You Will Be Haunted, By Three Spirits

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Donald lay in bed, waiting for the gastric discomfort caused by the double cheeseburger and fries to settle down a bit. He had his comforter in his hand, and was just about to send out a tweet denouncing all NFL players who ever spoke out about any social issue ever, when his comforter buzzed. On the screen popped up an image of Richard Nixon, and his words were spelled out in the form of a text.


"Donald, I have come to warn you of the path you are on."


"Donald, if you do not change, you will wear the chains of disgrace that I bear." With this text, the image on the comforter drew back to show the entire body of Richard Nixon, shrouded in chains binding his arms and legs.


"Donald, I am sending you three messengers, to show you how you have come to this point in life, and to offer you a chance to repent. If you ignore these, your fate is sealed." And with this last text, the image of Richard Nixon faded from the screen and only the unsent tweet remained.


"That was strange," thought Donald. He looked up and Hannity was still on the television. Nothing around him seemed to show that he had just had a virtual visitor on his comforter. He put it down and reached for the television remote control. Better to try to sleep than to have to think about what had just happened.


Sleep was hard to come by, but eventually his mind calmed, and he was able to doze off. That is, until about midnight when his comforter suddenly began buzzing uncontrollably. Donald shuddered, then groggily reached over to the nightstand to pick it up. When he did, the visage of his old mentor, Roy Cohn, appeared on the screen. Donald sat up and looked dumbfounded at the screen, and as he looked, Roy began to speak. He was clad in his trademark robe, seated in his old apartment, and he said "Donald. Remember those days we spent together in the '70's? What is it that I taught you then?"


Donald replied to the image. "You taught me to never settle, never surrender. To counter-attack and counter-sue immediately. And no matter what happens, claim victory and never admit defeat. I've tried to follow your advice. Look where it's got me!"


Roy's cadaverous face nodded in agreement. The image was of Roy just before he died of AIDS, and he was hollowing out what was already a slender body. "Let me show you what you missed while we were together." Roy's face dissolved, and a pier on the waterfront appeared. A huge car was parked on the pier, and two men were approaching the trunk, which they opened. They hauled out a bundle shaped like a human, totally concealed by cloth wrapped tightly around it. They took chains and wrapped them around the bundle, securing the chains with a padlock. Then they lifted the bundle up and tossed it into the dark water. After the loud splash, the bundle sank beneath the surface without hesitation. The scene dissolved again, and Roy's face appeared once more. "You see what happened there? I got Fat Tony off on that charge. We used my technique and it worked. It'll work for you too. Keep that in mind. These times are tough and you need to be strong." And Roy's face disappeared from the screen, and the comforter went silent.


Donald turned the light on, then pulled up twitter. He wiped out the post he had intended to send about the NFL, and instead wrote yet another condemnation of his attorney general. He ended it with "Where's my Roy Cohn!" and sent. Many would wonder about the tweet sent at 12:45 in the morning.


Donald turned the light back off, and tried to resume his sleep. He was just entering REM sleep when .... his comforter began buzzing uncontrollably again. He picked it up, and this time he was face to face with one of his nemesis MSNBC commentators, Rachel Maddow. She spoke not a word, but pointed with her long fingers at a monitor to her side, and his attention was drawn to it. He recognized the Oval Office, and saw himself seated at the desk, with papers cluttering the surface. He got up, and left the office for a state function, the meeting with the Emir of Losewhatchakan. Not five minutes after he left, he saw a hooded figure enter the room, and that figure crept over to the desk and pilfered two pieces of paper. Looking around to see if he had been observed, he crept cautiously away. When Donald saw himself returning to the office, he never noticed that the papers were missing. Rachel's face reappeared as the scene dissolved, only this time he heard her say in that annoying way she had, "And to think that all of your staff is laughing at you behind your back. Never has a President been treated with so little respect that his own staff would sabotage him - and never has there been a President who would not notice that he was being thwarted. Now, watch this."


