DRAFT: Seachange in Senate Republicans?

There has been an interesting observation in Senate Republicans in recent  months.


Shockingly they seem to have grown a spine!


They stood up against the democrats on Kavanaugh when normally they would scatter and fold up shop.


Lindsey Graham actually standing up for principles and acting like a conservative?  Who would ever have believed it could happen?


Mitch McConnell actually sounding like a leader and guiding through the confirmation process and holding the coalition together? WHAAAAAT?


Liberal republicans actually voting with the block rather than opposing? (Even The Flake?)


The Republicans stop caving to every democrat demand?


Republicans actually starting to work on Trump's agenda?


While not perfect, clearly things appear to be moving in a slightly different direction.  It takes a while for a beast this large to turn, it is like a battleship, it doesn't turn on a dime.


What has happened in the past 6 months that might be a catalyst for all this?  Any major change you can think of?  I can think of one.


The passing of John McCain.