DRAFT: Free Speech is not Always Funny

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I want to start off with a joke.  Not my joke, of course.  Ron White's joke, he is much funnier than I:


Ron White talking about Osama Bin Laden


At the end he says "comedy's not always pretty."  Keep in mind this monologue included licking buttcrack, grape jelly and a convict named thunder dick.  Why did I bring this up?  Well, Ryan wrote an article entitled "Why the Founders of America would have supported banning Stone-Eater, Jeff Michka, James Travil, and Opher Goodwin from WB."  He thinks Autumn should ban those individuals from WB.


 This article shocked me.  Why on earth would an author here want to ban anyone?  This is Autumn's site, she makes the rules for us to follow.  For the most part she let's us have at it.  She requires that everyone comment on other people's work and reminds us to do so.  There are some other things but that's about it.  I appreciate this, I belong to forums that regularly suspend and even ban people for using language or saying racist things.  I generally disagree with this because I am a true free speech advocate.  I also understand that those forums are not mine, that they have rules for a reason and it's not my place to judge.  


Most of you know where my interests lie.  I go out into the internet to  whack on Holocaust deniers and their related ilk.  I explained why in another article so I won't go into that now.  You would think I want deniers suppressed but that is not the case.  Why?  There are a couple of reasons:


1) Suppressing something often makes it attractive.  I see no reason to make someone a martyr.  On related note I disagree with "memory laws" that make Holocaust denial or other related types of denial illegal for the reason I just gave.


2) Even when someone is wrong they sometimes have something valuable to say or contribute.  I read some denial books early on that gave me access to documents I didn't know.


This brings us back to WB.  Everyone is here for different reasons.  I 


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