Yawn. Today I've read about the 12'678 article which deals with -isms and -ists. YOU ARE A LEFTIST ! FUCK YOU ! NO ! YOU ARE A TRUMPIST ! NO !


I mean, where does this lead to ? Is that a mirror of today's US society ? You're an asshole, no, you're an asshole ? Does anybody here who comes from the US realize you're all in the same boat ?


HOORAY. Kiss the flag and hail your army. Mission accomplished ! Erm....which one ? Is it only in times of (provoked) war scenarios that -ists can get together and think that they're all Americans which should fight for the same goal: A fair society for everybody ?


The same I tell my African friends. At one stage they all say "Africa unite!", and at the next occasion the (for example) French-speaking Cameroonian says "These anglophone Cameroonians should be killed or driven out!" I mean they're all AFRICANS. 


How stupid.


Same with US-Americans apparently. Here on WB ideology freaks fight each other without realizing that in the end....well....they all pretend to be the "good" Americans and they're the ones who are "right".


Do you realize how childish that is in fact ? Like the kid who says "My toy iy nicer than yours. NO ! MY TOY is nicer than yours !"


How can the WORLD get along when even people in ONE country can't get along ? We in Europe just sigh about 

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