DRAFT: Accepting Change is a Happier Path!

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<p>Each day when we wake up<strong>, whether we realize it or not, things have changed.</strong></p> <p>Accepting changes as positive creations of the universe, allows us to learn and create a new story of how life is unfolding, based on the NOW. Bob Dylan said in 1964; <em>"the times they are a changin"</em>, and he was right.&#160;</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p><strong>Let&#8217;s look at one specific example, US Electricity power generation,</strong> and specifically the number of people employed in the various sectors. Coal is one which got a lot of coverage, and from the emotional reactions one would think that this industry employed a high percentage of the US workforce. If we &#8220;get the men back in the ground&#8221; we will be on our way to making &#8220;America Great Again&#8221;.&#160; Well here are <strong>the stats from Forbes</strong>;</p> <ol><li>Solar- 373,807 people employed</li> <li>Wind- 101,738</li> <li>Coal- 86,035</li> <li>Nuclear- 78,156</li> <li>Natural gas- 52,125</li> <li>Advanced gas- 36,157</li> <li>Oil and Petroleum- 12,840</li> </ol><p>&#160;</p> <p>We would all <strong>save ourselves a lot of anxiety</strong>, if we would more quickly accept change. The problem is that humans tend to cling to the behavioral patterns they have developed in the past. But the past is no longer where we live. &#160;Add to that the pack dynamics, where the group or tribe one belongs to, is even more resistant to change than the individual. Our human tendency is towards living in the past and fearing the future. We are hard-wired that way from our evolutionary past, however it does not serve us well now.</p> <p><strong>The best path is to not resist</strong>. Rather than struggle, why not adapt to changes and develop resilience and make it fun to decide the best way forward, knowing that you can never go back. Or in other words, <strong>make way for the new normal! You will be happier, and live life with less stress.&#160;</strong></p>