueling regulations that drove up the cost of production and made it cheaper to ship that production to other Nations.  Then there is the fact America had the highest corporate tax rate, even way higher than Europe.
There was no single thing that Government did to drive away jobs but there are a few larger things and thousands of smaller things.
The Housing/banking meltdown was specifically caused by deregulation signed into law by Bill Clinton and written by establishment professional politicians of both parties.  Nuff said.  The other stuff you attempted to point to is irrelevant.  I do not deal in talking points, I am pointing to facts.
Your weak attempt to shift the blame for Iraq to Bolton is childish, you need to go look up how it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats who were pushing WMDs long before Bush was in office.  I will offer an example and have thousands of quotes on this if you need me to offer more:

Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade and much of his nation's wealth not on providing for the Iraqi people but on developing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them."  ~  President Bill Clinton (State of the Union Address), Jan. 27, 1998 

$20 trillion in debt - the tax cut is already stimulating the economy, the one really large problem with the left is they fail to understand high taxes on less production is still less collection.  Trump has delivered record setting consumer confidence, record low unemployment, and record setting private setting growth and tax cuts was a small portion of the larger success.
Consider that more people working means less people on welfare and foodstamps and other Government paid services.  So you gain more economic activity that delivers more tax collection and at the same time less people on welfare that means the Government is paying out less, so to put this more simply:
Higher collection, less costs = lower debt.
Your last comment on trade deficits makes no sense, please try to think out what point you are trying to make and try again.
But I will try to clarify so maybe I may still address whatever point you attempted to make:
America has the largest markets, we can make sure others who get access to our markets do so fairly.  Some deficits are not a big deal but when they expand into really large disparities it is logical to address them and figure out if something is unfair to us or not?
Now I addressed your points but you seem to avoid some of mine, for example, have you actually looked at some of the tariff issues Trump has pointed out?  Do you consider any of them to at least deserve some review?
I will offer one example but I hope you can take the time to go do some research on the issue so we can have an informed discussion, I am sticking to the facts and common sense, not partisanship.
So currently Canada has a 270% tariff on American fairy.  They do so to preserve their domestic dairy markets.  So if Canada sees the use of tariffs to prop up their business interests, why is it wrong for America to do the same?
All I am saying is Trump has a valid point to ask our "friends" about these kinds of tariffs and to preserve our own markets for the exact same reasons.  Fair is fair.
But as this connects to the "professionals" who came before Trump, they just turned a blind eye to these unfair tariffs while preserving free trade with those "friends" that hurt America.  So in my opinion, those "professionals" were not serving American interests very well.
Leroy Added Jun 14, 2018 - 12:48pm
At last count, there were 24,000 fewer federal bureaucrats.  I haven't missed them.  Have you?
Trump was able to negotiate a deal without all those bureaucrats.  Regardless of how it turns out, we are still in the black.  With all the bureaucrats in the loop, we gave away too much to NK and got nothing in return.  We are still in the red from the previous bureaucrats.
The more rules and regulations we have, the more bureaucrats we need to enforce them.  We don't need more bureaucrats; we need fewer rules and regulations.
Luther Wu Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:14pm
It's no surprise that news of such good tidings is difficult to find.
This is not the sort of thing that the 5th Column, I mean, 4th Estate wants widely known.
Unfortunately the link to the link to the Treas. Dept. figures is overly long, for this site, so I'll link to a news source (which incorporates that link.)
Oh, by the way, more good economic news was just released, showing that among other good news, the number of people still on unemployment dropped to the lowest rate since December, 1973. etc, etc, etc.
Here's a link for that, too:
Something about Dec, '73... Oh, snap! I'd just gotten married and the world became confusion. Not to worry, I've sorted it out, since.
Luther Wu Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:19pm
It's becoming more apparent, that haste- to submit/publish is one of this writer's failings.
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 14, 2018 - 1:55pm
@ Luther - yes lots of good news some people want to ignore and change the subject away from, lol.
Luther Wu Added Jun 14, 2018 - 2:33pm
So far, so good.
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 14, 2018 - 2:59pm
Yes Leroy, I have yet to find myself missing those bureaucrats either, how many can we eliminate? 
Dino Manalis Added Jun 14, 2018 - 7:27pm
 Trump is an amateur with respect to politics and policymaking, but everyone else is professional and assists the president.
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 8:28pm
EABC, you simply don't know history or virtue, and are blind.  Nothing you see is clear.  You are deluded.  That's not an ad hominem.  That's the truth.
There really is no way to tell someone they are deluded without it being termed an ad hominem.  There are many painful truths that can be pawned off as ad hominems. 
How can you tell someone they are ahistorical without it being said to be an ad hominem?
You can't.
But you are ahistorical.   
Mustafa Kemal Added Jun 14, 2018 - 9:34pm
re:"There really is no way to tell someone they are deluded without it being termed an ad hominem. "
Not true.
You have to provide "support" for your assertion. Just calling someone delusional IS an adhominem.
re:"How can you tell someone they are ahistorical without it being said to be an ad hominem?
