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Nubole and Rondot had been intertwined for the past 30 dacas. They had remained steadfast to each other once the blood mixing ceremony had been performed as was the custom on their domitat planet Mopoid. Although it was not necessary for the blood mixing ceremony to take place for the intertwining to be a legal institution Nubole and Rondot agreed this was the path they wished to take. In fact one did not have to be of a different codmor to be legally intertwined.


As far back as anyone could remember Nubole and Rondot had been drawn together. As first as neighbors in domitats that were in close proximity to each other and now as intertwines that resided in the same domitat for the past 10 dacas.


As unders they played in the blue sunshine set against an orange sky. Rondot would spend time lying in the purple straw stalks and watch as the pink clouds would pass overhead from his right appendage to his left. Rondot reveled in imagining what the shapes meant especially those of the air current floaters.


Meanwhile Nubole would engage herself in chasing the flittering multicolored winged frits as they darted from straw stalk to straw stalk to replenish any nutrition lost during their playful flight. The image of these purple straw stalks was one of beauty and stress relief especially when the air currents swirled about and directed the releasing podules towards the orange sky of the mid-spectral season.


It was this fascination of all things that float which led both Nubole and Rondot towards the sciences as they progressed with their schooling. Being of the same daca Nubole and Rondot schooled together. In fact in the early stages they shared the same mind expanders and intelligers. As the dacas progressed there were times when separate intelligers were part of the curriculum but as for the mind expanders they shared Nubole and Rondot always made sure to be instructed by the same intelligers at the same time. That is until it was time to choose the path they wished to walk separately yet together. Hence schooling led to education and education led to life markings in the same vocastructure.  


Now as far as floaters were concerned Nubole’s passion had always been the inners. In other words she was always interested in how things were pushed. Rondot, on the other hand, was always seeking ways of making floaters less resistant to air current slowage. His passion was slipstreaming of the outers. Together Nubole and Rondot were constantly working on the inners and outers to accomplish an efficient and effective celestial traveler.


Now the vocastructure of both Nubole and Rondot had come to the attention to those that watched over and guided such things on Mopoid. Frequent visits were made by the curious and the intelligers to gauge the progress of the two now called above alls in their vocastructure. The two had become the benchmark of the path Mopoid was to take in their further expansion into the celestial wonders of their galaxy with hopes of further explorations into the outer reaches of their universe. But certain unsettling events and actions started to take place as the two vocad.


As they vocad in separate vocapartments the only time the two could share successes and concerns was if they partook in nutrients together or were in the peace and privacy of their own domitat. As their voca interruptions were becoming more and more frequent it was agreed discussion of successes would take place when they ingested their nutrients. Concerns would be discussed in their domitat.


Never had their individual and collective voca been scrutinized so closely and suspicions began to rise as to its intent. Suspicion on their part became so great it was decided any theorizing or contemplation of investigatory theses would take place in the safesquares that all domitats had across the planet. These safesquares were installed under each new domitat structure after the “Great Leakage” which took place over 300 dacas ago. An event still shown in archival footage to the general population at the community “To and Fro” festivities. One of the many “gentle” reminders of your government at voca.


As progress continued in their vocas Nubole and Rondot took notice as more and more visitors began to appear in their separate vocasquares. One night as they were partaking in a sumptuous repast Rondot happened to mention his observation and wondered if Nubole had observed it as well. Nubole sighed and a strained look came over her visage. She relayed to Rondot it was getting increasingly difficult to accomplish the simplest of tasks. She also expressed that one or two of her overlings seemed to stickstiff whenever these visitors arrived. Rondot thought reflectively as they finished their repast in deadstill.  When they had both finished Rondot pushed the button in the center of the flattop and a panel slid open where the now completed nutrient holders were sanitized and stacked away. The two retired to the viewingsquare. Seated in their respective relaxation receptacles Nubole energized the magnaviewer to catch up on the yingsts events. When the illumination appeared Nubole gasped.


“That’s them. They were at my voca agunst.”

“Who? Which ones?”

“Those two. The one in the center and the one to his left.”


The one in the center looked straight into the magna with a menacing look but remained silent. Below him on the magnaviewer were the words.

Dansier Yoblatz-Grand Residue-Slogs Party.

When the magna turned to the left the following words appeared.

Zingoid Ramstoy-Under Residue-Slogs Party.

“I wonder what they’re talking about this time?”

“Probably the same thing we’ve audodrummed for the past 20 dacas. It never changes.”

“Keep the audotone on but scanout the magna. Can’t stand to look at those idiots.”

