DRAFT: The Democratic Party is rudderless on immigration

<p>Democrats need to be a bit more "proactive" when it comes to practical ideas for securing America's borders. "Open borders" isn't something many Americans are in favor of.&#160; To date, Democrats have been playing mostly defense on point - and the Republicans have seized upon the issue and run with it.&#160; Find ONE Dem politician who gets on the House or Senate floor regularly and vehemently argues for the need to secure our borders so that there's orderly entry into the country.&#160; The Dems have been playing defense, not offense, on point.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>The current practice of separating families is, of course, horrible - but I doubt most Americans feel tremendous compassion for those who enter our borders illegally. Fact of life imo.&#160; We need to end the inhumane treatment of immigrant children while at the same time securing our borders so that there's only orderly and legal entry into the country.</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>If the Democrats had a coherent message and any strategists worth their salt, the party could come across as tough, passionate&#160;<span style="text-decoration:underline;">and&#160;</span>compassionate. I was in government. There are people who do this stuff for a living and who are good at it.&#160; The Democratic Party is fairly rudderless today on the entire immigration issue.</p>


rycK the JFK Democrat Added Jul 11, 2018 - 2:35pm
The Dems   love sloth, sodomy and drug addiction and illegal aliens can supply most of this to that sordid group in quiet places like San Francisco or Oakland. 
The Dems need political power as illegal aliens can now vote in many states and stuff ballots for the left while being gleefully rewarded for their crimes by hiding in sanctuary cities. They are now the darlings of the gutters and alleyways. 
"If the Democrats had a coherent message and any strategists worth their salt, the party could come across as tough, passionate and compassionate"
They do not have such. Their party has been polluted with crime, drugs and sloth. 
Thomas Sutrina Added Jul 11, 2018 - 5:16pm
Sorry but this is not new, "The current practice of separating families is, of course, horrible,"  Try about almost 60 years the practice of both Republican and Democrat administrations.  Obama only after winning a second term started setting illegal immigrants free.  So Obama was afraid the response would loose him the white house.
Obama started the victory march by his actions in his second term.  The true nature of the Democratic party has been shown to us. Like light finding all the pin holes and cracks in the curtain between the hard core Democrats and us.  This is what Whittaker Chambers who worked in the American Communist underground
for most of the 1930s. His broke from the underground, . . . his unique writing talent earned him a place at Time magazine, where he eventually rose to be one of its senior editors.  He said, "Thus men who sincerely abhorred the word Communism, in the pursuit of common ends found that they were unable to distinguish Communists from themselves, except that it was just the Communists who were likely to be most forthright and most dedicated in the common cause. . . .  Every move against the Communists was felt by the liberals as a move against themselves. . . .  The Communists were fully aware of their superior tactical position, and knew that they had
only to shout their innocence and cry: “Witch hunt!” for the liberals to rally in all innocence to their defense.

Some things don’t change: we are still undergoing a revolution by bookkeeping and lawmaking, and we continue to hear the snarls of “witch hunt” whenever this revolution is challenged."  Obama though nothing could stop him or the next president from completing the transition of America.
Democrats have  been ruthless as much as Stalin or Mo Sa Tung, The field of skulls or from abortions, drive by shooting, and drugs.   The criminal illegals let in the nation is just a small part of their ruthlessness.
Ken Added Jul 11, 2018 - 5:38pm
The democrats aren't rudderless on immigration.  There plan is quite clear and has been since 1965 and Teddy Kennedy.  They cannot convince Americans to vote for them so they need to change the American voter.
As far as separating children and parents, this is not new.  twice as many were separated under Obama as are separated now.  Where were all the concerned protestors then?
Parents are breaking the law, first time is a misdemeanor, after being deported once every other time is a felony.  Children are split from parents every day in America when they break the law and are sent to prison.  Where is the outrage there?
The democrats are simply desperately trying to turn out their base for the midterms which is why we fly from one outrage to the next hoping something sticks.