DRAFT: The Preservation of Race

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How important is this on the overall future of the human species? Having just experienced the birth of my first grandchild, there is certainly something special about seeing and holding your seed to the next generation. These are the strongest feelings of connectedness I have ever felt. Holding that little boy and getting a smile from him, is indescribable. But how did he get here and what will the world be like for him? 


Reproduction is driven by our primal brain. (sometimes called the reptilian or lizard brain) Only the horniest of our ancestors successfully reproduced, which is why sexual behaviors are varied and some of them are deviant. Our two other brains (logical and social) cannot manage the behaviors that sexual urges cause. Social institutions (like the church), cannot control sexual behavior either.

And one aspect which we certainly cannot control is the mixing of races. Now I am white, Protestant, with a colonial background. (Scottish/Irish) My seven generations back grandfather came from Scotland to Canada in 1792. My daughter married a guy with a similar background, so our grandson would be a WASP. I wonder what that will mean to him as he goes through life? Will he be fighting for the rights of “wasps”? These days it seems that more traditional (if that is the right word) white people seem to be getting riled up about racism and political correctness.


The race preservation concept is an interesting one and became even more so after a recent talk with my son. (who is not married) He is currently dating an East Indian girl, and recently they were walking hand in hand in a park and started to receive angry taunts. But not from old white guys but rather from old ‘east’ Indian guys. There are ‘racists’ in every race I guess.

Populism is gaining steam in many countries and is the root of it all; the preservation of their race? In the future, all races will eventually intermingle. That is just sexual reproductive behavior driven by our most powerful lizard brain. However, our less powerful social brain will try and control this behavior and use shame at the nuclear family level, to forbid marrying outside the race or even religion. When I was a young boy growing up in rural New Brunswick Canada, it was a very bad thing for a Protestant to marry a Catholic.  Imagine that!


I wonder if everyone on the planet accepted the fact, that in a couple hundred years it will be very tough to distinguish race. Would we be so hateful or fearful of others? Some describe this evolved human as part of ‘the chocolate milk race’.


 If the human race spent less energy on fighting and defence, would we evolve to a happier species, with a feeling of connection to one another?

The challenge will be overcoming human ego. But if we keep looking inside, asking logical questions, and not blaming the outside world, then our true good human spirit will emerge. Those who want to keep the seed pure though will fight hard to spread misery around the globe.

The goal is to raise the happiness level of the collective consciousness of humanity. Not to keep your race pure.

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