DRAFT: Why the Founders of America would have supported banning Stone-Eater, Jeff Michka, James Travil, and Opher Goodwin from WB

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While it is sad to see Fernando Alcoforado leave WB, yet, his devious stratagem was to whip up popular sentiment against me, get me banned, and then continue to propagate his socialism and totalitarianism to the admiring and naïve masses on WB.  So, it's hard to mourn the departure of a man who refuses to honestly discuss ideas, and insists that he is too elite to be bothered with 'commoners'.  He is just like the Emperor who walked around without a stitch of clothing on, and no one wanted to say anything, for fear of not being thought 'enlightened'.  The charlatan tailors of Anderson's wonderful tale had convinced everyone that if you couldn't see the Emperor's "New Cloths", you were stupid and ignorant.  Same ruse is used today with the left's immigration, climate change, socialism, big government, birth control, abortion, overpopulation, homosexuality, and the thousands of other lies the 'enlightened ones' tell us we are stupid if we don't believe.  It took a child to say, "But he hasn't got any cloths on".  The left tries to control the media and schools, so no child can sing that out today.   Alcoforado is just like Nero, who was a very wicked and despicable man, yet, when he committed suicide, sat and said "What an artist dies in me".  Self pity is a huge problem with criminal types and many on the left. They refuse to acknowledge their present predicament is because they will not submit to God, and they insist on blaming other humans, when they themselves know more evil about themselves than anyone else does, and far more than the evil they know about any other human on earth.


When the Founders gave us Free Speech and the First Amendment it was to allow virtuous speech to prevail.  They knew of two stories and they didn't want these stories to ever happen in America.  Those two stories were of Socrates and Christ.  Socrates told the truth to the Sophists of Athens, and they hated him for it, and had him put to death.  Those on the left today, are all sophists, the problem is, 90% know nothing about Sophism.  Jesus told the truth and lived a blameless life, and yet was killed.  He was told he had a devil along the wa