DRAFT: Christine Ford, CIA, Pawn of the Left

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Christine Ford's testimony in the Kavanaugh hearing was smooth, just like an actress playing out a part.  She played the victim beautifully.  To me, she appeared as a trigger puppet, fulfilling her role.  Not one senator asked her a hard question.  None.  There's a hole in Ford's testimony so big you could drive a truck through it.  Why can't she remember who drove her home from her so-called sexual assault?


Brett Kavanaugh was treated worse than Charles Manson and yet his testimony was impassioned and heartfelt.   I think he went too easy on Ford, by giving her the benefit of the doubt.  CBF is a pawn of the left.  (And what about Ford's high school yearbook?  New info is coming out that she was a grade A slut.)


What really happened?  It's been admitted that Ford went thru hypnotherapy.  What type of memory implants were placed there?  Since her father is CIA, who can say? 


Link:  Kavanaugh's mother presided over Ford's parents home foreclosure in the 90's.  



Sept. 27, 2018 - Just when you though it was all said and done, Sen. Jeff Flake, King of the Fairies, caves in after being screamed at by a couple of SJW commie bitches.  Yes, we must wait another week for the FBI to investigate a claim with no witnesses and no evidence.  Q.  Was all of this staged?  How were these girls (who could've been armed) allowed to verbally assault Flake?  Would any of us be allowed to get that close in an elevator and scream at him hysterically on television?


The Leaker:  What can one say about Sen. Diane Feinstein, whose face could scare off a zombie?

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Surprise of the Day:  Sen. Lindsay Graham who must be on steroids.  He said what all the others should have said.


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