You can't.""
Not true.  See above. It is called supporting your claims.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 9:42pm
Louis  and Luther - let me say first that I am glad that there are people who are willing and able to present their perspective on this format who are willing to defend this administration. Most of the people who claim to be conservatives are hit and runs, who come to post one single post, often poorly written, with pitiful grammar, and they do not show up after their initial post to defend their position.
Having said that, I am not in the habit of refuting opposing posts on a line for line basis, figuring that the original posts present my position clearly. You will never get me to say that the policies of Donald Trump represent a direction that the US government should go. Instead, I point to you the evil nature of this administration's policies, and offer for evidence the  reprehensible program of separating children from parents as they cross the border. That edict is anti-humanitarian, as it is horrendously cruel as involves children. Y'all as card carrying supporters of the Trump, cheer his inhumane programs on as fulfilling your fantasies. Have it your way.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 9:57pm
OK Luther, using your link to the federal debt, here's what the debt was on April 2.   .  Now according to the same link here's what the debt is on June 13.  21,086,796,728,063.70. As you note this is a nominal decrease of 32.6 billion during this time frame. However, knowing how the cyclality of Federal revenues goes, what you see when you look at the details is that from 4/11 to 4/12, the debt went down by almost $50 billion dollars, presumably due to the inflow from people paying taxes owed. Since that time, the debt has increased by $24 billion. As I said in my original comment, the debt tends to go down marginally when taxes are due, but the trend for increased debt keeps going higher, and higher, and higher.....
You have anything else for me?
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:00pm
Leroy, I think better of you than what you posted here. Do you really think Donald Trump negotiated a deal that means anything? If you do, I have some seaside real estate in Greenbrier county WV for your review. It's a really good deal! Just don't ever verify that it is 500 miles away from the coast. What's verification worth anyway? Just an excuse for tax-sucking bureaucrats to lap at the teat of the taxpayers.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:02pm
Ryan, you continue to restate your worthlessness each time you post. You are a fool, and the sooner that others name you as a fool, the sooner you will scatter back into the shadows like the cockroaches you emulate. Begone!
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:04pm
Mustafa - thanks for your support. We have to formulate a strategy for dealing with these idiots who take up bandwidth but contribute nothing to the discussion on this site.
Jeff Michka Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:15pm
EABC:  Don't insult cockroaches by comparing them to Ryan.  Ryan isn't even a cockroach, potato bug, maybe....  We've not heard of his huge electoral win, so lets hope he loss the primary. I'll keep this short, not wanting to dilute things further.  Ask Ryan about his same sex husband, Vinny.  They're expecting a new turd addition to their family next fall.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:16pm
Luther - seeing my post I noticed that the original 4/11 debt did not paste in. It is 21,121,833,941,447.86. Then the June 13 total of 21,086,796,728,063.70.  makes sense, since the June 13 total is 32.6 billion dollars less. Again, that makes no difference when the long-term trend overcomes the temporary blip in revenues due to the tax deadline. Have a good day.
Leroy Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:35pm
"Do you really think Donald Trump negotiated a deal that means anything?"
We'll have to wait and see.  Maybe Trump knows his audience better than we think he does.  Truthfully, I was amused by the hotels and condos by the beach with speedboats zipping by pitch.  Sounds silly in the context of the existential conference.  He might be right.
All the other deals so far have been worse than useless.  It has costs the US a great deal of money and the net result was that NK has nukes.  So much for the professional route.  It's a low bar to be considered successful.  Let's face it; all these professionals did nothing more than kick the can down the road a little further.  A dose of reality might solve the problem.  Keep in mind that Trump had to get Kim to the negotiating table.  He did that with sanctions and military drills and pressure on its closest ally.  It worked.  Somebody knew what they were doing.  John Bolton is a no-nonsense kind of guy with an itchy trigger finger.  I am sure the Lybia analogy got Kim's attention.  The thought of being sodomized with a knife and rolling off the back of a pickup probably keeps him up at night.  The high roller pitch is probably sounding pretty good to him right now.
All these professionals from Bush the Younger to O made a mess out of the Middle East.  We've been in war after war.  If that it professionalism, maybe it is time to try rank amateurs.
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:43pm
Mustafa, EABC, and Jeff, you are all dunces. 
Not one of you can name seven conservative news sources that you’ve read two months of your entire life.  There is your proof, Mustafa.  You’re horribly uninformed.  You are a logical crawfish, and backpedal swiftly from any confrontation requiring you to show an honest comprehension of both sides. 
I doubt of the three of you impudent types can even name seven conservative news sites,  never mind have read them.  Most likely, since the three of you are foolish scorners, you’ll brush this off, and resume being brainwashed by the puppetmasters in the liberal media.
The three of you are utterly blind and can’t comprehend your own flaws and so are easily duped by liberal lies. 
Not one of you insolent types can discuss today’s IG report intelligently.  Your liberal media wants you to stay mindless drones.  
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:49pm
@ Even a Broken Clock -  You asked questions, I answered them with valid points, you run away from your own questions...... why?