“Will do Rondot.”


And so the two sat in their relaxation receptacles and audotoned the two upper layers of the Slogs party. As usual their tirade was against the Gorts Party and how everything the Slogs did and wished was correct and everything the Gorts wanted was evil.

“Magnif higher won’t this ever stop?”

“Probably not but the Gorts have to have their say now. The All Balance Law. Remember?”

“Oh yeah right. Probably audo the same thing but substitute Gorts for Slogs. Turn on the magna. Let’s see which fools they’ll magna.”

When Dansier Yoblatz and Zingoid Ramstoy finished their tirade the magna switched to another audosquare for the response by the Gorts.

“Can’t have them in the domisquare can we?”

“They’re probably in a different domitat at that. Probably kill themselves if they were together.”

“Mopoid would be much better off if that happened.”

“Careful what you say we might be audotapped. Wonder if it’s this bad anywhere else?”

“Nothing could be this bad anywhere else. Another mindhigh species wouldn’t stand for it.”

“I suppose you’re correct Rondot. Oh the magna’s coming back on.”

Rondot turned his attention and when the magna came on he sighed and shook his head.

“Nubole those two were at my voca today. The one on the right was taking a lot of notes.”

“Now that you mention it the one on the left….you know that Zingoid was doing the same thing at my voca.”

Nubole and Rondot turned their attention back to the magnaviewer. On the magna were two illuminatories. One in the center and one on the right. The magna focused on the central figure first.

Poringa Yamstaed-Grand Residue-Gorts Party. 

The magna shifted to the right and read.

Cestual Lobfrie-Under Residue-Gorts Party.

“Nubole turn up the audotone. Something doesn’t seem right.”

“I agree Rondot.”

Poringa Lobfrie was audoing.


“It has come to our attention that the Mopoid Celestial Institute {MCI} has been accused of being infiltrated by members of the Slogs Party. Now I know you, our loyal olders, have been shown magnage of myself and my esteemed colleague, Cestual Lobfrie in a certain offices on Rondot but I assure you my friends these magna’s are an utter fabrication and an outright lie. My colleague and I were in heartfelt meetings discussing how to improve the lives of all Mopoids at the time. In fact we have time stamped proof of our entry and exit from our conference domitat to prove our innocence. If anyone is infiltrating the Mopoid Celestial Institute it is the Gorts. Here is our magna evidence.”


“Oh my magna higher. Turn it off Rondot. The fools are at it again. We have more important things to worry about.”

“I agree Nubole. This nonsense is getting ridiculous. No wonder the Mopoid Govdic Assembly never gets anything done. Besides I have an idea I need to think about.” 

“Care to share?”

“Not yet. It’s still in the under stage. Not ready to audo it. And you?”

“Same here Rondot. But still in the under stage.”

“Well maybe we should retire to our horizontal platform and collect out thoughts.”

“Good idea Nubole I could use a good darks sleep.”

The next light Nubole and Rondot were completely refreshed and ready to face another day at their vocatat.

When they arrived at their voca both Nubole and Rondot noticed there was considerable commotion throughout the vocatat. But they both headed directly to their vocasquares to continue the projects that had been prioritized by the Grand Govdic Council. Apparently, due to increased population and restructuring of differing demographic relocations, traffic patterns were becoming extremely congested causing a slowdown in transportation relays enough to show a decrease in the overall planets econostructure. So Nubole and Rondot had been relieved of their original vocapriority of star traveler research to solve this temporary problem.


As Rondot settled into his vocastation he could sense something was amiss. Things on his flattop were not as he had left them. This caused suspicion and he noticed one of the slideouts of his flattops was slightly open. He wondered how this could be as he had keyclosed his flattop when he left yesterday. He was sure of it. He checked all his slideouts and nothing seemed to be missing. Still puzzled he walked to his talltop and checked each slideout. Everything was still there but infolopes had been removed and replaced but out of sequence.  


Trying not to act differently Rondot pretended to find the infolopes he was searching for and placed it on his flattop. His next step was o walk to the nutrient flattop and pour a receptacle of hot james. Holding the receptacle in his right appendage he walked casually around his vocasquare humming a low tonal but all the while scanning the vocasquare for any other changes. As he sipped and hummed he glanced at the magnaprint of his favorite roundsphere assemblage. Buried in the darkness of the assemblage’s logo was a small hole. As he walked past the magnaprint light reflected off the hole and he thought he could inear a faint click.