She indicated the monitor beside her. On the screen appeared an image of an immigrant detention center. The chain link partitions indicated this was a serious place. He saw his agents approach one woman who was surrounded by three children. The agents took possession of the children, actually pulling one from the mother's arms. Though there was no sound, the anguish of the mother and the children were apparent as unheard wails could be seen coming from each of the family members. The mother was escorted away to yet another place of confinement as her children disappeared down a corridor. The scene dissolved again, and Rachel pointed up once more with her long, long fingers. Longer than Donald's, that's for sure. Rachel said, "Your program was more successful than you could have imagined. But there were people who didn't like what they saw in this scene. They actually thought this was cruel to separate the family in this way. But you know better, don't you?"


Donald was confused. He could not force a coherent word out of his mouth, but did manage to shake his head in assent. His mop of comb-over flopped back and forth, deprived as it were of its binding chemicals.


Rachel had one more thing to say. "If you don't crack down harder on those who disagree with you, your reign is in peril. Remember what Roy said," and then her visage faded away.


Unable to truly focus, the only thing he could think of tweeting was "The FAILING NBC network keeps showing FAKE NEWS." The tweet appeared at 2:30 on the time stream. Soon Donald was back snoring peacefully amidst the soft pillows.


But there was one more interruption on this endless night. His comforter began buzzing louder than ever, and he again reached over to grab it. When he did, what appeared was a stylish blonde covered totally in white fabric. Her body appeared to be similar to his daughter's, but he could not tell because only her eyes and a wisp of hair protruded from the eye slot that showed flesh. She spoke not a word, but held her finger up to where her mouth would have been, and extended her other arm in an open invitation to follow. Donald did watch as the scene changed to that of a crowd of white-clad people marching along a street. Slowly the camera panned back to reveal that the crowd of people extended as far as the eye could see, an endless mass of pilgrims walking, walking, walking. The crowd was even bigger than at his inaugural. Who were these people? Then the camera pulled back further, and he realized there were tall spires around the crowd, and that all of these people were MUSLIMS! So! Many! MUSLIMS! If he didn't act soon, they would be all over our country, flooding our streets, turning our daughters into abaya-clad disciples of Allah! Something must be done! But as he felt resolve entering his limbs, the scene dissolved into yet another scene. Now he could see a camp of some sort, with thousands and thousands of tents, and even more people milling about, aimless, idle. He recognized that this was some sort of refugee camp, the people looked like they were Asian, and there were just so many of them. He could see them storming our border as an unending horde. He must do something to prevent these hordes from overrunning our civilization. Then the scene changed once more, and he saw a dreadful looking ship, in danger of foundering on the ocean, crammed to the brim with dark-skinned people. He saw the ship list, and saw people fall or jump off into the ocean without any survival gear, hundreds and hundreds of people. He knew then that this was a vision of the future, that all of these people were intent on invading our shores. He tried to stir himself, but found his muscles frozen.


He awoke from this last vision at his normal hour. He was determined to share his lessons from the visits of the evening. He would be ruthless in his pursuit of those who denigrate him. He would be unceasing in the efforts to keep the nation pure by banning all immigrants other than those who had enough money to buy citizenship. He would keep the faith of Roy by striking out through the legal system at all who had wronged him. He turned to his comforter to begin to share his lessons of the night with his many followers.


What? You believed that the visits of the spirits to Donald would result in a transformation? That he would grow a conscience and his heart would grow three sizes? That he would show charity towards all, and malice towards none? You don't know him very well, do you?


