DRAFT: Roe v. Wade being threatened is sadly ludicrus

Before you begin reading this, I want to qualify that I believe abortion is murder and no civilized society should accept it.  I also believe that the woman made her "choice" when she chose to engage in an activity that had the possible outcome of a HUMAN child.  I tried to be objective about what will really happen, but please forgive any personal opinions that creep in to my commentary.


The left is making this supreme court nomination all about destroying “women’s rights” and “reproductive rights” so let us visit the reality, shall we?  There is a lot more that the Supreme Court deals with.  Abortion is almost none of that.

Norma McCorvey was the original complainant in Roe v. Wade.  She was Roe (they used alias Jane Roe).  Later in life, she became very anti-abortion and felt she had been used by the left to create this decision.  Planned Parenthood had actually been forcing cases for years to finally get a case before a Supreme court they felt would rule in their favor.  She passed away in 2017.

The left is fear-mongering saying that “women’s reproductive rights will go away” with this nomination, or even more absurdly “millions will die” – as if abortion hasn’t killed millions, already, right?  Almost 60 million, predominantly African Americans since 1973.

What really happens if Kavenaugh is confirmed?  Believe it or not, the Supreme Court doesn’t just randomly change laws!  Say it ain’t so!

A case has to work through the system that would be negative to Roe v. Wade.  That would likely take years.  After that, if it is appealed to the Supreme Court, at least 4 justices have to agree to hear it.  They hear about a total of 80 cases a year, out of thousands. 

Kavenaugh doesn’t seem like someone that would vote to take on that kind of case, but that is personal opinion and not particularly relevant, just worth noting.

Even should they hear a case that could potentially reverse Roe v. Wade what happens?

It would simply be an act of federalism (small f).  It would mean the federal government is not requiring every state to provide abortion.  It would revert the decision to each state.

Does anyone thing CA, NY, others will suddenly change their abortion laws?  However, it will allow states that believe abortion is immoral/murder to say, you have to go somewhere else to do that, we don’t agree with that philosophy.

As the founders intended, each state would be a cauldron of democracy, each choosing their own path.

This leftist hyper-sensationalism of what this pick will mean cannot be spread enough as to what it really means.  Even if they take a case, and even if they reverse Roe v. Wade, this doesn’t suddenly mean that abortion is going to be forbidden and illegal.  I doubt that Kavenaugh will be the type of person that would agree to hear the case, next choice, Barrett certainly will, but the hysteria for now is just that.  Leftists ginning up election year voters to come out and vote democrat to stop this “anti-woman” agenda.