DRAFT: The Sad and mixed up life of an elderly liberal male.

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Listen child - I will explain this once. I'll write slowly so you can keep up.
I'm 69 years old.
I have a whole bunch of qualifications including a London University degree.
I have had a hugely successful career that saw me managing the futures and lives of 1200 people and a multimillion pound budget.
I have raised four fabulous children and am involved with 5 smashing grandchildren.
I have travelled the world and lived abroad, hitch-hiking, driving and walking through the greatest landscapes and the most amazing sights.
I have friends of all types - all religions, all sexual orientation, all colours and genders.
I have a great sex life.
I have worked in a great range of jobs from dishwasher to steel foundry.
I've lived through the sixties, seen every band worth seeing and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest stars around.
I have discussed all matters of importance with the most intelligent people.
I have had experiences that you could not even imagine.
I have read thousands of books and written over sixty.
Now just stop and ask yourself what a stupid, brainwashed dropout like you is doing even conversing with someone like me. I find your stupidity insulting to my intelligence. You are so limited that your puerile opinions are not worthy of consideration. You obviously have major hang-ups as a result of your abusive upbringing. Your repressed homosexuality displays itself in your sexual attitudes. You are so confused and indoctrinated that you see it as a sin. While I feel sorry for you the fact that you can't keep your silly mouth shut and continue to berate your betters with your stupidity and push your extreme views on people who are so obviously beyond you on many levels is irksome. 
Now my advice to you is to go away and grow up, get a life, get some life experience, get some help for your sexual problems and get some help for your emotional outbursts. 
You are out of your league and a minnow swimming around whales. Your arrogance is blinding you to reality. I have nothing else to say to you so fuck off, sling your hook, get back to your kindergarten and try to be a useful human being. You have nothing in common with me and I have no desire to debate anything with worthless children like you.