DRAFT: Dr. Ford, just as culpable as she claimes Kavanough is for any abuse she suffered.

Lets face it Kavanough's accuser, Dr. Ford is hardly an innocent victim who by no fault of her own was horribly abused.  By her own admission she behaved stupidly and should have expected someone to grope her, given where she went and what she did.


She started off by doing something her parents never would have let her do, and most likely lied to them about where she was going and what she was doing.  She went to an unsupervised drinking party where she knew there would be drunk boys, and personally broke the law by drinking alcohol when she was only 15.  She can't even remember how she got there or back, and lucky she didn't get raped.


Fortunately her her parents never found out what she did, so now she has a lot in common with most other adults who did stupid things when they were kids, but are now mature adults with much better judgement.   Strangely she wants us to destroy Kavanough's career because she says he did stupid things as a minor, but somehow expects us to overlook the things she did that were equally stupid and irresponsible!