The FBI and Kavanaugh hearings

There are similarities in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, and I think they should be lightly explored.


Yes, I know that I will be using some comparisons, and this is the reason that I am writing this.


First off, Thomas was nominated by George H. W. Bush, a Republican.  Likewise Kavanaugh was nominated by President Donald J. Trump, also a Republican.


In both cases, charges of sexual abuse/harassment were brought up by one single woman in each case, and fully supported by the Democrats.


In the Thomas case, the Democrats demanded that the charge be investigated, and although President Bush initially opposed that, he relented and allowed Congress to do the investigation.  The results of which were deemed unsubstantiated enough to disregard and dismiss the complaint.  Too bad for the Democrats, and the gnashing of teeth was very prevalent for a long while.


The major difference in the case with Kavanaugh is that the Democrats are demanding that the FBI do the investigation of the complaint, not Congress.


I guess the previous result upset them.


Well, now, WHY are they so adamant that the FBI do the investigation?  They have brought the subject up several times, along with all sorts of threats.  What is their agenda?


Anyone remember some of the texts by Peter Paul Strzok II?  Didn't he state that he had an insurance against Donald Trump?  Could this move by the Democrats and the media be part of that insurance?


I don't know.  I'm just asking.


But here's some very interesting tidbits:  The FBI does not have jurisdiction in city, state and local crimes - only in federal crimes.  Worse, they have declined to investigate more than once, despite the obvious demand by the Democrats and the media to do so.  Is there the possibility that they are now very worried about their jobs?  Is the investigation into the corruption of Rosenstein, Ohr, Comey, McCabe and others shaking them?


Considering the Democrats demand for the inclusion of the FBI into the investigation, isn't this a very possible attempt by the Democrats to get Ohr or another of their moles to declare a conviction, and therefore derail the confirmation of Kavanaugh?  After all, the FBI has declined, what, three times already?


As I see it, the Democrats are in serious trouble.  Their base is starting to crack, they are starting to admit their culpability, such as when Feinstein said she didn't know if the accusation was true or not, even after sitting on the letter for what, six weeks?  The media itself is getting more shrill, and even some journalists are beginning to slip up and admit things the Democrats do not want to hear.


In my opinion, I believe that it is just about time for charges to be handed out to several Democrats, media outlets, and above all, social media organizations for collusion and possible treason for giving aid and assistance to the enemies of the United States of America.