Alex Jones "Infowars" Censored - Who's Next?

Controversial news commentator Alex Jones has been permanently removed from YouTube, Facebook and Apple for alleged "hate speech".  The mainstream media have fought Jones for years.  As the aged MSM fades, they seek to remove "Inforwars" platforms.  (And anybody else who is a perceived threat.) remains on the Internet, however YouTube and Facebook control millions of viewers.  This is a major blow for the First Amendment.  The move to censor is a growing trend from the left, who think free speech is "dangerous".


The far-left have dominated the major networks and cable stations for decades - until the Internet.  And now that an opposing viewpoint comes their way, they attempt to silence it.  The left preach fairness and tolerance - this is pure sham.  Hypocrisy in a nutshell.  Anyone with a opposing thought is at first ignored, then ridiculed, and finally terminated.


Make no mistake, those higher up on the food-chain have something to do with this.  They (segments of the government, the NWO, the MSM, China) want full control of YouTube and Facebook:  anything normal, middle-class America watches.  They already monopolize television.


The unexpected winner of all this is BitChute, an alternate video website, that's growing by leaps and bounds.

I urge viewers to abandon YouTube.  They're censoring free speech.


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FacePalm Added Aug 25, 2018 - 6:59pm
i'm very surprised that no one commented on this, and i don't know how i missed it.
Irregardless of how one feels about AJ or Infowars, the precedent set should be a major wake-up call to all who care about liberty or free speech.
It seems clear that several of the leftist Silicon Valley termites conspired together to remove AJ from their platforms simultaneously, and many other speakers/writers/filmmakers of the right/conservatives/libertarians/republicans treated similarly; SpaceFace founder Zuckerberg said in Congressional testimony he wanted his business to be a place for everyone to share their opinions, but this recent move has confirmed the leftist bias; one of the alleged "violations" by AJ concerned the ill-and-impossible-to-legally-define "hate speech," but if that is the "standard," then why to so many posts remain from antifa and leftists which call for the murder of Trump, the torture-murders of his family members, and multiple condemnations of the aforementioned "banned" people on the Right?  then, too, the anti-semite and anti-white folks rants of Louis Farrakhan remain untouched as well.
It is my sincere hope that one or more of AJ's attorneys bring suit against every company that peremptorily banned him, and invite all who have been similarly treated to join the class-action suit, as well.
AJ should most CERTAINLY sue CNN, for their "tortious interference" with his business; after all, AJ gets FAR more viewership than CNN weekly, so for them to importune those platforms to ban him constitutes an unfair business practice, de minimus.
i think that it won't be long 'til Congress begins anti-trust moves against these leftist orgs, though MY preferred treatment would be to give them x number of days to restore all the banned people, end "shadow-banning," and apologize - or run the risk of having their corporate charters pulled, forcing them to either re-organize as partnerships or a sole proprietorship, or go out of business entirely.
i actually emailed AJ with this suggestion, that he file suit and immediately afterwards, petition the court to impose a temporary restraining order on all those companies named in the suit, restoring his access until the cases have been decided.  Doubt he even got the message, though, to be honest.
There are several other video services that have opened up, now that oozetube has made their bias and prejudice known, among them for UtahGunEnthusiasts or similar) and the one Mike-Adams-the-Health-Ranger began,
Eric Reports Added Aug 26, 2018 - 12:52am
Thanks for the informative comment, FacePalm.  I'm sure Alex Jones' lawyers are advising him what to do.  The fact that this ban remains is a bad sign.  I've heard the left are after, drudge report and fox news.

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