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opher goodwin Added Sep 11, 2018 - 10:25am
A Dickins of a story!
What a shame they couldn't transform him.
Ric Wells Added Sep 11, 2018 - 11:06am
Great adaptation EABC. I think the muse is very busy these days.
The Burghal Hidage Added Sep 11, 2018 - 12:18pm
Clever adaptation :) Rachel Maddow might not cure him of misogyny but that image is sure to keep that worm in his trousers :)
Leroy Added Sep 11, 2018 - 12:51pm
I'm surprised that O didn't appear showing him how to run (ruin) the economy.
George N Romey Added Sep 11, 2018 - 1:17pm
Trump is Trump.  And at age 71 he's not changing for anyone.  While in general I see him as a buffoon he often is great at ad lib and a refreshing change from clueless politicians talking off talking points memos.  The blurb about falling asleep during Obama's recent speech and that it was very good for sleeping was priceless.  Most politicians would never have the balls to say something so gutsy.  BTW, both Truman and FDR often spoke so frank but the press didn't jump on it or the American people didn't really give a rat's ass (and I don't think for the most part they do now).
EXPAT Added Sep 11, 2018 - 6:05pm
EABC. A very imaginative piece of fiction!  No doubt inspired by your whole life being an imaginative piece of fiction, bolstered by your Political imagination, credentialed by the MSM prevaricator.
Your Institution of higher learning gave you all the skills needed to avoid reality, along with hot chocolate!
But you chose the wrong metaphor. Through the looking glass, would have been far more descriptive of your existence.
Olde English socialism may be making a comeback in your world, but American success is exposing your fantasy as delusion.
Even Feziwig Obama, who bankrupted his business/ necessitating Ebenezer Trump take a hard line on world charities stealing from the productive to give to the deserving, cannot resurrect the good old days when everyone suffered equally.
The chimney sweeps, chamber maids, and mongers are now enjoying more of the fruits of their labor, and will reject those who demand charity donations in the name of Equal rights.
The Democratic Socialist game will be over in two months, then America can get on with success. And all the kneeling to sing Mammy, by the NFL, will not be televised!
EXPAT Added Sep 11, 2018 - 6:09pm
Lonesome George.
So the guy who put your sorry ass back to work, is a buffoon, eh. Perhaps you are right your life was better under Obama, although your constant whining on WB did not show your appreciation.
EXPAT Added Sep 11, 2018 - 6:15pm
 So! Many! MUSLIMS! If he didn't act soon, they would be all over our country, flooding our streets, turning our daughters into abaya-clad disciples of Allah!
Sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about Europe. I thought this screed was about America. Or did you just lose your way, as you lost your mind?
Jeff Michka Added Sep 11, 2018 - 6:49pm
Very Amusing EABC "Ghosts of blowjobs Past" might have worked as a title, too.  Trump doesn't have the capacity for either empathy or guilt, no matter if it's Rachel Maddow or Storm in a teacup Daniels.  Good Dickins parody.   Don't worry about Geo R, EABC, he doesn't care who or what put him back to work.  If he'd gotten the chance he would have carpetbagged Puerto Rico.  Besides, Geo is too old to work a job.  There's reason for Geo to be lonesome.  He's to old to even be allowed company, according to him.  I guess if I was him, I'd be more glad I wasn't the content of a pinebox, being stored in a marble orchard, but that's me.
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 11, 2018 - 6:57pm
To all who have commented to date. When I sat down to write a post I truly did not have a topic in mind. This was a case of putting out a first sentence, and seeing where it went. It went fast. That is one of the things I have loved about posting on my blog (and subsequently here). I have not put any preconceptions down on what I will be posting about, and where a given post will go.
Having said that, I love being able to do a satire piece, and when the tendency looks like it is heading towards satire, I don't stand in the way. I'm glad that folks appreciated the parody - it is tough to do a decent job on the Christmas Carol in about 1600 words. To those who are my superiors on satire on WB (Burghal, Tubular, and others), let's keep 'er going.
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:00pm
Expat - I'm surprised to see that you are expressing sentiments defending the immoral tax cut bill that came out of congress last fall and represents the single sole legislative accomplishment of this administrative. Those who you extol who saw pennies of improvement in their paychecks will be overwhelmed by the tiny minority who received benefits orders of magnitude larger than that of normal working class Americans. To pretend that the tax change benefited working class people is to deny reality.
