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This is my   1st post on Writer Beat since coming back. I have decided to comment on other members’ post and this is my post. I want to speak to Trump Supporters and I am going to bluntly tell you that what is happening in America is your fault.

The reason why is that you wanted to have your selfish means at the expense of Mexicans, African Americans, Muslims, and other Immigrants because you feel that you have “Lost your world” due to the 2008 Stock Crash including the election and Presidency of Barack Obama.  Trump had “Promised” that what was lost will return. Guess what? It’s gone and not coming back!! The Coal Industry is dead in the water, companies like Harley Davidson are moving overseas because the Trump Tariffs are affecting their organization.  People are losing jobs because of Trump’s stupidity and your own selfishness.

And because of the counter Tariffs by China as a result of a trade war that Trump has started, the price of Soybeans has become expensive. The Farmers and businesses in our nation will be affected and lose money and even go bankrupt. Trump has said that he will help Farmers and I don’t believe him at all.  Trump Supporters, your shared manta of “America Again” and “Make America great Again” has been problematic. People like yourself and especially, your leader Donald J. Trump haven’t learned the lessons of history!  This slogan was used before and during The 2nd World War which my father had fought in and served his nation despite the Racism he had to endure and encountered.

Charles Lindbergh was a part of the group called The America First Committee that sympathized with the Nazis who had racist beliefs about Jews and other groups. If you have Grandparents, Parents, Uncles, and Cousins who had fought in World War 2, you are disgracing your loved ones memory and don’t see it. The Klu Klux Klan had used it during the 1920’s on their banners at their rallies and in literature that is still published by the Klan and their ilk. Trump has used it when he was Candidate Trump 3 years ago.`

Other Presidents such as Calvin Coolidge, William McKinney, Warren G. Harding, and Woodrow Wilson have used that slogan. Trump isn’t the 1st President to use it. My point is Trump Supporters: You are a bunch of racists! My mother, God rest her soul had always told me and my siblings that you are known by the company you keep as a warning to always be careful whom you associate with. If you have friends who engage in bad behavior or are troublemakers, it will affect you sooner or later and already and to be mindful of the people you associate with.

Trump Supporters, you are the ones destroying America because of your bigotry and ignorance!  That isn’t the fault of Immigrants and People of Color whom you blame for the loss of your job and livelihood. That is the fault of people like Trump whom you put on a pedestal and don’t care about you.  It’s time for you to grow up and learn to adapt your job skills instead of relying on jobs that no one exist because of changing times and technology including the empty promises that Trump had made to you. Those jobs will come quick and end quickly.

I don’t care if you call me names and demonize me; I am telling you the truth! Sooner or later, you will learn the hard way that Donald J. Trump doesn’t care and is a selfish man.  That is all I will say because it will happen.




Gregory S. McNeill.


PS: Here is a picture from a Klan Rally from Binghamton, NY from the 1920's. Trump not a racist? You cannot deal the facts and that isn't Fake News!  



Fat Bastardo Added Aug 24, 2018 - 1:15am
OMG! This one of the best fact enemas given to Trump's supporters so far.
I think some of the best ways to describe Trump supporter would involve the words, depraved, racist, dishonest, false Christians, traitorous and blissfully ignorant. These traits also describe Nazis. Trump's rallies are very much like Hitler rallies. If only the Jews had Antifa. 
As to the MAGA bullshit, If you ask a Trump supporter to name a country that is greater than the US their verbal diarrhea quickly becomes intellectual constipation. 
Coal: Even the coal miners and the Koch Brothers know that coal is becoming obsolete. Trump loves the poorly educated.
Proof: 43% of Republicans Are Nazis
If it talks like a Nazi, it's a Nazi. There is only one way for dealing with Nazis. Nazis are a product of nature not nurture. I have a friend whose son is a Nazi. He was not raised that way but his maternal grand father is a Nazi.  
Lincoln should have had most of the Southern aristocracy executed along with the members of the confederacy. 
Trump is a rodeo clown much like Hitler. Millions of Nazis were executed after WW-2 and the purge of that toxic DNA is why Germany is one of the best countries in Europe. We need to allow Trump to damage the US a bit longer to educate the percentage of Trump supporters capable of connecting the dots.
Most of Trump's Supporters Are Pieces of Sh*t.
Trump supporters rejected John Kasich who is a true conservative, moral and qualified to govern.  This proves their depravity.
Trump supporters ran with the Birther lie knowing that Obama was born in the US and they also knew that even if he wasn't born in the US it would not have mattered because his mother was an American.  This proves their dishonesty. 
Trump supporters know that Trump is Putin's puppet. This proves their treason.
Who And What Are Trump Supporters?

Dishonest - Treasonous - Poorly Educated - Easily Led - Immoral - Hypocritical - Vulgar - Deplorable - UnAmerican - Ignorant - Wrathful - Gluttonous - Envious - Slothful - Vengeful - Unpatriotic - Uncouth - Toxic - Dangerous -Obtuse - Stinky - Prideful - Losers - Sinful - Sluttish-UnChristian - Foolish - Deplorable - Revolting - Unhinged - Hateful - Paranoid - Ugly - Depraved -

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