DRAFT: Why the Founders of America would have supported banning Stone-Eater, Jeff Michka, James Travil, and Opher Goodwin from WB

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While it is sad to see Fernando Alcoforado leave WB, yet, his devious stratagem was to whip up popular sentiment against me, get me banned, and then continue to propagate his socialism and totalitarianism to the admiring and naïve masses on WB.  So, it's hard to mourn the departure of a man who refuses to honestly discuss ideas, and insists that he is too elite to be bothered with 'commoners'.  He is just like the Emperor who walked around without a stitch of clothing on, and no one wanted to say anything, for fear of not being thought 'enlightened'.  The charlatan tailors of Anderson's wonderful tale had convinced everyone that if you couldn't see the Emperor's "New Cloths", you were stupid and ignorant.  Same ruse is used today with the left's immigration, climate change, socialism, big government, birth control, abortion, overpopulation, homosexuality, and the thousands of other lies the 'enlightened ones' tell us we are stupid if we don't believe.  It took a child to say, "But he hasn't got any cloths on".  The left tries to control the media and schools, so no child can sing that out today.   Alcoforado is just like Nero, who was a very wicked and despicable man, yet, when he committed suicide, sat and said "What an artist dies in me".  Self pity is a huge problem with criminal types and many on the left. They refuse to acknowledge their present predicament is because they will not submit to God, and they insist on blaming other humans, when they themselves know more evil about themselves than anyone else does, and far more than the evil they know about any other human on earth.


When the Founders gave us Free Speech and the First Amendment it was to allow virtuous speech to prevail.  They knew of two stories and they didn't want these stories to ever happen in America.  Those two stories were of Socrates and Christ.  Socrates told the truth to the Sophists of Athens, and they hated him for it, and had him put to death.  Those on the left today, are all sophists, the problem is, 90% know nothing about Sophism.  Jesus told the truth and lived a blameless life, and yet was killed.  He was told he had a devil along the way, and all manner of other falsehoods.  Those who are in power, and who have others who admire them HATE losing that, when their ideas are exposed.  If preserving the admiration of others and their wealth, means other humans have to die, they will do that.  Same thing goes on here, where I am continually cursed at by the WB filthy foursome mentioned above, and have the most obscene charges laid at my feet.  The Founders wanted to ensure the wicked forces present in every society would never be allowed to silence the virtuous and wise voices, because the former make it their business to wage unceasing warfare on the latter.   


They never intended filthy and degenerate men to use the First Amendment to justify malicious and depraved lying and profanity.  Yet, in America today, we are constantly lectured that we are Fascists if we try to silence the very evil people who spread their evil ideas everywhere, and try to silence anyone who objects.  The Founders had no problem silencing these wicked charlatans.  All four of the men listed above would have been in jail in all of the Thirteen original colonies if they dared to open their mouths to say the things they say on here in a Public Forum. That is why their societies were peaceful and well ordered, as they worked to get rid of the plague of slavery which had ever devastated humanity. 


Let the reader judge.  First, hopefully as grown adults we all agree that profanity should be something grown adults avoid, as you'd be a hypocrite to talk that way around adults, and avoid it around children.  Second, let the reader examine the handiwork of all three authors.  Can anyone please inform me how this adds to a reasonable debate?  Since this site is devoted to the exchange of ideas, why are obviously sewer level comments tolerated.  90% of the population would agree these ideas are  unimaginably wicked.  Not one person on here would be happy to have them aimed at them, and I never aimed anything remotely close to profanity or lies at these four.


James Travil:


-I don't take orders from fake Christians lying Ryan. You are not my master, I have none. Still waiting for you to tell us all how God f****** up when he created cannabis you f****** FAKE! 


-F*** you and your commands you devil f***! I don't take orders from anyone, especially fake Christians!


-F*** off and die lying Ryan MassAnal. You are a powerless worm I laugh at you and your false "god" of hate.




-Btw: Put another avatar in, Ryboy. The current one has a homo touch to it. Do you intend to find a partner here ?
Could be diff :))



No examples needed, practically every comment is full of it.



Has plenty of examples that the reader can find by going over his past five pages of comments.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of banning the aforementioned four.

The disadvantages are you'll rile up the naïve and gullible on here, who will listen to these four's frantic shout's of "Nazi's", "Muh Free Speech", and a lot of other nasty epithets.  These four are rabble rousers and the disorder they allow within themselves translates into disorder into the societies and communities they inhabi