Hard to have an honest discussion if you constantly toss in comments then run away from the responses.
So now you have new unfounded claims, I will again respond and I suppose you will dodge those too?
You will never get me to say that the policies of Donald Trump represent a direction that the US government should go. 
I understand, people on the left rarely admit they are wrong, it is enough for me to know I proved you wrong no matter if you admit it or not.
Instead, I point to you the evil nature of this administration's policies,
As I pointed out in another thread, you on the Left always resort to calling those you do not agree with as "evil" because it is all emotions to you, you never actually debate issues on their merits or facts.
and offer for evidence the  reprehensible program of separating children from parents as they cross the border. That edict is anti-humanitarian, as it is horrendously cruel as involves children. Y'all as card carrying supporters of the Trump, cheer his inhumane programs on as fulfilling your fantasies. Have it your way.
This is an excellent example of my point, this is not a Trump policy, the pictures running around showing children in cages are from 2014 long before Trump was elected so Obama was doing this and established the policies so these are Liberal policies that Trump has continued, where was your complaints while Obama was doing it?
This is all emotions for you now only because this is a way for you to wallow in hate for Trump but in reality I actually do support this Obama policy, and here is why:
America (and all other Countries I know of)  has always sent criminal parents to jail and their children to other family or foster care, these are criminals being treated as any other criminal, consistency in the enforcement of the law is logical.  If we decided seperating children was no longer an option we then are thrust into only two possibilities:
1. We send the children to jail to serve with their parents.
2. We declare all parents immune to criminal prosecution never sending them to jail for any reason. 
These are the only two possibilities.  I do not believe sending children to prisons to stay with their criminal parents is a viable solution and making parents immune to criminal penalties is also a non-starter so while separating children from their criminal parents is not a great thing to do, it is the only available option in my mind and Obama was correct in establishing that rule.
And we need to remember it was the parents breaking the law that put their children into this situation, the parents could have simply not broken the law and avoid all of this.  All the Government is doing is responding to those parents criminal behavior.
You should really do a little research, almost every policy Trump holds was at one point a mainstream Liberal policy.  Even Hillary Clinton once called for more "barriers" on the southern border and going after the employers of illegals to cut down on illegals coming to America.  Hillary later flipped to the open borders policy to buy more votes from hispanics but the truth is, Trump's illegal immigrant stand is almost identical to what Hillary once championed.
As a Conservative I do not wallow in emotions, I stick to the facts and common sense logic, and based on the facts your claims are simply wrong.
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 10:58pm
Great comment, Louis.
I've learned liberals are typically tone deaf on facts.
While I can defend my pints with facts and logic, I prefer to attack the clear knowledge gaps in liberals.  
They cant be reasoned with, often, and it was Solomon’s advice that I find useful: “A rod for the fools back”. 
Luther Wu Added Jun 14, 2018 - 11:19pm
Tell the truth. It's simple, really. Do you still have the ability to even see the truth?
"...I point to you the evil nature of this administration's policies, and offer for evidence the  reprehensible program of separating children from parents as they cross the border. That edict is anti-humanitarian, as it is horrendously cruel as involves children. Y'all as card carrying supporters of the Trump, cheer his inhumane programs on as fulfilling your fantasies..."
Somewhere in these threads, i made the statement along the lines that the best liars will throw out facts and try to make them seem to be the truth.
That's probably the first thing they teach in Propaganda 101. All propagandists use that tool like a loom and weave facts as lies, throughout everything that they say.
Here's a quote: "Facts are not truth. Facts are merely facets of the whole shining diamond of truth"
Even, I'll ask you straight up; Why did you use the fact of children being separated from their parents as a poison arrow against Trump, when the truth of the matter includes the fact that it is an official program started by Obama? Why did you nock that arrow without mentioning the facet of the truth that even American children are separated from their parents when they are taken into custody for any reason and that it has always been so?
Why did you then launch that arrow,tipped with an extra measure of vile hate, hoping to harm Trump and anyone that supports him?
Ryan Messano Added Jun 14, 2018 - 11:25pm
TKO for Luther, get the smelling salts for EABC.  
A. Jones Added Jun 15, 2018 - 12:02am
There is not a statistically significant difference between 2.2% and 2.6% growth.
Growth for Q2 2018 is 3%.
opher goodwin Added Jun 15, 2018 - 7:02am
EABC - the main downsides as I see from over here are the environment (a massive loser), a rise in hate and division, a loss of belief in experts (we now believe any idiot and opinion), health and safety, the effects of deregulation and effects on public services of tax cuts. But I don't live there so its hard to judge. There's probably more.
It seems that trade wars, antagonism of allies and this dangerous belligerent approach to foreign policy will all have long-term effects. That's now a dangerous lottery.
The support of outdated industries and dumping of new ones is a huge mistake that will eventually bite American bums.