Surveying the area above him something else caught his attention. There were two additional liquid extinguishers hanging through the ceiling. Looking on the floor he could make out small particles of ceiling dust. Now he knew he was being magnad and audod. With this knowledge he returned to his flattop and began his daily routine to solve the congestion problem. Moments later his door opened and Poringa Yamstaed and Cestual Lobfrie entered.


“Good morning Rondot. How is everything?”

“Fine. I saw you on the magnaviewer last night.”

“And what did you think?”


“Good we strive for interesting.”

“Well you certainly succeeded.”

“And the other party?”

“Not so much.”

“Good . Glad to audo it. I told Cestual we could count on you.”

“Might I inquire?”

“Not now. I can see you’re busy. So we’ll leave you to your voca.”

“Very well then.”

“We’ll be in touch. Keep up the good voca. You’re a vital part of this vocastructure. Don’t forget that.”

“Thank you but we all do our part.”

With that Poringa and Cestual exited. Rondot’s immediate thought was;

{Spoken like a true politician. All audo with no substance. Wait until I get back to my domitat. Nubole will get a laugh out of this. Now where was I? Oh right, traffic congestion in the northeast quadrant.}


The rest of the day passed without further incident and Rondot met Nubole as she exited the vocastructure.

“Rondot what’s wrong?”

“Not here Nubole. Wait until we get to our safesquare. Until then just act equalibbed.”

“Ok but I know some things bothering you.”

“I promise to audo with you. Just be patient.”


The quadwheel to their domitat was accomplished without any audo. Nubole wanted to press the situation but whenever she did Rondot would raise an appendage to his lips indicating got Nubole not to audo. She honored this request and remained nonaudod for the entire traverse.


Arriving at their domitat Rondot repeated the action to remain nonaudod until they were secure in their safesquare. Entering the nutrientsquare Rondot prepared an ample flattop of ingestibles while Nubole poured two large cylinders of flowdowns. Rondot proceeded to walk casually around the domisquares all the while inspecting to magna if anything had been tampered with. Satisfied everything was as it should be Rondot signaled for Nubole to proceed to the safesquare. When th panel slid open the two entered and Rondot inspected the safesquare for any signs of tampering. None had taken place so he closed the panel and changed the entry and exit codes on the safesquare panel.


“Rondot what is going on?”

“In a minute.”

Rondot walked to the flattop where they kept the aroma sticks and lit one. Then he gave homage to Ussen before turning to Nubole.

“Nubole my vocasquare was tampered with last night. I found a magnaviewer lens in my favorite magnaprint. I also found traces of two audomitters in my ceiling.  Everything had been tampered with as if someone was gathering intella on me. Then a short time later Poringa and Cestual entered my vocasquare and asked if everything was alright. Then Poringa said he knew he could count on me. Whatever that means.”


Nubole just sat and listened in nonaudod with a stunned look on her visage. When Rondot had completed she audod.

“Rondot I found the same thing in my vocasquare. But instead of Poringa and Cestual entering Dansier and Zingoid approached me and audod the exact same thing. What’s going on?”

“I have no idea but I think we are…Wait I won’t even audo that. I have no idea. All I know is that I’m going to act as if nothing happened but be careful what I audo to anyone else. I suggest we both do this. Anything we discover out of the ordinary should be discussed in our safesquare. I’ll change the entry and exit codes for the safesquare and domitat everyday. If anyone tries to enter that should set off the triggers we installed.”

“You’re going to activate those?”

“Yes so be careful.”

“So what do we do now?”

“Honestly I think we should get some fresh air to clear our heads. We haven’t been to the vegaspace in a while. The walk will do us some good.”

“Great idea. Let’s finish our nutrients first then we go.”


Ric Wells


Work in Progress.



Ric Wells Added Sep 3, 2018 - 1:12pm
This is a work in progress. Idea came to me yesterday. Just thought I would throw it out there. 
Ric Wells Added Sep 4, 2018 - 1:47pm
This is definitely an experiment in creative writing. To come up with a world, characters and a vocabulary that are totally foreign to a reader and yet the reader can hopefully follow the plot and story line is extremely challenging. The story has continued since this publishing and will continue until completion. Whether it is a short story or a novel I have no idea yet. The characters haven't told me which direction they wish to pursue. 
wsucram15 Added Sep 5, 2018 - 12:32am
you have the most vivid imagination, you really do.
Ric Wells Added Sep 5, 2018 - 12:58am
Thanks wsucram15. Sometimes it's hard to put this one into words. But I feel the effort will be worth it. 

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