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As many of you know, Writer Beat is in the process of being completely overhauled.  Below is the link to the where we're housing the new site.  In the not too distant future, this link will replace the current site.  After you create an account, kindly send me an email and I will manually activate your account.


More valuable than money is your thoughts and feedback regarding the new site.  I'm not just talking about visual stuff.  Please go in and use the site.  Try uploading articles and submitting comments.  What doesn't work?


New Site: 

My Email: AutumnCote@WriterBeat.com


I have included my list below and will updated it as I receive comments from all of you:


List without images

  • Couldn’t upload a profile picture
  • Writer Beat logo looks hazy
  • Fonts are too small when my screen is set to 100%.  I would increase everything by 20%  It's especially small on the article page
  • The tie breaker for all article rankings is submission date.  That is, older articles get ranked before newer articles.  Currently, after ranking based on the metrics chosen, our formula is putting the newer articles ahead of older articles.


 List with images

  •   It should be “Articles Ranked”



  • author page of someone else.  It should read “Recent Articles by Authors…”


  • Too much white space between the end of the article and the bar for the comment section









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