Leroy Added Jun 15, 2018 - 7:37am
Opher, the way I see it, I am better off without the government trying to regulate mud puddles on my farm.  The hate and division are caused by a disease called TDS.  There is a red pill cure for that.  It's cheap and effective.  The experts are paid to have an opinion, such as with Global Warming.   I would rather see honest assessments.  The health and safety experts of the previous administrations gave us what we have today--skyrocketing insurance costs.  They admittedly played the average Americans as suckers.  No, thank you to that.  Deregulation has spurred business which magnifies the effect of the tax cuts.  You guys called it crumbs; now you want to say they crumbs are bankrupting the nation.
It's about time we woke up our leaches, excuse me, I mean allies.  Yeah.  It is like being kicked out of your parents' house.  It's tough to pay your own way, not having your parents look after your every need.  I understand why our "allies" complain so much.  Get a life.   The piggy bank has closed.
Let the market decide which industries get supported.  The government screws up when it tries to pick winners and losers.  Look how the European energy market is suffering from the forced conversion to alternative sources.  It is failing.  It's going to get worse.  You guys will be kissing Putin's arse before long.
Ryan Messano Added Jun 15, 2018 - 9:26am
Boom, Opher is down for the count,  weakened by the excesses of the sixties, which he still fondly reminisces over.  
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 15, 2018 - 10:07am
Leroy - Good post, and yes it is time our allies stood on their own and I would like to even see us relax our defensive postures for Europe and make them start providing for their own National defense without America paying for it.
On European energy costs, I think it is funny that they have now allowed the electric companies to add a new line item charge for all customers to pay more for the alternative energy costs.  They are indeed propping up an industry for political reasons and as usual it is the end user/citizen who is footing the bill for political posturing.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 15, 2018 - 11:07am
A. Jones - additional data points for the quarterly GDP growth will affect the results - but it will take significantly higher growth in order to show statistical significance. I used to do a lot of t-test statistics in my work in the chemical field, and it really means something when the statistic indicates a statistically significant difference between two sets of data representing different conditions. Data through the first quarter of 2018 does not show a statistically significant difference. If growth comes in at 4% for a quarter, will that result in a significant difference? Don't know. I threw away the data set since I used an on-line calculation tool for the t-test statistic.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 15, 2018 - 11:13am
Opher - you hit on most of the key points. I find it instructive that the White House is finding it necessary to conduct a job fair for White House and other positions within the government. See Trump White House recruits at a job fair  No other administration has had to resort to this sort of effort as always before, there were far more applicants than there were positions available. But the toxicity of this administration has deterred many people from wanting to commit career suicide by being associated with Donald Trump.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 15, 2018 - 11:26am
Leroy - has there been overregulation by the government over the years? Certainly. And it would be beneficial to address some of the overreach. But the wholesale abandonment of environmental regulation, fiscal regulation, and health and safety regulation will be a boon only for the corporations who will export their risk-taking onto the American public.
If you think the market should determine the fate of corporations, then why are you supporting someone who is telling all corporations who do business in the US to do all of their manufacturing in the US? That seems pretty heavy-handed and counter productive to me. Somewhat like a control economy program would do.
I find it difficult to accept that an abrupt tough love policy with our foreign allies will engender any benefits. What it will do is cause the US to be forced to do everything on its own the next time there is an international or domestic crisis here where we could use the assistance of others. In the current multi-polar world, we are no longer the only partner who is available. Look at all of the gains that China is making due to the pull-back of the US from multi-lateral agreements.
But he talks tough! He talks like an alpha male! I remember right before the inauguration where a bass in our church choir made that point. He was amazed that I did not echo his sentiments. Instead of being an alpha male, he is the world's biggest snowflake. He has such little self-confidence that he finds it necessary to bully anyone who shows a semblance of criticism at his majesty's brilliance.
George N Romey Added Jun 15, 2018 - 11:57am
As someone astutely pointed out 90% of government is for either writing the wrongs of capitalism or protecting and promoting capitalism. We had essentially little government before the Industrial revolution and now more than 100 years later we’re $22 trillion in the hole.
Leroy Added Jun 15, 2018 - 12:09pm
I saw a funny poll a few minutes ago.  Believe it or not, 71% of liberals would prefer that a deal to denuclearize NK not be reached because Trump would get credit.  Clock, would you count yourself among them?  I got a could chuckle over it.  Disclaimer: I know it wasn't a scientific poll and the participants are mostly hardcore liberals.  There is a high probability that they suffer from TDS.
Dave Volek Added Jun 15, 2018 - 12:34pm
Sad but probably true.
Have you recovered from your OBS?
Leroy Added Jun 15, 2018 - 12:35pm
Clock, as I understand it, the EPA has been focusing on clean water.  After what happened in Flint, Michigan, it seems to be a laudable goal, especially after all the billions spent on political agendas and the weaponising of the EPA.
I do support making the business climate conducive to business.  Seems to make sense to me.  Lowering taxes towards international standards de-incentivizes relocating manufacturing overseas.  It helps small businesses thrive.  To my knowledge, no companies are being forced; they just manufacturer where it is the most economically feasible.
