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My, Donald Trump is having an interesting week.  First came the news that journalist Bob Woodward will release a book called Fear: Trump in the White House then came the op-ed piece in the New York Times.  The piece in the New York Times is particularly troubling because an anonymous source inside Trump's administration wrote it.  This lack of loyalty must gall Trump to no end, plus the fact that Woodward spoke to sources inside Trump's government must leave him the impression that he can't trust anyone.


First, the book written by Woodward.  The book is not out yet but descriptions of the book detail chaos inside the White House, with interviews revealing frustration with Trump's behavior along with alarm over his ignorance and lying.  People like Kelly called Trump an "idiot" and "unhinged.".  Mattis reportedly described Trump as having the understanding of a fifth or sixth grader.  Trump's former personal attorney called Trump a " fucking liar. "  There is a scene where Trump's former Chief Economic Advisor Gary Cohn removed a  draft letter from Trump's desk that he didn't want Trump to see due to its national security implications.  There is this recurring theme of trying to protect the country from Trump.


Next is the op-ed piece.  The New York Times published this anonymously but they know who the author is.  The author calls themselves (gender neutral) a part of the resistance inside Trump's administration that are working to frustrate aspects of the  president's agenda they consider damaging to the country.  The author does make clear there are parts of his agenda they agree with.  They make pains to separate themselves from the left in this respect.  


What the author makes clear is that while they are in sync with the president on many things they cannot agree to anything they feel is damaging to the country.  They feel the most dangerous aspect of Trump's persona is his "amorality."  They believe he lacks principles that would provide a guide to his decision making and this includes any allegiance to what they believe are the founding principles of  conservatism.  This includes "free minds, free markets and free people."  They believe it is dangerous to call the press "enemies of the people" and believe his impulses are anti-trade and anti-democratic.  They then go on to list successes but state these are due in spite of and not because of Trump.


The author then goes on to describe the presidency as a "two-track presidency."  The author uses foreign policy as an example, citing Trump's fondness for dictators as a major concern along with his disdain of historic allies.  His administration essentially works against his wishes in this matter, making sure that sanctions stay in place and punishment meted out (the author uses Russia as an example.


The author concludes by saying this isn't the work of a deep state but a steady one and makes calls for unity.  The author cites the example of the late John McCain as a way to build bridges and reminds us that we are all Americans.


Now, you would think all of this shit storm surrounding the president would make this liberal crow with delight and say " Neener neener!! " to all of our resident Trumplings.


Instead I say "Meh."


 Look, the reality is this is hardly news.  This stuff leaked out of the White House early on that the administration was essentially babysitting a giant, orange toddler.  With toddlers come extra responsibilities like making sure they don't stick their fingers in light sockets or bash themselves over the head with their sippy cup.  That is essentially Donald Trump.  The Trump staff needs to watch him to make sure he doesn't stick his pen in his eye or swallow quarters but in addition to that they need to watch him to make sure he doesn't nuke Germany or send the nuclear football to Putin as a Valentine's Day gift.


Imagine this scenario:


Trump accidentally nukes Uganda while spilling his Diet Coke on his desk at the White House.


John Kelly:

 "Goddamnit, John (Bolton)!!!!!!  I told you that we only allow child proof cups around the president!!!!  Weren't you watching him?????"


 John Bolton:

 "It wasn't my turn to watch him, it's Kellyanne's turn!!!!  I watched him yesterday and I told everyone today is the day I groom my mustache!!!!"


Kellyanne Conway:

 "I'm sorry, OK!!!   He wanted microwave popcorn and you know he always burns it even though we