DRAFT: Horsing Around at the Pokagon Saddle Barn

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No, no politics, no social commentary--just horses. My theory is that sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy a little. And what's more relaxing than these gentle, beautiful, thousand pound animals that can crush your foot with an impatient stomp of their hooves?


Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to take a few photos while my wife and other employees were opening up the Pokagon State Park saddle barn for the morning. I hung out and opened the gate for them as they retrieved the horses, which unfortunately meant I was shooting into the sun. But at least that way I was on the not-getting-stomped-on side of the fence.


When the gate is opened in the morning, some of the horses come running.


Some of them kind of just ... hang out.


In fact, if you look at this photo carefully you can see Emily way off toward the back of the pasture, where she had to go chase a few of the horses down to the gate.


And here Emily has caught up with one. Don't let the size difference fool you: The horse knows who's really in charge.



Emily's boss was also there that morning, wrestling the horses into submission. And no, I'm not exaggerating.