I don't think that tough love will engender any love in return, but that is the point of tough love.  Hopefully, Europe will see that it is better off in the future, kind of like the bird kicked out of the nest.  With a little nudging, he learns to fly and hunt on his own.  If China wants to be home to the nesters, more power to China.  China has neither a real currency nor a real economy.  If Europe wants to attach itself to China, more power to Europe.  Europe will discover, just like Africa, that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
I am not a big fan of Trump.  However, I can't argue with his success.  During the recent primary, the political commercials have been humorous, if not outright silly or stupid.  Basically, if you don't support Trump, or even criticize him, you're not qualified.  The anti-Trumpers in the GOP were resoundingly defeated.  The Blue Wave seems to have turned into a ripple, perhaps into a Red Tide.  We will see.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 15, 2018 - 5:23pm
George, before the industrial revolution we had mainly a feudal governmental system, which was supplanted by monarchies. The mechanism for overreaching government has turned out to be credit, which enables spending that which you don't own. Debt is at the heart of many of the problems that we face. Unfortunately, the feckless politicians of this country keep believing that we must cut taxes yet again, instead of placing the nation upon a trajectory that will result in a sustainable economic system. That which we have now, with over $20 trillion in debt, is not sustainable since it relies upon recycling trade deficit dollars into government securities. If ever the confidence in the US $ is lost, then we will spiral out of control into the abyss of depression.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 15, 2018 - 5:39pm
Leroy - if you recall, in my post I say this:  If this is indeed a first step towards a ratcheting down of tensions on the Korean peninsula, then this administration will have accomplished a worthwhile and noteworthy goal.
That means that yes, I will give credit where credit is due if the process that was started through bullying tweets and stern condemnations in cabinet meetings really does lead to denuclearization. Just don't read too much into a simple statement of principles without understanding what process will be used to implement it.
On your response to me, I also agree that the business tax system had gotten non-competitive on the world stage. I would have cut the tax rate somewhat less (maybe to 25%), but it seems like there were significant opportunities lost by not simplifying the tax structure more than they did on this go-round. Of course, it would have been much better had the effort to reduce taxes been bi-partisan rather than hyper-partisan, with only one side at the table.
I wish I could believe that the EPA is focusing on clean drinking water. I really do. I have seen no evidence that they are doing anything more than what was done under the last administration, which was too little.
We will not be able to agree on the importance of having allies in this interconnected world. I think they are vital, you think alliances should be more fluid. Who can say for sure which is the better model?
And I agree with you on what has happened on the Republican primary side. The Trumpian takeover of the Republican party has become complete. What no one knows for sure is how the candidates who pledge their firstborn child to Trump, will fare in the general election. I think that some of those candidates will win, like the woman who beat Sanford in SC. But I don't see the blind adoration of DT as a winning strategy in many legislative districts across the nation. Despite the claims of conservative circles that those opposed to Trump are shrill and resistant to reason, I think I see much more evidence that it is the Trump supporters who refuse to inject logic into their thought process. Look at Ryan for confirmation of that premise.
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 16, 2018 - 7:35am
@ Even A Broken Clock _ I wonder at how you have to emotionally attack those who support our President?  You make crazy statements about people promising their first born children to him and such and this is not a sign of intellect and reasonable thought, it is visceral and anger and hate.
We human beings are not capable of rational thought while emotions are clouding our brains and maybe this explains why so many on the Left are still so irrational on any issue if Trump is involved.
As I stated elsewhere, it seems Trump is the personification of complete failure on the Left, so they are simply incapable of getting past the emotional pain the last election has caused them.
Why are you incapable of seeing any of this outside of your emotions?
I never liked Obama but I never hated the man.  I even supported him on a few issues but for some reason the Left is completely crippled and incapable of getting past their emotions with Trump and it really baffles me to be honest.
Hate extracts a great deal of energy from the person wielding it. 
Leroy Added Jun 16, 2018 - 8:00am
Trump seems to be living rent-free in the heads of many liberals.  It's time to move on to the acceptance phase.
opher goodwin Added Jun 16, 2018 - 10:10am
Leroy - the flat-earthers deny climate change and ignore the devastation being caused to the environment. You might not appreciate government control but all the species being pushed to extinction surely do.
opher goodwin Added Jun 16, 2018 - 10:15am
EABC - it certainly seems toxic. There's a revolving door in government with a guy with an egg-shell thin skin and violent temper vacillating around in a narcissistic fog. He hits out indiscriminately at anybody. Not pleasant to be around. He certainly isn't someone who can take criticism. Anyone getting involved looks to have a short tenancy.
opher goodwin Added Jun 16, 2018 - 10:18am
Leroy - it is very hard to ignore Trump when he keeps doing such stupid things. The environmental damage is mounting as he undoes good stuff that took intelligent people a long time to put in place.
It is like the world is being run by trailer trash.
Leroy Added Jun 16, 2018 - 10:38am
"You might not appreciate government control but all the species being pushed to extinction surely do."
