I've seen that a lot of people here complaining about the bugs the site has - be it the "search" possibilities, the "publish" button.....maybe there are other bugs which I haven't noticed, but since I haven't noticed them, they didn't disturb me then.


So, guys, Autumn has said there's no cash around to professionally fix it, so we have two possibilities:


a) we accept the bugs

b) we donate something to her so she can fix it.


Easy, isn't it ? I mean, all of us can spare 20 bucks, some even more I guess. And when we have 50 regulars here, we can get to 1'000 bucks. And as far as I know, developing a professional website (for example on Wordpress) costs about that in Switzerland, and I have friends in Cameroon who do it for 300 bucks. And they are GOOD.


So, everybody who is willing to spare something might write a short reply here. Maybe then we can set up something.


Is that ok ?



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