DRAFT: Check your Settings

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Check Your New Privacy Settings.

Face it. Keeping your privacy these days is not automatic. You must be an activist even to keep your buying transactions personal. You know your credit rating is easily determined by almost anyone. You accept Amazon knows what you’re buying.  But did you know that another site, VENMO.COM, knows this as well and sells the info.  Cash may make a comeback.


Check Your New Political Settings. 

Democrat? Republican?  No, no, no.  You must decide whether you are a tea-party Republican, establishment Republican, Trump Republican, moderate Democrat, socialist Democrat, leftist Democrat, Pelosi loyalist, and on and on – and on.  What to do? 


Check Your Toast Settings.

It is almost certain that attorney Michael Cohen has achieved the status of Stormy Daniels, someone to be trotted out from time-to-time, but who has no future with the Dems, CNN, FOX, etc.  He will be used for a while and then dumped. 


Stormy can always resume her career, as for example a stripper-at-the-home, but what can a lawyer do who violates his client’s trust. Gone is Mike. In two years time, we will have trouble recalling his name. 


The New Toast Squad: 
Michael Cohen

James Comey
Roy Moore

Harvey Weinstein

Al Franken

Paul Manafort


Hillary Clinton has become a National Wart.  Compound W does not work.


Check Your Trade Settings.

Do you support or reject free trade, fair trade, balanced trade, NAFTA trade, TPP trade, or globalist trade?  Do you support or reject IP theft threats, tariff threats, agroecologist threats, or terrorist threats.  All impact Y-O-U and how all trade is transacted. Can you choose? Or is choice even relevant?