Where is the truthfulness in America today?

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The version of the truth you are presented with depends on the website you read or television network you watch. This same reality is observed on almost every political issue.


People must be very careful not to get pulled in by any of these forces. I am one hundred percent for being aware of what is happening in our world, but we need to be careful and discerning.



  1. Truthfulness is not in the eyes of the spectator.
  2. Truthfulness is not determined by your preferred news media.
  3. Truthfulness is not discovered through the rumor mill.
  4. Truthfulness is not defined or re-defined by any politician or political party.
  5. Truthfulness is not one thing to one person and another thing to another person.
  6. Truthfulness is not fluid.
  7. Truthfulness is not human-centered. 


  1. Truthfulness is found only in the Bible and what it says.
  2. Truthfulness is in Jesus Christ and Him alone. 



We do not determine what truth is through the lens of a political party, a news outlet, or any segment of the culture.


Tamara Wilhite Added Sep 29, 2018 - 11:11pm
"My truth" is a rejection of "the truth".

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