The Deep State....

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Soo... we just passed July 10th... the 2nd anniversary of the murder of Seth Rich, where do we stand on the scales of "justice"..???


Altho the Washington D.C. police have solved 177 murders, they apparently remain clueless as to the most famous (infamous..?) murder in recent D. C. history... and the media could care less.


Hillary Clinton has done nothing for which she could be prosecuted, according to former FBI director James Comey.


Imran Awan has committed no crime except for bank fraud, according to DOJ prosecutor J.P. Coomey.


Gen. Mike Flynn is awaiting sentencing for lying even tho FBI agents said he didn't.


Paul Manafort is being kept in solitary confinement after being convicted of.....NOTHING......


and yet FBI attorney and Trump-hater Lisa Page just told the senate intelligence committee to stick their subpoena where the sun don't shine....


Does anyone doubt the existence of the Deep State...??