Wow!  I had no idea that animals were aware of Climate Change.  Let's hope they don't organize a revolt like they did in Dr. Doolittle.  You must be able to talk to animals.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 16, 2018 - 12:53pm
Louis - I'm sorry, but I see a cult of personality developing that is far outside of constitutional boundaries. I see folks who are sacrificing their religious principles to stand up and support this man who is the antithesis of all of the principles of the Judeo-Christian belief system. I see political leaders who are genuflecting in support due to their fear about having the base unleashed upon them. I see an administration that is becoming more and more brazen in its immoral actions, such as the separation of families coming across the border.
I am quite seriously concerned that the bonds that have held this nation together under the constitution are being stretched to the point of breaking if the President is able to successfully deny the validity of the report that is surely coming from the Mueller probe. If Mueller points out multitudes of high crimes and misdemeanors and the quislings in Congress ignore it out of fear, then we as a nation are finished.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 16, 2018 - 1:01pm
Leroy and Opher - in another good piece in WB recently, Ward discussed the difference between Jeffersonian and Lincolnian visions of the government. Here's my take on why things are different now than when this country was founded. At the time of the American revolution, we could as a nation basically ignore any other nation. The effects of humanity were not felt across national borders.
200+ years and several billions more people later, we can no longer ignore the effects that humanity and our economic activities are having on the world. Trump claims that we can go back to our little corner of the globe and demand tribute from the rest of the world if they wish to deal with us economically. All the while he is pulling away from any and all multi-lateral relationships. You just cannot do that without putting yourself at risk of serious consequences. There are too many people, and too many interrelationships brought about by multi-national corporations. We have to figure out how to get along with each other or else we will be overwhelmed. A good step on how to do that would be to come up with a rational immigration policy, but I see no real attempt to do this. Even now with the two proposals coming forth in the House, they represent only one side of the equation. We need input from all Americans, not just one political party.
George N Romey Added Jun 16, 2018 - 1:16pm
EBAC the debt peonage is required to keep our system of never ending higher corporate sales and profits growing.  That can only happen through three ways-ever rising wages (which brought the huge inflation of the 70s), significant increases in population (we see where that goes) or people taking on more and more debt.  The 3rd option has become the American way and we are headed towards a crash that will pale what we experienced in 2008.
Louis E Weeks Added Jun 16, 2018 - 1:37pm
@ Even A Broken Clock - Cult of personality?  What are you talking about?  We saw rioting in the streets and identity politics gone wrong lone before Trump came along and my own theory is that this is what made Trump possible as a reaction to it.
 I see folks who are sacrificing their religious principles to stand up and support this man who is the antithesis of all of the principles of the Judeo-Christian belief system.
Democrats forced religious people into the arms of Trump, you left them no choice.  In every area dominated by Democrats we have seen massive decline of religious freedoms.  Look at the Supreme court discussion, if Hillary had won she would have chosen anti-religious Justices, Trump picked a pro-religious justice and this is one of the main reasons religious people have no choice but to support someone like Trump.
I see an administration that is becoming more and more brazen in its immoral actions, such as the separation of families coming across the border.
This is simply not true, why do you have to lie?  The pictures of children in cages are from 2014 and all under Obama.  American citizens are separated from their children all the time when under the legal system, our only other two choices are:
1. Put the children in jails with their parents.
2. Make all parents immune to criminal prosecution.
So being as both options are way worse than seperating children from their criminal parents, we have to do that.
But your lie is claiming anything is different under Trump, there is nothing "more brazen" about continuing an Obama policy that has always been in effect and not one word from people like you.
If Mueller points out multitudes of high crimes and misdemeanors and the quislings in Congress ignore it out of fear, then we as a nation are finished.
Anyone with a brain knows there will be no collusion charges, Comey pretty much put that to bed in his testimony where he admitted Trump was never under investigation.  This desperation people like you show for Mueller to come and "save the day" for you is not serving you well, this is is unhealthy and causing mental health issues.
"IF" Mueller has hard evidence then even the Right will support an impeachment because at the end of the day we are ruled by facts, but the question is, will you on the Left accept it when Mueller comes out empty handed?
Will admit you were wrong and finally show a tiny speck of respect to the man as your President or will you just switch to a new complaint and new conspiracy theories and new excuses to hate the man?
When Mueller has to admit Trump has not committed any crimes, people like you will claim someone got to him or he was stupid or he was incompetent etc, you will never accept the fact that Trump is not the monster you try to paint him as.
Aaron Johnson Added Jun 16, 2018 - 6:50pm
Enjoyed the piece and while the results so far hasn't been too damaging, anyone can see that there has been huge turnover due to the inability of the White House to attract qualified talent.
