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I opened today's Swiss No. 1 newspaper BLICK (I'm never sure if it's a tabloid or a newspaper….probably both), and one of the headlines said: Cab driver (52) attacked by 3 persons at 1.30 am at Winterthur main station (my town) and heavily beaten. 2 phones and cash stolen. Subjects still on the loose, one of them spoke Arab, according to the driver, himself being originally from India.


Without wanting to appear racist, enough is enough. All those young criminal thugs here, considered "refugees" by the delusional do-gooders of any political orientation, should get EXACTLY the treatment they would get at home (in most cases they are North Africans from Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia - no guys, no Iraqis or Syrians…..). I mean their countries are neither at war nor have they especially hard economic times. Compare them to places like South Sudan, Haiti or Yemen, where people don't even have a chance to get OUT...


Thing is, we don't have prisons here. In their eyes our prisons are hotels. Free food, games, TV and a warm bed. So no wonder they do whatever they want to get cash or other stuff they can sell afterwards or use for themselves.


Back home in their countries a prison IS a prison. I know it, I've had the chance to be in one for a couple of days in Mali. 30 people in one room, concrete floor, no beds, a bucket to shit in, and when your family or friends don't bring food, you don't eat.


And if you have the idea to do bad things as described above, prison means you escaped the mob which would have killed you right at the spot if they'd caught you. So the cops saved your life.


Here they await an orderly trial when caught by the cops. The judge will probably point out which war or poverty trauma they are suffering from, let's give them 30 days of compulsory community work and a fine, and get them a good psychiatrist to work on their mental health.


Fuck that.


We should set up prisons as they are in their home countries, roast them there for a couple of years on bread and water and then kick them out of the country. That way they can tell their buddies who are ready to come over that it ain't worth it to come and do shit.


That's what I call prevention. And as you know, I'm neither a 



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