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:04pm
George - I heard Obama's speech, and only if one were a reality-denying true believer could you have accepted Trump's speech as an effective rebuttal. Obama's speech was sleep inducing if and only if you were incapable of understanding a sentence with more than 10 syllables in it. In other words, Trump was playing to his own anti-intellectualism base who wouldn't know a metaphor if it hit them directly upside of the head.
Viva Elites!
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:05pm
P.S. - you will notice that in this post, other than a first name, I did not name any location or identity of the main character. Any perception that this was related to any specific individual is purely in the mind of the reader.
EXPAT Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:07pm
T'was the night before election and all through the house (and Senate)
The creatures were stirring for Hillary and spouse
Obama had hung his legacy with care, sure that the upstart Trump would fail and was just hot air
When up on the electoral roof there arouse such a clatter, the snow flakes ran out to see what's the matter
Trumps winning they cried, this cannot be, we planned so carefully
Must be those pesky Russians, the deplorables hired. Smart people know only Progressives are hired
But Trump got elected, and Dems had to fall, so Obama regulations and executive orders  had to dash away all
But now he's back claiming success is me. Merry delusion to all, and to all a good night!
A bit rough on syntax, but the audience is a broken clock.
Ric Wells Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:35pm
A possible battle of parodies in the future?
George N Romey Added Sep 11, 2018 - 7:47pm
Obama is a fraud. When we needed FDR we got a Wall Street stooge. Now we have a real stooge. And no Trump didn’t get me a job and the people I work with think he’s a idiot including the senior managers.
EXPAT Added Sep 11, 2018 - 8:40pm
It's a bit early for Christmas parody, but there will be no joy in Democrat Mudville after Mid Term elections, after Sparticus strikes out. You cannot delusion your way out of success. Telling working people who haven't had a raise in 8 years, that their child care benefits and $2000 savings is Crumbs, only invalidates the Democrat grasp of realty.
Screaming that those who pay more got a bigger break is childish envy.
So enjoy your holiday from realty EBAC. You are about to wake up.
Stone-Eater Added Sep 12, 2018 - 7:07am
Great. Start a novel. Very lively descriptions. I saw a movie :)
Dino Manalis Added Sep 12, 2018 - 8:42am
 This is crazier than Trump himself!
Leroy Added Sep 12, 2018 - 9:27am
Not too bad, Clock.  I see that you haven't gone beyond denial yet.
"T'was the night before election and all through the house (and Senate)...
That was pretty good, Expat.  You should do more.  You do better when you aren't virtue signaling.
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 12, 2018 - 11:02am
Expat - thanks for the play on the Night before Christmas - written about the same times as Dickens. But I have to ask, what realtor do you recommend I use?
So enjoy your holiday from realty EBAC
I'm not sure EBAC operates in West Virginia.
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 12, 2018 - 11:03am
Dino, I've finally done it - left you speechless!
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 12, 2018 - 11:09am
Leroy, my efforts are not denial. The election is long over, and the orange one won. Instead, I am trying to exclaim to the world that the victor is and has always been a fraud in his personal and business life, and he has absolutely no capability for the job he is currently holding. Based upon recent disclosures through the media (yes, I know - the MSM boogeymen), there are many other people working in his administration who also share that same opinion of their leader's abilities. We do live in interesting times, do we not?
wsucram15 Added Sep 12, 2018 - 2:06pm
I still have your Grinch poem from last year, which as far as  am concerned is one of the best I have read to date. This was a great take on my favorite Christmas story and it gives a a different perspective on those early a.m. tweets aside from toilet tweets.  lol
Even A Broken Clock Added Sep 13, 2018 - 11:33am
Thanks, Jeanne. I enjoy doing the satire and parodies probably more than any other posts. But my next post will be another of my chemical series. I've still got some good stories back from when I actually made chemicals.
opher goodwin Added Sep 13, 2018 - 1:58pm
BTW - the Digital Tavern is open. Why not drop in and share a tale or two?

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