Man man.


When I joined WB 4 years ago we had reasonable people here, some occasional rants for sure, but that's ok. I mean, emotions, right ? When somebody has no emotions anymore, he's fucked.


But now ?


All I see is trolls who simply display POLITICAL PROPAGANDA.


Hail Trump ! The left arm please. The right one is still reserved for Adolf. And then....people still talk about Hillary Clinton. Huh ? I mean she went already downhill, so WTF ? Now, I'm one of the rare Europeans here that US hardliners couldn't scare off and I don't intend to be. Why ?


Because the people of the United States (no, not "America", once again) need to hear voices from people which are not THERE. Even when you don't give a fuck about them NOW. There are Asians, Africans and other people who want to be heard and respected. And a McDonald's burger doesn't promise eternal happiness, right ? Or.......LOL


But I still have hope that SOME of the 325 million US 

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