When you say that the U.S. grew by 2.6 percent, what timeframe are you talking about?  When we look at 2017, economic growth was 2.3 percent, which was below the projected rate of 2.6 percent.  (Source is page 6 of the Bureau of Economic Analysis:
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 17, 2018 - 10:16pm
George - re: racing towards a crash. The current set of tax cuts just removed one more set of guardrails along the roadside. We're careening along the mountain road and while we are still pointed uphill, it's taking more and more gas (debt) to continue to climb. If we ever lose traction, and begin to slide backwards, it's all over.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 17, 2018 - 10:19pm
Louis - if you believe what you said in your last comment, then you and I are looking at the same set of facts and drawing totally different conclusions. I feel sorry for you that you are not able to see the blind adoration of Donald Trump leading to moral bankruptcy from his followers, all in order to ensure tax cuts and a hard-ass attitude on asylum seekers. May you find peace as you revel in the increase in your take-home pay due to the 30 pieces of silver given you by the tax cut.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 17, 2018 - 10:25pm
Aaron, I went back to 2011-2016 for the prior administration, a total of 24 quarterly data points. That actually worked out to an average of 2.04%, but I could not find the quarterly data for 2010, which had a yearly figure of 2.5%. If you add 6 years of 2.04% and one year of 2.5%, it works out to 2.1% (I think I had the wrong figure in the text). For the current administration, I used the 5 quarterly data points, which averaged to 2.6%. I then found an online calculator that allowed me to compare the two sets of data via the t-test statistic which is the best way to determine if the differences in the means in a data set is statistically significant. Given the noise in both sets of data, there was no statistically significant difference.
If the economy prints multiple readings in the 3+% growth range, then I would expect the difference to become statistically significant. Right now it takes more data than is available under the current administration.
Flying Junior Added Jun 18, 2018 - 2:13am
You have been a force for intellectual honesty.  As much as I admire your honest and entertaining contributions, it is refreshing to actually disagree with you on one or two minor points.
I do not see the Trump administration and its dishonest enablers in the U.S. Congress as simply unskilled or unprepared for the enormous power thrust upon them.
It is increasingly clear that this is nothing more than selfish, greedy and reckless malevolence.
Sans doubt, the silly congress critters that rode the Tea Party wave into power across the board lack demonstrable experience and even aptitude for responsible governance.  Their ignorance and uncaring is on display daily much like a pillory in the town square.
But ask yourselves this.  What expertise, statesmanship or lifetime experience did any fascist government ever possess?  It is simply a game of dominance.  Oppression always is motivated by selfish gain.
So far, the results have not been catastrophic.
Again I strongly disagree.  The egregious sins of the Trump administration will not soon be repaired or ameliorated.
Maybe next year or even five years from now, there will be loyal Trumpistas that have actually benefited from the Great Republican Tax Heist of 2017.  But the damage has already been done.  Does anyone believe that in fiscal 2019 GDP will skyrocket?  It's a time bomb.  Tick... tick...tick.
Barely four months from this hour, Americans will have to choose their health insurance plans for 2019.  The lucky ones with employer-subsidized healthcare insurance may not see a huge increase.  Maybe the beneficiaries of the PPACA that are receiving federal or state subsidies will not see a great increase.  No one really knows.  There will be double-digit increases on some.  Historically the insurance companies are compelled to hedge their bets by preemptively hiking rates.  Does anyone else recall how Blue Cross upped their premiums for private insurance by 50% as a preemptive strike against Obamacare?
That's the way it works.
I would also argue that much of the environmental damage and irresponsible policies of the Trump EPA have already caused untold damage and will never be completely undone.
But you are right on one point.  Most of the Trumpies have not noticed anything different now.
Flying Junior Added Jun 18, 2018 - 2:22am
I, for one, oppose nuclear war.  But I'm not sure I would actually talk on my telephone for two minutes with some kook who asked me my opinion on whether or not Trump's efforts to create peace with NK should succeed or fail.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 18, 2018 - 10:33am
FJ - thanks for your comments. I actually agree with you that the damage that has already been done will have long-lasting consequences, and it may be too late to reverse them. My point is that the adverse consequences have not shown up so far. They will come. And whether it be decades from now when an incompetent federal judge makes yet another egregious ruling based upon his or her (well, mainly his since he's nominated few women to the bench) personal biases, or whether it be a very few years from now when the abandonment of our allies cause a fall in confidence in the US dollar and our interest rates skyrocket, or whether it be when the effects of anthropogenic global warming wreak havoc on our coastlines, we will still be suffering the fully developed effects of this administration.
You wrote a very cogent reply to Luther in his latest post about Donald Trump being a fully developed human. I am choosing to stay out of that comment stream because I don't think I could be as reserved as you were. But let me say that I share your sentiments totally as to the nature of the creatures we have invited into our halls of government. But remember, only the best people, right? 
Ward Tipton Added Jun 19, 2018 - 12:50am
Jobs that are "gone forever" returning. 
Unemployment numbers, including those for Americans who happen to be black, at record low levels. 
Hey Obama! You didn't build that! 
This was just too easy ... I tried, but I just could not resist. 
Let's see which hackles rise up! 
wsucram15 Added Jun 19, 2018 - 7:00am
you know..I cant say that Trump eliminating jobs in the government to some degree was a bad idea.
However, I also cannot say that his solutions or proposed solutions in the long run wont be very bad for the people in the US.
I really am trying to stay neutral again in this battle over him and his cronies. Their policies are not the most concerning things that come out of their mouths. Their actions are actually very concerning to anyone who still believes in a Constitution.
