DRAFT: Should we consider criminal records commited by minors?

The recent Kavanaugh confirmation hearing calls into question our current practice of dismissing the things kids do, including criminal offenses, as childhood stupidity, by sealing their records and giving them a fresh start when they hit 18.  We generally presume minors personalities, morals and life experiences are not sufficient for them to make good decisions for themselves or others up to that point and that is why they can't be responsible for themselves, or enter into binding contracts on their own.


There have been exceptions made for children who committed horrendous crimes, usually gruesome multiple murders, and now half the country wants to make another exception for Kavanaugh because they believe the crime he is accused of committing as a minor, is so horrendous that it should be held against him for he rest of his life.  Is that fair? 


I checked the statistics, about half our kids drink and half have sex before graduating high school and almost half the women who report being sexual assault victims say it happened to them as minors.  If we were to consider all the other types of crimes minors commit we might discover way over half of us would have hard time getting a job because of what we did as minors.  I'm sure that number would go even higher if we could count all the stupid things we didn't get caught doing.  Have we lowered the bar too much?  Would we want that same standard applied to us, our families and friends?