But it is what it is...
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 19, 2018 - 11:21am
Hi, Ward. What jobs that were gone forever are returning? I had not heard of any significant increase in jobs at manufacturing sites that are attributable to Trump policies? Have there been some that resulted from the tariffs? If so, will they result in a net gain in primary metals fabrication that will be dwarfed by losses in jobs in metal fabrication facilities? Enquiring minds want to know.
As far as the black unemployment rate, yes, that is correct. But here is what the organization had to say about the trend in black unemployment:

When Trump took office in January 2017, the black unemployment rate was 7.8 percent, the lowest it had been in nearly 10 years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Under Trump, it dropped a full percentage point to 6.8 percent in December. That’s the lowest rate since the bureau began regularly breaking out unemployment rates by race in 1972.
A similar drop of 1 percentage point was recorded during the same 11-month period in 2016. The drop was even more pronounced in each of the three years before that. It fell 1.9 percentage points in 2015, 1.5 percentage points in 2014 and 1.8 percentage points in 2013.
In other words, the downward trend has continued under Trump, albeit at a slower pace than in recent years.
In fact, at the graph shown at the article from FactCheck
you can see a slow, steady decline in the black unemployment rate from 16.8% from March 2010, to 7.8% in January 2017. The trend downwards did continue for another percent, but that means that the current president is responsible for only the last 10% of the fall in black unemployment from its peak in 2010. But then, taking outsized credit for economic trends inherited from his predecessor is very much in the Trumpian mode of blustering bloviation.
As far as the reference to "You didn't build this", I would say in this case, yes, he did. His administration was responsible for 90% of the unemployment drop.
This was too easy . . . I tried but I just couldn't resist.
Even A Broken Clock Added Jun 19, 2018 - 11:26am
Thanks, Jeanne. I don't think anyone would argue that there are employees in the Federal (and other levels of government) that could be eliminated. I also think it would be wise to make it easier to fire government employees for incompetence or malfeasance. It is a nightmare to fire someone for cause at present. But the blind imposition of hiring freezes in areas like federal prisons means that the prison administrators are having to mandate people like social workers and health professionals take the place of guards due to staffing deficiencies. That is not a sustainable solution for this nation. But the rank amateurs who are running this administration have no concept of the damage they are doing.
I appreciate your desire to stay neutral, but at some point I think you will have severe problems not calling out evil for what it is. We have an administration who is performing evil actions for the benefit of the wealthy and for the benefit of the base who hold these disturbing beliefs.
wsucram15 Added Jun 20, 2018 - 8:14am
No not at that level, Im sorry. Im talking at other various levels in government.  I just feel government doesnt need to be so LARGE.  With that being said however, the people in power also must be accountable and able to make their branches and divisions work.
This isnt happening. I just wrote a piece on the EPA so I know its not working there.
Also the prison system has been in poor condition for some time.  I can only speak to state level however and it is all privatized here. I would not break the law just because The Alpo Company would be providing my food.  I understand these are lawbreakers but Alpo?  I wouldnt even feed my dogs Alpo.  I might bait some rat poison in a can of it perhaps..but thats about it.
The social workers and health professionals here dont work very often which is the problem. Not doubling of duties for them, also non-existent programs for rehabilitation causing higher unemployment. Which is what causes recidivism.  I understand, Ive been in a couple womens prisons in peer to peer counseling.
Also I know what is happening...I choose not to argue about it. I argued on here until I was red and purple. You know I agree with you. You know I go out on occasion and fight about some things that I feel matter to people.
I know how I am going to handle this now, and its not by changing anyone's mind on here. I argue when someone says something so stupid, they give me no choice.  I have presented background that I researched (leg work) and from historical data bases no one on here has access to..unless they know where to look as a researcher.
I spent six months researching Trump and his supporters and wrote on things that were reported on in the past few months or so..some of it hasnt even come out yet.
None of it matters.  The doesnt matter to people.
I explained this to someone yesterday as I voted.  You cant change what people think.
wsucram15 Added Jun 20, 2018 - 8:35am
I do have EABC's back on employment WARD.  I was in Washington DC( in the Capital Bldg.) when they were changing this plan to help boost things and it worked.
The numbers you see are a direct result of the Obama presidency and that Congress. Now with Trump his numbers should start to show within the next year or so..EABC would know more than I.   It takes awhile for these plans to move things economically.
Also Ward..I spoke online to a woman from Carrier, he lost some voters there.  That I know of he "increased" w/o decreasing something else very few jobs.  Very few.
Certainly not the job market he promised...although industry isnt going to come back and he knows that.
Stone-Eater Added Jun 20, 2018 - 10:02am
What happens in Asia is of no concern of the US. What happens in Europe is no concern of the US.
We live TODAY.
We cannot always cite WWII or the holocaust or any other historic event to justify actions of TODAY. 
This is not about history. It is about economy, and if that needs "support", it is about support by military power. Be it the Russians (in THEIR neighborhood) or the US (all over the place).

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